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Jan Mixtape Cover

A couple of days late, but the move up to Sydneytown and the getting back into uni has taken over! But, of course, still looking for every excuse to post on maamf!

These are the tracks that got me through January, a pretty massive month for me. So to those bands/artists below, thanks heaps!

As per usual, you can stream and download the full mix, and of course, there are a few of the tracks up for download too.

It’s a massive list (15 tracks) for a pretty massive month!

DOWNLOAD (Right Click/Save As)


1. Dick Diver – Water Damage

2. Matt Walters – To Die Young

3. friendships – Did u Eva ft Betty Elms

4. Wil Wagner – Laika

5. Ciggie Witch – Back Aches

6. Bree De Rome – Alright

7. Ross de Chene Hurricanes – The Jailbird

8. Food Court – Not Enough

9. Halcyon Drive – Come On, Exist

10. Disks – The Line

11. Georgia Potter – XO (Elizabeth Rose Remix)

12. Cade – Familiar Face

13. Du Tonc – Darkness

14. Tully On Tully – Stay Feat. Hayden Calnin (DEJA Remix)

15. Abelard – Teenage Movie- Ending Credits



282432_10151197945838042_303781861_n (1)

Yep. Once again, it’s new Matt Walters. The gent can, in my eyes, do no wrong.

The new EP, The Vacant Heart EP is such a great collection of songs. There’s some The Middle East influence in some of the tracks – especially with the beds of found sound/vocals that sit underneath a lof of the intro and outro’s. It’s also a fucking pop release (!). Not what I was expecting, but man, it’s freaking good to see the dude meld his emotive folk with some real pop instrumentation and song structure.

I’ve got ‘To Die Young’ below as a stream. That big chorus, those continuous drums, the funky bass line that seeps through. It knocks me down every time. It’s produced to a t.

You can WILL AND MUST grab the full EP for a measly $4 over on Matt’s bandcamp.



Fresh from teasing us with some new sounds a month and a bit ago, Matt Walters is back, this time with the title track of his new EP due out October 15th.

The new track, ‘Vacant Heart’ showcases Matt’s heart-on-the-sleeve, let-me-paint-you-a-picture, style songwriting really fucking well – the man can write. Something else that really comes through in the track is also the use of space – there’s this sparseness that helps create shape in the track.

Matt’s gone all independent woman and is releasing the new EP through his own label via Bandcamp.





Matt Walters just posted up a new song to his soundcloud, and, as ever, it’s pretty lovely. It’s a bit more of a mellow sound that the stuff off his first album, but man, it still takes a hold.

The track was recorded in New York last year after Matt spent some time in the states recording his new EP.

Looking forward to the new stuff!


8tracks May Mix

ok, so this is a little late, but better late than never. My fave songs from May. Like always, is as varied as dodgy diarrhea.

You can check it out at:

Death Cab For Cutie – Portable Television

KNIGHT STALKER – Vox Instrumental

UV Race – Low

Friendly Fires – Blue Cassette

Boomgates – Layman’s Terms

FISHING – Last Night (So Wonderful)

Kins – Lake Troposphere

Matt Walters – St Peter’s Gate




So last year, we wrote about a new Melbourne based singer-songwriter. His name was Matt Walters and the track we posted was called I Would Die For You and it featured the ever good Megan Washington. To say that song went absolutely gangbusters is a massive understatement. It was one of the most popular posts from last year, and the track reached the top 5 on the Hype Machine.

It was, simply, an amazing, well written song, full of brush work and sweet acoustic guitar, Matt’s almost haunted voice and Washington’s Aussie tinged vocal magic (sounds wanky, but true.)

Matt has his debut album ‘Farewell Youth’ coming out mid year, and to help set you up for it all, we got the first single from it just below. The album has been produced by Francois Tetaz who’s also worked with a few maamf faves – Gotye, Sally Seltmann, Bertie Blackman.

Anyway, the new single is called Horses, and it’s in the same vein as …Die For You. Mr Walters seems to have a thing for female bv’s. Horses features Kim Richey who’s done work with alt-country king Ryan Adams.

Enjoy this one. Reckon he could do alright this year!

Matt Walters – Horses

Dying to post

I know I know…it’s been absolutely ages. I’m currently super super busy, so that’s why I’m not keeping the posting up. Think I spoke about it a few posts ago, but hey, it’s all good.

Bit of a change for maamf with today’s post. Something super mellow and simply, well, it’s pretty beautiful and shit (i was never good with emotion)

Matt Walters is a Melbourne singer/songwriter putting forward some darn impressive folk indie goodness. The dude is just putting the final touches onto his debut album, which will be available early next year. But in the meantime, you can get set for his new EP, Talking In My Sleep which is out next month. Matt’s doing some shows down here in Melbourne to celebrate – get along if you like what you hear (Check out his MySpace for deets).

The lead single off the Talking In My Sleep EP is I Would Die For You featuring the ever amazing Megan Washington. Grab it down below as well as a completely unrelated track from a completely unrelated band. The Small Knives released two albums in their time. They’re also from Melbourne, and both their albums are two that I keep on going back too. Really well written songs. I got Little Bit off their 2004 album Rain On Tin just below too.

Matt Walters – I Would Die For You (Ft. Washington)

extra: The Small Knives – Little Bit