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Whitley My Heart Is Not A Machine

I wrote about Whitley ‘s new track ‘My Heart Is Not A Machine’ a couple of weeks back. “So Whitley’s back”, I began, completely forgetting his whole thing about dropping the Whitley moniker and doing things under his real name, Lawrence Greenwood when he got back from his overseas jaunt.

The back-and-forth on his name has gotten me a little confused…but then, of course, I read what I wrote about the comeback single, and realised that this guy, no matter what fucking name he goes under, is a great songwriter. And yeah, that may be a little convenient, given the fact that there seems to be a few notsogreat stories out there about his live shows, but I truly believe that talent and well written songs trump everything.

So, preamble aside, the track has received a couple of remixes and even a cover. Easily the best of the remixes is from Melbourne dude Fractures, taking the track, and seriously making it his own, albeit with the same sort of structure. That bedding that Fractures builds up underneath Whitley’s vocals.

And then there’s this incredible cover from Brighton UK but originally Melbourne boys, Kins. Taking it and making it a hell of a lot darker, Kins nail that atmospheric uneasiness.



So Whitley‘s back.

Killer new track from Mr Greenwood, doing what he does perfectly. ‘My Heart Is Not A Machine’ is the first cut from his new album, Even The Stars Are A Mess which comes out on July 5. On the indefinite break, Whitley did a shit load of travelling, all becoming inspiration for the new album.

The clip for ‘My Heart Is Not A Machine’ was shot in the Amazon rainforest, the last leg of his trip. Makes for an incredible clip – and a beaut track too!