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So, this is pretty exciting. Maamf is lucky enough to be able to debut the making of vid for one of the tracks from Aluka‘s debut full length, Space alongside a whole heap of other excellent blogs. The track we’ve got is track 9, ‘Street’. Tomorrow, make sure you check out the rad All I Do Is Listen as they premier another making of vid.

Perhaps the best thing about Aluka is that sure they’re an experimental vocal pop group, but it’s still all quite accessible and definitely not alienating. The album itself was released a couple of days ago (April 5th) and was recorded and produced by the excellent Nick Huggins, who has worked with Oscar + Martin, Kid Sam etc. The guys vary it up with their sounds (yep, that is possible with just vocals) as well as the stories that they tell. You can also hear the various locations reflected in both the stories and sounds too (each song was recorded in a unique location across their home state of Victoria). It’s a small bit wanky a concept, but my gosh does it work.

The girls are going to be doing a run of dates in support of the album. Make sure you check ’em out. They’re heaps talented, and also heaps funny (as the clip suggests).

Album Launch Tour

Thursday 11th April- Camelot Lounge, Sydney
Friday 12th April- Salamanca Art Centre, Hobart
Wednesday 17th April- Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
Sunday 21st April- Nexus Art Centre, Adelaide
Friday 3rd May- Uniting Church of Northcote, Melbourne 

Buy tickets: