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Peter Combe and The Bellyflop in a Pizza Band. Corner Hotel, 7th May 2009

Peter Combe

Hey, Alikitti again 🙂

It was a sea of newspaper hats as a crowded richmond bar full of twenty-somethings rocked onto songs about a disgruntled tadpole concerned about the changes happening to him “Tadpole Blues” and “Juicy Juicy Green Grass” And the classic we wore those hats for, “Newspaper Mama”.

Combe created an atmosphere of fun and general gag value hilarity. Smiles were all round, supporting their favourite childhood ‘one-man-wiggle’. Of course, I have to admit…there was something a little strange about generation Y still dancing to kids songs- but drinking beer at an city Melbourne pub! Yet the crowd were still shaking their booties like they did in 1989…

Other highlights inlcluded the madness of “Mr Clicketty Cane (Wash Your Face in Orange Juice)” and “Spaghetti Bolognaise”. I am still pissed he didn’t play “Chopsticks”. Oh well- guess we’ll have to road trip it to for his next gig- Manning Bar, Sydney!

Although it’s not from the gig we saw, here’s a bit of him live in action, taken from his DVD:

We’ve posted up an old song of his too. It’s just a rip off YouTube complete with an intro sounding a little creepy.

Peter Combe – Newspaper Mama (youtube rip)