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movement 2

It’s that classic story that used to fill my dreams as I grew up.

1. Friends make band, scrap together something sketchy.
2. Clever local radio station hears through the imperfections and throws it on air.
3. Label man hears, loves, signs.
4. Label and band delicately grow the project until we can all hear the greatness.
5. Worldwide acclaim.
6. High fives.

Movement, FBi and Modular are the characters in this very real example of such a moment happening right now, and I daresay they are just about at step 4. Let ‘Like Lust‘ in behind your cold, jaded autumn shell and see if I’m wrong. I honesty feel like the vibe of this is undeniable.

Maybe I was tempted to assume over the last few years that it isn’t organic anymore unless it involves label-free twitter and soundcloud accounts from a bedroom. But it’s stuff like this that’s all like ‘stop dreaming so small you hack’ (to me, not the bedroom entrepreneurs).

So kudos to all parties involved in the story so far. I’d say this will eventually catch worldwide – and if it’s through genuine, heartfelt hugs of sound like this, then bloody good on them. God speed, Movement.



So, the new Muscles album drops tomorrow. I’m kinda keen…but really wonder whether he can top Guns, Babes, Lemonade. We wrote about the new jam, ‘Ready For A Fight’ a little while ago.

Anyway, Melbourne fella Airwolf has gone remixed the latest. Makes it slightly more accesible, and more club friendly. It doesn’t lose any of it’s energy though. Makes something that was originally pretty discordant and uneasy (which, can I say, I really love), into something that makes a bit more sense, ready for the smashed kids at Can’t Say or something. Like it.



Can’t really wait for the new Van She album. Gonna be pretty killer I reckon, and a bit of a departure from their indie pop stylings of a few years ago. New track, ‘Jamaica’ is a tropical jam, that on a cold Melbourne day – it is seriously about 10 degrees outside – makes me want to raise the body heat.

Album drops on July 6 locally – I’ve pre-ordered my copy.  The guys are also heading out on tour – deets here.

Van She – Jamaica by modularpeople



Muscles is gonna be releasing his second album in a few weeks. Entitled ‘Manhood’ it’s one album I’m definitely keen on hearing this year. More info about the album over on the Modular site.

Anyway, the first single from the album dropped the other day. It’s some hard Euro disco kinda stuff, but still with that distinctive lazy Muscles vocal. There’s some uneasyness in this track, that major triad that’s played in the chorus (music nerds unite!) against that almost harsh sounding vocal sound. I really like that. It’s not just another track that makes immediate sense and follows some formula. I think given Muscles‘s music chops, he’s able to pull this off rather well.

Make sure you check out the fella when he launches the new album throughout June and July. Deets in that massive poster above!

Muscles – Ready For A Fight by modularpeople



Ok, so here is the first official single off Jonathan Boulet‘s new album, ‘We Keep The Beat, Found The Sound, See The Need, Start The Heart’. We got our first taste with Trounce a month or two back, and although new single This Song Is Called Ragged  is no where near as ferocious as Trounce, it is still one of those super percussive heavy tracks with a riff that sticks in your noggin for some time.

I’ve pre-orded the good sir’s new album…you should too. Reckon it may well hit the maamf ’12 top 10. And this is only at two tracks in.

Jonathan Boulet – This Song Is Called Ragged by modularpeople



ok. Prepare to be thrown about like a mofo. This is fucking nuts.

It was over a year ago when we first heard some new stuff from the creative genius, Mr Jonathan Boulet. The track You’re A Animal went nuts and was not only a great track, it went off live.

New one Trounce sounds…ah…kinda like it’s about to trounce. This is the percussive amazingness that Boulet is known for but with a crazy agressive edge.

The new album is now slated for release in June through Modular. Entitled “We Keep The Beat, Found The Sound, See The Need, Start The Heart”, for me it’s perhaps the most anticipated album of the year. CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS THING TO BLOW ME APART.

You can stream Trounce below and download it in exchange for an email address and make sure you check out the intro vid to the album as well. Fuck me!

Jonathan Boulet – Trounce (Link to Modular site for download)



ok, so this is an album I’ve been hanging out for for quite a while. After hinting at what they could offer as early as 2008, the now Sydney based gents Canyons have released their debut, Keep Your Dreams.

This is an album that excites me. It has elements of my fave things about deep techno/house/anyothergenre. New single See Blind Through has clear similarities with Azari & III, and some of the more techno stuff reminds me a bit of new Cutters.

But I think what makes this album great is that it’s not all the one thing. One of the things that put me off the Azari & III record was the fact that whilst they do some stellar stuff, it all sounds very similar. The thing that sets Canyons apart is that not only do they have their cock in a few pies, they also seem to be able to have their way with each quite convincingly (there’s an image you wanted i’m sure…).

As I said in an earlier post about the guys, they not only have the knack for writing killer tech/disco numbers, they also have the knack for writing some killer pop songs. My Rescue is a clear example of that. The slow builds and the hopeful lyrics, not to mention the fact that it’s guitar based set it apart from the others in a way. It sort of acts as a nice peak early on.

Other standouts for me would be the rather chill Sun and Moon, the dark builder Blue Snakes, and the blissed out closer Land In Between.

You can stream the full thing over on the Modular soundcoud account. You can buy the thing here (Aus iTunes store).

Canyons – Blue Snakes

Canyons – See Blind Through (DJ Harvey Remix)



sometimes remixes hit the right spot. sometimes they hit you in the face (more often than not, not the ‘right spot’). Fishing are two fellas out of Sydney town who do some pretty interesting pop music. They had a track last year called OOOO which has that Avalanches samples all over the shop sound.

Anyway, they’ve had their way with Jonathan Boulet’s track from late last year You’re A Animal. Fishing have done some pretty stellar remixes over time (make sure you check out their remix of Cloud Control’s This Is What I Said as well as Alpine’s Heartlove. Their remixes, to me, have this real funky element. They’re all pretty groove laden and they use the best parts of the original and always make it their own. The Jonathan Boulet remix is def no exceptione. The chopped up and looped vocals gives the track a really good base. Whilst it’s not as percussive as the original, it’s one of those tracks that builds and is layered as all fuck.

This one definitely hits the right spot.

Jonathan Boulet – You’re A Animal (Fishing Remix)



Love this remix. Clock Opera are all sorts of good and have taken what has been one of the best tracks of the year so far and found something in it and made it their own. I love the fact that they’ve changed the chord progression and, in a way, have changed the whole intention of the track. This is remixing at it’s best in my books.

Thanks to the amazing dudes over at RCRD LBL for this one – give them some love.

Architecture in Helsinki record drops this Friday here so i’m kinda pumped.

Architecture In Helsinki – Contact High (Clock Opera Remix)


two bands who are/will be talk of the year when it comes to album of the year lists are Cut Copy and Architecture in Helsinki.

And looky what I just came across…Cutters and AIH together!

If this isn’t one of the sweetest reworks unlike most other stuff you’ve heard, then I don’t know what is. It’s AIH reworking new Cutters single Need You Now making what was a pretty upbeat Cutters track to this downbeat, loungy, almost Spanish sounding (with those guitar ‘frills’) ditty.


I secretly love Architecture In Helsinki. They’re stuff is always fun. And, what’s better, is that they’ve finally got a new album coming out. That Beep, which was released a few years ago, was a great track, although a little change of sound. This new one, Contact High, is a bit of a mix between their older DIY sounding stuff, and the more produced sound of That Beep. I’m liking this heaps…and I reckon you might too.

The new album is called Moment Bends and is coming out on Modular (they only just signed with these guys!) on April 8. They’re also doing an Aussie tour in May too (plus Playground Weekender, MS Fest, Golden Plains, and Groovin The Moo from this weekend until May. Check out the touring deets on the Modular site. Also make sure you grab the single when it hits ze stores on Tuesday (22nd)


Canyons are slowly developing to be a bit of a fave of mine. Although they’ve only got one official single out, if you do some trawling, then you easily find some more. And what’s better is that they’ve got a second single coming out this year and their debut full length should be out somerime this year too. YES??? YES!!!

But to tease you, we got two remixes from the Perth via Syds boys.

!!! played at Laneway last night, but I saw Cutters instead. Should be posting up a bit of a review of the fest in the next few days. Was aiming at ‘live tweeting’ throughout the day, but Optus had different ideas. I’m not on the !!! bandwagon as yet…but going on the only song I know (AM/FM), I think I should be. This remix by Canyons is full blown acidy disco. Is nice as hell and if it don’t make you moooove, then you must be a freakin statue or somethin.

!!! (Chk Chk Chk) – The Hammer (Canyons Remix)

Next up is Canyons remix of The Future Will Come by The Juan Maclean. I’m well aware that both of these tracks are pretty old, but just wanted to give you dudes a bit of a taste as to what to expect from the new Canyons release. This remix is sweet and I reckon showcases the darker doomy side of Canyons.

The Juan MacLean – The Future Will Come (Canyons Remix)

Canyons + Dr Dunks Disco

Dr Dunks Disco sounds kinda fun aye?

Canyons signed to Modular earlier on this year, and can I just say that they are very very very good?

Their first official single on Modular is My Rescue and you can stream it over on the Modular site and if you like, purchase it via itunes. It’s a really sweet track and is all positive and stuff. I’ve been following Canyons for a while now, and the single is far more of a ‘song’ than their earlier stuff like Blue Snakes or More Champagne (mind you I do love Blue Snakes).

Anyway, we got a remix from the dudes done by a fella calling himself Dr Dunks. This is his disco extension edit! Remix is an epic 10min number that is just a little disco and uses that two chord keys progression so freaking well – carries the whole remix. The breakdown is especially nice.

Canyons – My Rescue (Dr Dunks Disco Extension)


Beni is a pretty new signing to Modular. He recently put together a bit of a mix for them to help celebrate the beginning of our Summer! YES!




1. Do You Remember – L-VIS 1990
2. Squeek – Zombie Nation (Bart B More Remix)
3. Back and Forth – Fedde Le Grand (LY Edit)
4. Rave N’ Roll – Steve Angello
5. Coma Cat – Tensnake (Round Table Knights Remix)
6. 99 – Cassius (Tim Green Remix)
7. Get Up Ouch – Bmono
8. Boombah – LA Riots
9. Dinosaurs With Guns – Teki Latex
10. Take Off – Jon Giovanni (Wafa Edit)
11. Manduco (dj Discoteque Remix)
12. La La Land – Green Velvet (Derrick Carter Remix)

Jonathan Boulet – You’re A Animal

Oh oh oh, some new Jonathan Boulet! He had a pretty amazing album last year – check out the 2009 Best of button just up above.

The new song is called You’re A Animal…and yeah yeah, I know. It should probably be You’re AN Animal, but hey Jono’s a bit of a creative genius in my opinion so I is gonna let it slide.

The track still has that big throw a few things together feel, but man is this more intense that the stuff off his first record. It’s massively percussion heavy and goes and smacks you in the guts, but does it nicely.

Modular are saying that he’s got a new album coming out early next year. Not bad for a dude who released his first album last year and also drums in Parades, an awesome local band.

Grab the track down below and make sure you stay tuned for album deets!

Jonathan Boulet – You’re A Animal


So, this got me super super super excited this morning. After pulling out the phone, checking my facebook, I see that Cut Copy‘s labelModular posted up an article from SPIN mag about the new Cutters album. It has the album artwork (yep, that’s it just above), the album name, and a run down of what we can expect.

The album is called Zonoscope. And the artwork, as you can see, is rather incredible. And about the sound of the record, Cutters main man Mr Whitford reckons: “All the way along we had this weird vision of a tropical, jungle, tribal sound. A place or an idea that we wanted to reach with some of the songwriting; to explore a looping hypnotic trance and revise the whole palette of what Cut Copy was about.”

Anyway, for even more deets, check out the article over on SPIN. Also, they got part two of their making of album number three vids on there too. You can check out part one here.

The album is getting a local release on Feb 4, and will be released in the UK and Europe on Feb 7 and the US on Feb 8.

I am so bloody excited about this. And they’re playing at Laneway next year too. Seriously amazingo!

moment in a streetcar

ok. This dropped in the inbox the other day with the words “Here’s a track for you that’s not on Modular or Bang Gang”. Bloody relieved too! Don’t get me wrong, even though i did say that i’m going to (try) and do less posts on bands/acts that aren’t on Modular or Bang Gang, it was just a relief to see that there is some good indie electro disco (whatever other genre you want to include) that isn’t on the two aforementioned labels.

Get Stellar are from Radelaide. And you know what? I’m ok with that. The Swiss are from Adelaide too so I’m starting to come around to it. Albeit a little tiny bit slowly. Anyway, these guys put this really funky bass line into their track The Moment. It get’s a little slap (think Seinfeld theme) at parts too which just ups the funky to 11 or whatever the disco/funk equivalent is. The other thing I really like about this track is the vocals. They’re not amazing, but they just work. It seems as though a lot of this disco electro stuff shies away from vocals. These dudes do it well.

Anyway, check em out. There’s also some pretty great remixes that come along with the track. My fave would have to be the Def Starr Remix. GLOVES also does one too…but I think the Def Starr remix just tips it at the post. Big call I know…and I’m sorry GLOVES.

Get Stellar – The Moment (Extended Edit)

Get Stellar – The Moment (Def Starr Remix)

K. That’ll do the ramble for now

sexy time

ok. I think one of my New Year Resolutions will be to find another record label other than Modular and Bang Gang 12″s that I think are the beezneezzz. So, without further ado, I promise you my last ever Mod/Bang specific post! (NB. Promises are made to be broken right? oh wait…that’s rules. anyway…i’m not good at keeping promises…wow…not really painting a very good picture of myself am i??!!)

Let’s get on with it. Two bands/acts have been put on high rotation of late. And they’re both Aussie. The Swiss and Cassian.

First off, The Swiss. What’s perhaps the best thing about these dudes is that they don’t hail from your typical electro scene of Melbourne or Sydney. The Swiss are from Adelaide, proving it doesn’t matter where you came from, it’s how you do it that counts. Ohh…how sweet. I posted their track Movement 1 a while ago, and they do some bloody great disco. As I said in my earlier post, these dudes are a definite indication that disco may well be sticking around for a while yet. This is a newy from the recently signed Modular boys. It’s called Bubble Bath. It’s due out on Jan 29th, and the EP is going to feature some remixes from Tensnake and Knightlife. BAM!

The Swiss – Bubble Bath

Second for the day is a dude out of Melbourne/Sydney. He’s called Cassian. He is pretty bloody good also. He kinda has that disco feel too, like the Swiss, but far more electro. The fella is signed to Bang Gang 12″s and has already featured pretty heavily on their compilations. I definitely recommend checking out the Bang Gang 12″s MySpace for some of the acts on their list. I’m not sure if a better crew of electro goodness could ever be assembled. Anyway, this is a new one from Cassian. It’s called The Fuck Song. And it features on his new release, the Friday Night EP.

Cassian – The Fuck Song

(iTunes, Beatport)

K. That’ll do the ramble for now

Jonathan Boulet – Jonathan Boulet

"A precociously inspired 21 year old skate rat from Sydney’s northwest" Modular

Jonathan Boulet’s self-titled debut is a late contender for my top album list. I must admit though, that after my first listen I was a little unsure. Two things came to mind. Either this dude is on the cusp of musical greatness and this album is a small bit DIY genius…or, the guy’s a little try hard for my liking. Music with that DIY sound straddles that line a fair bit I reckon.

Luckily for you, and for me, and for Modular (he was signed just a few months ago), and even Mr Boulet himself, I’m going with the former. This album IS good. The dude does possess some great song writing skills. I don’t really know what he reminds me of. It’s a little all over the place, but I think that’s what’s good about the album. There are obvious standouts like A Community Service Announcement and 321 Ready or Not. But then there’s also the opener, Continue Calling, a track that sounds so laid back and is such a great example of that DIY feel that he seems to have mastered on this album. The vocal harmonies, especially when they’re left on their lonesome half way through the track, just sound so easy.

I could go on about every track…but I won’t bore you too much. They’re all pretty darn good. I don’t know if I can put my finger on it, but there’s almost this feeling of sadness that stays with you throughout the album. Ones Who Fly Twos Who Die (Track 2) and You Never Knew Me (Track 3) really get this going. It’s not a depressing sadness or anything extreme. It’s just this feeling that something wasn’t right or…look…I dunno really. It’s really hard to put my finger on exactly what it is.

However, from this initial sadness, it goes a little bit crazy. 321 Ready or Not is such a great song. It pushes, it’s relentless, it feels as though it’s messed with my head just a bit. And that’s really good. I reckon this one would go off live.

Then that sadness kicks back in. 10 Billion Years is actually kinda sweet though. The glockenspiel in the background, the backing vocals provided by Rebecca Shave. They both add a particular sweetness to the track.

There’s electro stylings and glitchiness in Lay Off The Streets For A While, Adam of Zilla, and North To South East To You. And he fuses that in really really well. Something else that plays a really important role in making the album what it is is the musical ability of this fella. He played nearly all of the instruments you hear, and recorded them all by himself in his garage. Something pretty bloody impressive for a dude who just hit 21.

So yeah, this album will definitely find a place in my albums of the year list in a few weeks. There’s just something about an artist that seems to not really care about what people will think of his music. Or at least gives that impression. And the fact that he did it all himself blows me away.

So bloody glad I bought it.

Jonathan Boulet – A Community Service Annoucement

(ModShop, iTunes)

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.

happy freakin modmas

All i seem to go on about is how good Modular Records are. Well…they are ok? And they’re throwing a Christmas party too. And you guys are invited…(well, only if you’re in Melbourne or Sydney that is).

Anywho, the line up for these gigs is looking pretty alright. Kinda wish I was heading to the Sydney party instead of Melbourne…but you know…can’t win ’em all. You Sydney people and Melbournites should definitely head down. Ticket’s are selling out pretty quick smart though…so geta to ita!

Anyway, the line up for both gigs are just down below. I’m just excited to finally see Muscles play after the whole shemozle that was him and Nevereverland last year.

Sydney: Sat Dec 12 @ The Beach Road Hotel Bondi

Tame Impala (Live)
Jonathan Boulet (Live)
The Swiss (Live)
Ladyhawke (DJ Set)
Bang Gang
Tim Cutters
Anna Lunoe
Modular Djs

Melbourne: Sat Dec 19 @ The Espy St Kilda

Tame Impala (Live)

Jonathon Boulet (Live)
Muscles (Live)
Bang Gang
Andee Frost
Tony Pepperoni
Nick Foley
Modular DJs

Head over to the Mod Shop for any last minute tix. GET IN QUICK!!!

To leave you with, the dude I’m getting pretty pumped to see. Muscles.

Muscles – Sweaty

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.

getting technologically happy

ok. So this isn’t exactly a post about new music. It does however have a track that I am loving at the moment. Jonathan Boulet is a young dude from Sydney who has just signed to MAAMF’s favourite, Modular Records. The track, Community Service Announcement has an awesome video, even being raved on about by…Ima let you finish, but I’m a little bit of a wanker man. What’s best about the original, and this remix done by the awesome Album Leaf, is that it makes me happy. It makes me glad to write a music blog and makes me think how using technology can make people happy, or in some cases can help make people happy again.

Some of you guys who actually know me will know that for a while I did quite a bit of work for an organisation called The Inspire Foundation. These guys started off as a suicide prevention based thing about 15 years ago, but now it’s extended it’s reach to simply helping young people get happy. Not in some happy clappy religious way. They’re actually committed to benefiting the lives of young people, and the majority of the dudes and dudettes that work there are young people too. They’re also an internet based organisation, and their main aim is to use technology to better the lives of young people. Pretty simple premise right?!

Getting serious for a tiny bit though. One of the biggest problems ,in Australia at least, is the suicide rate. Especially of young guys (Australia has one of the highest suicide rates for young guys in the world). One of the things that, in my opinion, has been missing from the discussion of young people and mental health is why you get more women reporting that they’re feeling shitty but more guys taking their own lives. It’s only until recently with the worldwide push of things like Movember, that people have thought more about men and their health.

Inspire are in the process of adding to this discussion. In partnership with the Brain & Mind Research Institute at Sydney Uni, The Matespeak survey was launched a little while ago. It only takes you about 15 mins to do and asks question about you using technology and how it helps you out in the not so great times. It’s only open to peeps in Australia though, so sorry international people! If you are outside Australia though but know an Aussie young person (generally aged between 16 and 24), feel free to send them the link. Likewise, if you’re in Australia and know other young peeps, feel free to send them the link. Also, it’s not gender specific. If you’re female, do it too. But remember to tell your boyfriend, brother, cousin, other fella friends.

You can access the survey at Please do it guys. This is something really important.

And that track! Check it out and tell me you don’t feel a little bit happier after listening to it. See! Told you technology could help make you happy :p

Jonathan Boulet – A Community Service Announcement (The Album Leaf Remix)

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.

Leave Them All Behind III

You won't leave this behind once you purchase it...well maybe you might after you load it onto your itunes...oh man, i just rolled myself

ok. so this is a pretty decent compilation. It’s from the Aussie label, Modular. The release has two discs, one mixed and one unmixed. I’ve crapped on about this release before…you can check that out here.

The mix cd is done by Andee Frost, a member of the Bang Gang Deejays. It’s good good good and has a really nice track selection. Canyons, Van She, Knightlife, The Golden Filter, Bag Raiders etc etc etc. All pretty darn sweet. The disc crams 23 tracks into an hour and 20 mins though, so there’s only a bit of some tracks…but yeah, i guess that’s the same for any mix. Only having 2:02 mins of the 7:27 min epic Blue Snakes was a bit of a let down though. And, whilst i’m on the not so amazingly great points, the mix does seem to end kinda abruptly.

But yeah, all in all, it’s a gooooooooooooooooooooood, nice, hey, it’s even a little dope, mix.

That’s only half of it though. The second disc, the unmixed one, has opened me up. Not in a medical surgical way…oh, and not in a sexual way either (just to clarify there ok?). It’s opened me up to new tracks, new artists. Being a music blogger, you realise how much shit is out there and you are constantly realising that you’re never going to be at the forefront of what’s happening…purely because what’s new changes every second. But then you get a good compilation…such as this one, and you begin to explore the work of artists you may only know the name of because you read it on a blog somewhere.

Anyway, I degress. Some of the stuff on disc 2 i love are the opener, What You Need by Tiga (never thought i’d get into this dude), Skeleton Boy by Friendly Fires (this has been a fave for a while), One More Chance (Alex Metric Remix) by Bloc Party (niiiiiiiiiiicccccccccceeeee), Tonight’s Today by Jack Penate (know nothing about this dude except that i like like like this track), Counterpoint by Delphic (soarer), and 15 to 20 by The Phenomenal Handclap Band (fuuuuuunnnnnn!!!!!).

Anyway, there’s some good tracks here, all compiled from Modular’s extensive catalogue.

To leave you with, the one i knew nothing about, but now wish i knew everything about.

Jack Penate – Tonight’s Today

(Check out Mr Penate on MySpace, and buy the compilation here at JB)

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.

Leave Them All Behind III

Leave Them All Behind III

ok. Modular are definitely one of my favourite record labels out there. Apart from their idea of a music festival last year, they house some of the best bands out there. People who know me will know that I don’t shut up about how good Cut Copy and Van She are. I also LOVE the Avalanches and am waiting on their new release. And their recent signings of Canyons and the Bang Gang boys have got me a bit excited.

But, i do digress. Every few years Modular put out a compilation called Leave Them All Behind. I’m a bit late onto the bandwagon, but their previous releases are pretty impressive. All three so far have featured a mixed cd and an unmixed cd. You can check out the previous two here via the ModPeople site. This time round, the boys from Bang Gang Deejays have mixed the first disc. There’s definitely a few of my favourite tracks of this year on this disc, so is a bit exciting. Golden Filter’s track Solid Gold features as well as the Vemixes version of Changes by the much loved Van She.

The second disc also features some faves of mine. Stuff like Passion Pit, Friendly Fires and Whitest Boy Alive all feature. I reckon if you like the Kitsune releases, you will probably like this comp. I’d call it Kitsune with a little bit less of an electro feel (the second disc obviously).

I’ve ordered my copy (free with a modular tote bag…ok!) from the JBHiFi website. If you’re not in Australia, you should check out the ModPeople online shop. It comes out on the 7th of August here…not too sure about OS.

To leave you with, a sneak peak of the tracks featured. Mixed by the Bang Gang boys, it’s not the best teaser mix put out for a compilation – the JBAG mix of the Kitsune7 Compilation was pretty stella. This teaser mix DOES give a pretty good idea of the style of tracks on the comp though 🙂

Leave Them All Behind III Tease Her MIX – Modular Records

Also check out the Modular Blog if you like what you hear.

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.

new music first #7

kinda rad music overload

ok. so it’s a new music post and it’s all some decent electro stuff that has got me a movin lately. There’s a bit of local stuff, some US stuff, and I think some stuff from Vietnam. There’s some thumping stuff and some great chilled stuff. So, i guess by now you’ve guessed that there’s some stuff in this post.

…hmm…I’m watching the doggies absolutely kill the hawks (it’s 58 to 2 and the first quarter hasn’t even finished yet!). We’re playing bloody well. So that’s why i sound distracted.

Anyway, I’m not as excited about the tracks featured in this post as i was about the tracks i featured in my last New Music First post. But I am definately excited about the local stuff.

ok. Let’s get the ball rolling. First up is a track by the Lost Valentinos. I could’ve seen these guys at the Bacardi Express Tour earlier on this year, but having not heard any of their stuff, didn’t really bother about it. Pity. Midnights is epic – it’s so epic they’ve put it into two parts. Both parts are different in sound but you can tell that they’re both part of the same track. anyway.

Lost Valentinos – Modnights (Original Parts 1 & 2)

Second up is another local, from Sydney. Canyons signed to Modular a few months ago which means they’ll get some decent exposure. The only stuff i’ve heard of these guys is a mini track on the Bang Gang comp last year, so hearing this track was pretty exciting. This is a banging track too. Just builds and builds.

Canyons – Blue Snakes

Thirdly, a track by someone who’s name i’d seen but never actually heard. That seems to happen a fair bit to me actually. Anyway, St Vincent is from New York and is good. Very good. I only know the one track though mind you so I could be wrong. Is such a great song though so I’m not too sure if that’s possible. I think i need to buy her album!

St Vincent – Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood

Finally, a track by a band with one of the strangest names I think i’ve ever heard. I mean, what in the hell is a Black Moth Super Rainbow? Haha…who knows. And the fact that they say they’re from Vietnam has me perplexed. They do, however, make some pretty decent music. This one reminds me of All My Friends by Groove Armada a bit. I like.

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Twin of Myself

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.