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Lovely. It’s Sunday, and tomorrow’s a public holiday down here in Victoria. And although it doesn’t effect me personally (I work two days a week), it’s good to know that next week will feel a little shorter.

And something pretty suitable for an extended weekend is some real atmospheric soundscapey indie rock from Melbourne lads Lowlakes.

The guys are set to release a new 4 track EP next week (17th March). Lead single Song For Motion is such a great showcase for what these guys are capable of. And sure, lead singer Tom Snowdon does sound a fair bit like Antony Hegarty…but the voice has such a level of conviction and emotion that, in my eyes, it doesn’t necessarily matter who he reminds you of.

And then there’s the rest of the band as well. For a track like Song For Motion, it’s about the shape and colour. It’s a piece that builds, takes you somewhere, introduces something new. It’s pretty layer heavy, but not too much. It’s not overwhelming.

The rest of the EP does at times get a little more energetic with the almost urgent sounding second track, Catch The Breeze acting as a great step up from the opener. The groove laden Buffalo, also takes it up a notch before petering out into a mumble of trumpet and ride and a nice intro into the final track. The closer Arctic House feels like a pretty good end to the EP. Taking the groove/funk feel of Buffalo, the urgency of Catch The Breeze, and the atmosphere of Song For Motion, it’s perhaps the best indication that the EP isn’t just a great collection of individual songs in their own right, but a really well crafted 18:58 mins of indie rock goodness.

The guys are launching the EP down at Northcote Uniting Church on Saturday night as well. More details here

Lowlakes – Song For Motion by sgcmedia


hipster philosophies

“We, like, changed our name too. We’re like ‘Rage Against The Sewing Machine’. We’re all about anger, and fashion.”

If you’re in Australia, you may have heard this. It’s all over Triple J and I’m sure is getting a bit of play on community radio. especially in Melbourne. The guys name is The Bedroom Philosopher and he’s a comedy fella and has been doing the Melbourne scene for a fair few years now. Some of you may remember a track called “I’m So Post Modern” from a few years ago…it’s the same dude.

The track itself is pretty funny. Such a great commentary on the whole hipster scene, especially if you’re from Melbourne. He also has a fascination about trams (his last single was called Tram Inspector, this single is based on a tram, his new album (out April 2) and tour is called Songs From The 86 Tram). It’s also really easy to relate to – especially overhearing some poser dude talk about how cool his band is, the fact that only a poser like him could come from Northcote, and the references to the ‘Fitzroy Anti Social Club’ and Flinders Lane grunge bar Pony.

Check out the track below, as well his tour dates. His live band is called The Awkwardstra (!) and features the always awesome Harry Angus of Jackson Jackson and The Cat Empire fame. Also make sure you check out all his other stuff on iTunes.

The Bedroom Philosopher – Northcote (So Hungover)

Northcote (So Hungover) Solo Single Launch dates

Supported by Josh Earl except *


‘Songs From The 86 Tram’

Thursday March 25 to Sunday April 18

Victoria Hotel, Melbourne, 215 Little Collins

$23.50 / $19.50 conc. | Bookings or 1300 660 013

9:45 pm (8:45pm on Sundays & no Mondays)

Wednesday April 28 – The Front Café, Canberra

2 Wattle St, Lyneham – (02) 6249 8453

Doors 8pm. $12 (door sales only)


Thursday April 29 – The Vanguard, Sydney

Doors 6:30PM The Vanguard, 42 King St, Newtown

Bookings 02 9020 6966

Wednesday May 5 – Grace Emily, Adelaide

232 Waymouth St, Adelaide. (08) 8231 5500 Doors 8:30pm. $12 (door sales only)

Thursday May 6 – Alley Cat, Hobart

381 Elizabeth St, North Hobart. Tasmania. (03) 62312299 Doors 8pm. $12 (door sales only)

Friday May 7 – Royal Oak, Launceston

14 Brisbane St, Launceston, Tasmania (03) 6331 5346 Doors 8pm $12 (door sales only)

Sunday May 9 – Powerhouse, Brisbane*

119 Lamington St. New Farm

(07) 3358 8600

Free. Headlining ‘Livewired’ Comedy. Starts 6:30pm.

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Goodnight Owl Live at the Wesley Anne

Friday night we checked out Goodnight Owl at the Wesley Anne in Northcote. Was a great little gig. Well…actually…it was pretty loud, intense, and chair dance inducing. More on that later though.

About a month or so ago I got sent an EP by Goodnight Owl. I posted one of their tracks, Maps & Compasses and a few people commented on how they liked it and how it kind of blew them away. It blew me away too. The whole EP did actually. Eddie (singer and guitar) has this knack of writing really nice pop songs. And then there’s those beats. The EP highlights the great skills of Joe Walker, electro whiz. The beats are simple, and they’re sophisticated (the time change in the groove on Maps & Compasses always gets me). Adding to this mix is Bella Walker (and presumably the sister of Joe) with some nice keys.

So that’s just the EP. Live, it’s almost like another thing altogether. It’s loud, it’s pumping. Although the crowd were fairly restrained, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them wanted to get up and move and dance and stuff. They fill the band out a bit live with the occasional use of a drummer for a few tracks.

Eddie’s also a pretty funny dude. Although, in some instances, it appears that the funnies comes across as unintentional, it adds to the gig a hell of a lot. There is nothing worse than a good artist/band who has no presence or can’t talk to the audience.

But yeah, onto the songs. If you read this blog a bit you may have noticed that I posted a track by a Sydney band called Seekae called Void. It’s that kind of glitchy popish haunting kinda music. It has that pushy synth sound and all that. Goodnight Owl do a cover of it which you can check out on their MySpace…and they opened the show with it. It was, to put it simply, fucking brilliant. It still had that big hip hop beat that Seekae seem to be massive fans of, but it was all kinda liveish and about 100 times more intense. Eddie has a floor tom out the front which he would belt, adding to this really loud and aggressive sound that they had. It was so good that it actually wore me out. I felt buggered after that first one.

The guys introduced a few non EP tracks throughout the night too and these were great. Sounded just live Goodnight Owl. Especially the final track they played which seemed to indicate more a band sound and less of the electro stuff.

There were some tracks from the EP though. Maps & Compasses was amazing. Sounded much bigger and harder than it does on record, especially the chorus. That was something I was a little hesitant about before the gig actually. The EP incorporates this folk-pop and glitchy electro so well on record, I was a little unsure about how they would pull it off live. But they do. They make it big and it works.

Other highlights that came from the EP were Stale Bread and Verandah. For those that know Stale Bread, it’s definitely not one of the more uptempo tracks on the EP. And live, they stayed true to this…but only for the first half of the track. Halfway through saw the inclusion of drums and some electroness to help create a massive big triumphant finish. Verandah is also another fave of mine. It is such a nice song, the lyrics make me think of home and everything that’s constant when everything else is going a little crazy. (wow…just got a little bit wanky and d&m there for a minute…haha…it is a really sweet song though. You know…makes you think and stuff). Anyway, live, Verandah sounded so sweet and just pushed along and made you feel happy.

One thing I remember thinking throughout the gig was “where the hell is the album??” A full length would be bloody impressive and if you see the guys live or you’ve heard the EP, I’m sure you’d agree.

Although their slot was a little short (there was an 11pm noise curfew in place – residential area and all that crap), they put on a great set. It was brilliant actually. The supports were also pretty nice (Ashley Bee did some great guitar pop and Nick Huggins and a dude going by the name of Seagull provided a heap of electro glitch experimental pop kinda stuff).

Probably my favourite of the night (apart from the Seekae remix) was Verandah. Here it is…just below 🙂

Goodnight Owl – Verandah