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Ok, so next week the brand spankin’ new City Calm Down EP, Movements drops. I am so keen on this. In fact, I’ve been keen on the guys for a while.

The lead single from the EP, ‘Pleasure and Consequence ‘ is such an incredibly good song. And now there’s the clip. From the subtle editing at the beginning to the all out layering on top of layering towards the end, the clip resembles the track in style so freaking well. That and the black and white reflecting it’s dark brooding nature.

The boys are launching the new EP with a couple of shows. You can check them out next Saturday (November 3rd) at the Liberty Social down here in Melbourne. Tickets here.

If you’re in Sydney, you can check them out at GoodGod on Thursday November 8. Tickets here.

I was also lucky enough to have a chat with Jack, lead singer over on our sister site, a little while ago too. Good read (if I don’t say so myself). Especially good if you haven’t seen the boys live before.


on the chase

so, usually we tend to post film clips on wednesday as part of our clipnesday series. But this is an exception. It’s still a film clip…but it’s from one of my favourite bands and I don’t know if I can last until next Wednesday to post it!

It is of course Goodnight Owl. It’s their first official clip for anything they’ve done…and by geez they’ve done it good.

The track is Maps & Compasses. It was one of maamf’s faves from last year too. And now the clip!

The clip has been directed by Hayden Calnin and the concept was devised by lead singer Eddie Alexander. It’s a little nuts. Eddie get’s chased and chased and chased. It’s as if the other dudes in the band want more or a role in the band or somethin…

It’s a really nice looking clip too. T’was shot down on the Mornington Peninsula down here in Victoria. If you haven’t been down that way, it’s kinda beautiful. It’s where Where The Wild Things Are was shot too.

If you wanna check out the guys live and you’re down here in Melbourne, then head to The Workers Club down in Fitzroy on Sat July 31st. They’re gonna be launching  the clip with some help from Sleep Decade who are also launching a vid and the director, Hayden Calnin.

Anyway, here’s the clip kids. Enjoy!

clipnesday #2

ok. Second up in our Clipnesday series. Some really really great new film clips came into the inbox this week. Some local, some US and some UK. Here’s a selection of the best ones.

First up. Teenagersintokyo. These guys have got a hell of a lot of blog love for their track End It Tonight of late, especially the Seekae, We Have Band, and Nightschool remixes. Check out the We Have Band and Nightschool remixes here. The track is taken from their debut album called Sacrifice which is out super soon. The clip is really great too. Super 80’s in the whole black and white. Reminds me of a Go-Betweens clip.

Second up is a Brooklyn band (who doesn’t come from Brooklyn??!!) called Savior Adore and the clip for their track Bodies. Gotta be honest with you and say that I hadn’t actually heard of these guys before this clip came through. It’s a great song too. The track is taken from their soon to be released album In The Wooded Forest and it’s going to feature remixes from French Horn Rebellion and Night Magic. Clip is fun…and cold.

Finally, it’s a local band. Parades have been around for a short while and have garnered up quite a bit of love. They do of course feature musical genius Jonathan Boulet on drums (is there anything the kid can’t do?). The guys are heading out on an east coast tour throughout June and July (check out the deets over at their MySpace) in support of their new album Foreign Tapes. Great clip too. This is the vid for their new single Loserspeak In New Tongue. If you like painting…well then watch this.