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2015-03-28 10.06.51

I’ve been all deep inside this mixtape over the past couple of days. It’s been pouring and super windy here in Sydneytown, so I’ve been stuck inside, writing, selecting tracks, mixing etc. It’s longer than some of the earlier ones, with 19 tracks. All pretty solid too, although you’d expect that from a maamf mixtape.

From Oh Mercy to Sarah Mary Chadwick, there are odes to self desire and self defeat. From friendships to Abelard, there’s stark harshness and sugar coated nostalgic glitz. A tape full of contrast, with each playing off the other.

A tape worth it, for the showcase of broad tastes and ideas and sonicness alone.

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It would seem that Nantes are quickly becoming one of my favourite bands. Their debut full length is due next month and I am really keen for it. From what we’ve heard so far (both ‘Unsatisfy‘ and ‘Drones‘ are going to appear on the album), it’s a much darker affair than there earlier pop moments like ‘Fly’.

The third taste of the album, the new single ‘Avid’ continues that dark and brooding path. Dave Rogers’ moody vocals, on top of that rhythmic and pulsating drum groove make this, easily one of my fave tracks of the year (and yeah, it is only Feb).

The new album, BeingsBeing is due for release on March 15 (you can pre-order on iTunes here). This is gonna be a goodun.

Nantes – Avid (purchase on iTunes)



Really great vid for a really really great track from Sydney lads, Nantes. It looks as though the guys are now operating as a two piece, but man, with songs like ‘Drones’, I couldn’t care less if they had half a member.

The boys have their debut album due out early next year. Keep an eye out!



Ok. So you would have definitely heard Fly by Nantes. Flogged to death by the JJJ’s, it has that kinda familiar opening piano riff that reminds me so much of All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem it’s not funny. That said, it is a catchy as hell pop song and you can understand why it’s going gangbusters.

The Nantes boys have a new single out though, called Charlie. Taken from their debut self titled EP, it’s a bit more rollicking, has a bit more swagger, but it’s still a well written, piano led killer pop song.

There seems to be an absolute heap of indie pop music coming out of this country at the moment, and I’m guessing it’s hard for your stuff to stand out. So far, so good for the Nantes guys. Time will tell aye!

We got both Fly and Charlie as a stream down below. If you like the sounds and are keen to check them out live, check out their tour event page on facebook.