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Melbourne gents Witch Hats have just released the second single off their 2nd album. Released last year, Pleasure Syndrome was said by many to be an Australian classic, with a whole heap giving it 4 and 4.5 out of 5 reviews. And I gotta be honest, I only just heard them then. And yep, can see why the reviews are so strong. The disc was also recorded by Mr Casey Rice, who apart from producing Ground Components, Tortoise, Dirty Three and Ben Lee in the past, also taught me music production about 7 years ago.

Anyway, new single In The Mortuary is a pretty fucking decent pop song. It’s got some pretty dark parts – those almost grumbling guitars that strike throughout, the opening lyrics (My little beats to the head, for the sin within) – but it also has some really warm production. I think this clash between the murky dark side and warm and at some times positive, hopeful lyrics makes this track standout from the rest. Whilst the album on a whole is worthy of the praise it has already received, I think In The Mortuary has the ability to not only be part of a cohesive, full album but to also stand apart as a solid pop song in it’s own right.

Witch Hats – In The Mortuary by Longtime Listener

Also make sure you check out the clip!