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So, this is pretty exciting. Maamf is lucky enough to be able to debut the making of vid for one of the tracks from Aluka‘s debut full length, Space alongside a whole heap of other excellent blogs. The track we’ve got is track 9, ‘Street’. Tomorrow, make sure you check out the rad All I Do Is Listen as they premier another making of vid.

Perhaps the best thing about Aluka is that sure they’re an experimental vocal pop group, but it’s still all quite accessible and definitely not alienating. The album itself was released a couple of days ago (April 5th) and was recorded and produced by the excellent Nick Huggins, who has worked with Oscar + Martin, Kid Sam etc. The guys vary it up with their sounds (yep, that is possible with just vocals) as well as the stories that they tell. You can also hear the various locations reflected in both the stories and sounds too (each song was recorded in a unique location across their home state of Victoria). It’s a small bit wanky a concept, but my gosh does it work.

The girls are going to be doing a run of dates in support of the album. Make sure you check ’em out. They’re heaps talented, and also heaps funny (as the clip suggests).

Album Launch Tour

Thursday 11th April- Camelot Lounge, Sydney
Friday 12th April- Salamanca Art Centre, Hobart
Wednesday 17th April- Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
Sunday 21st April- Nexus Art Centre, Adelaide
Friday 3rd May- Uniting Church of Northcote, Melbourne 

Buy tickets:



Ok, so Aluka are a Melboune a-cappella crew. And you know what, that shouldn’t scare you as much as it first scared me.

Although these guys aren’t signed with Two Bright Lakes, they’re definitely putting forward that experimental delicate pop sound that that label is known for. So much so that producer extraordinaire, Nick Huggins lent his hand to the bands debut album, due out next year.

Below we got so much stuff for you. First off is a stream of new single ‘Keep My Cool’. Pure vocals with some decent harmonies and vocal tricks. It’s got this really tight structure to it which I really love.

Next up is a remix from none other than Oscar Key Sung. This guy seems to do no wrong! Featuring some of Oscar’s own vocals on top, it kinda takes away the intensity of the original, instead replacing it with this level of introspection. Such a nice take on a track.

Finally, the clip for the track. This has been doing the rounds for a little bit, and is so kinda half daggy that it’s cool.



Man. Seriously. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. It seems to be feel good central here at maamf…and yeah, I guess there’s nothing wrong with that!

The Harpoons are a Melbourne crew with some serious old school soul. Think some seriously funky bassline, an amazingly rich lead vocal and some killer harmonies to boot.

The guys are on Two Bright Lakes, home to locals Otouto, Collarbones, Batrider and Oscar + Martin amongst a whole heap of others. Martin from Oscar + Martin plays drums with the guys.

Anyway, check out their new single Keep You Around. If you like, then make sure you check them out as they play a couple of shows throughout November – dates after the jump.

The Harpoons – Keep You Around


sleeping in lines for.

Sleep Decade are a local band. Same sort of sound as Nick Huggins, Goodnight Owl, Whitley. That sort of stuff. They’ve actually just finished putting together their debut EP with super local producer Mr Huggins, so they’ve done well so far…

They’ve got a really lovely indie pop feel, really soft and beautiful. If you’re a fan of Nick Huggins Shipwreck LP, then I think you’d really enjoy this. They have almost this anthemic feel during their choruses much like Goodnight Owl. They put together really really  nice compositions.

The EP comes out digitally late April, but you can grab a track off it right now.

Sleep Decade – Colour In Between The Lines