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It’s the June mixtape. Below are the tracks that have got me through the past month. It even features a small bit of a double feature working ‘Wimbledon 1980’ by Indian Wells and the Jon Hopkins piano version of ‘Modern Driveway’ originally by Luke Abbott.

This was easily the most fun mix to make, especially working with the opening rework. Once again, it features some absolutely killer tracks, from the amazing indie goodness of I, A Man, the almost tribal epicness of Jonathan Boulet to the straight out techno fantasticness of the latest track from The Presets.

MAAMF JUNE ’12 MIXTAPE (Right click/save as to download)


Indian Wells vs. Luke Abbott/Jon Hopkins – Modern Driving to Wimbledon 1980

I, A Man – The Scenic Route (Right click/save as to download)

Bobby Womack – Stupid Interlude (Ft. Gil Scott-Heron)

Bobby Womack – Stupid

Grey and Patrice – So Beautiful (Right click/save as to download)

Collarbones – Missing

The Presets – Youth In Trouble

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – American Dream, Pt II

Snakadaktal – Dance Bear

Van She – Jamaica

Junior Boys – Every Little Step (Flume Remix)

Jonathan Boulet – Dread Is This Place

Jeremy Neale – Darlin’ (Right click/save as to download)

Saskwatch – Your Love

Palms – Love

Cat Power – Ruin (Right click/save as to download)

The Temper Trap – Trembling Hands (Chet Faker Remix)

Love Migrate – Plagued Are All My Thoughts



Man, two mixes in as many days. This here be the MAY mixtape, full of the tracks that have helped me survive what has been a really full on month.

In true maamf form, it’s a whole heap of genres in there from the killer techno of Sydney gents CSMNT61 to the Australiana sing-a-long feel of The Starry Field. These mixes are actually a heap of fun to make – might see if I can up the amount.

MAAMF – May ’12 Mix


Allday X C1 – Run A Mile

Goldroom – Fifteen (ft Chela)

Andras Fox – Touchy (instrumental)

Catcall – Shoulda Beeen

The Temper Trap – Need Your Love (RAC Mix)

DiIV – Doused

Joe McKee – A Double Life

Thrupence – Synchronous Bloom

Giraffage – Holy Mountain

CSMNT61 – Keep Holding On

Catcall – The World Is Ours (Lancelot Remix)

Passion Pit – Take A Walk (Peking Duk Remix)

The Trouble With Templeton – Someday Soon

Bored Nothing – Only Old

The Starry Field – If All Your Troubles Were A Sea



ok. So I guess it’s time to come clean. Divulge it all.

This here blog is actually just written by one person, not one dude and all his friends. That person would be me (obviously), Miks. Although some would say then that the title of this blog is just a tiny bit misleading, I would say, shut the hell up. Yeah.

Nah, actually, I would kinda agree with you, but then argue that my music taste is so eclectic that I feel as though i’m reflecting the taste of a group of people, not just one person. And to be serious, that was the intention all along. I have a pretty darn eclectic music taste and the name Me, and All My Friends suited it.

I have occasionally had a few mates post (Alikitti, JL, and Nath – thanks dudes), but this has been so rare, and not regular at all. Alikitti has done a few posts and JL and Nath have done one each.

Hopefully this truth telling will mean no more emails saying ‘Hope you and all your friends dig my new track.’

It’ll probably just lead to people emailing me saying ‘Hope you dig my new track. PS. I always knew it was just you.

There was another point to this post though. As well as posting a killer track, and the startling revelation above, I’m also putting a call out for ‘friends’. Not actual friends, but writers, contributors, etc. As I said a few posts ago, I started a new job a while ago and finding the time to post regularly is becoming harder and harder.

What I’m after ideally is one or two extra writers that can help share the load. I’d love to keep the blog up to one post a day, but I know how hard that can be. Even if people post once a fortnight, it’s still a help. So, what you can do is either email me directly ( @ or you can fill in the tiny form below.

First up though, the track. Although I haven’t posted that regularly of late, I have gone on a bit of a download and purchasing spree. One of the albums I’ve bought recently has been Seekae’s newy +DOME. It’s still growing on me (it’s a bit diff to their debut), but one of the standout tracks would have to be Gnor. You can stream that one down below.

Seekae – Gnor


we’re back

We’re back bitches!

Bigger and better.

Harder and stronger.

We got this funny lookin new header up. And we’ve taken up some of your advice too. Expect a few new things to hit the maamf fan in the next few weeks or so.

To the lovely peeps that actually bothered to do the survey, thank you. For a moment then, i actually thought no-one would fill the thing out. We’ve already acted on one’s advice and got rid of that bleeding eyes background. Gonna start doing a bit more tour/music news kinda posts too. Also, to those that said they’d be up for contributing to maamf, shoot us through an email and we’ll organise that stuff (

Gonna try and keep the posts daily too…and to get the momentum going, we got our first post going up in about an hour or so.

Dan Kelly – Hold On, I’m Coming On


Ok. So there are a few sweet as gigs coming soon…and we’ve got a few tix going at our posse store. But, instead of you clicking on about 3 links to get to the page where you can buy tix, we thought we’d just give you direct links. Of course, if there’s something that you wish was here but isn’t, then it may just be on our posse page, but yeah, here’s a bit of a selection.


Miami Horror are out on tour supporting their latest single Moon Theory. The guys are half way through their tour which looks to end in a few weeks. Check ’em out at:

The Corner Hotel in Richmond (VIC) on the 28th (TIX) and 29th of May (TIX).

They’re also playing at The Manning Bar at Sydney Uni on the 12th of June (TIX).


US Hip Hop kid Common hits our shores pretty soon which should be a bit of ace. Check him out at:

The Forum in Sydney on June 11th (TIX) and at the The Prince of Wales in St Kilda (VIC) on June 12 (TIX).


Indie folk pin up Matt Corby plays the Raval in Surrey Hills (NSW) on July 1 (TIX) and the Toff in Town in Melbourne on July 8th (TIX).


Everyone’s favourite indie electro pop kids Passion Pit are playing a few Spendour sideshows throughout August.

They’re going to be hitting The Forum in Sydney on August 2 (TIX)

Melbourne boys Midnight Juggernauts are on tour in August also playing some Spleadour sideshows. Definitely check out these dudes.

They’re also playing at The Forum in Sydney on the 20th of August (TIX)

So that’s the run down. Have only gone for the more major capital city shows on here, but check out our Posse store for a few extras.


Yep. You haven’t just come across another blog that you thought was maamf but isn’t. It still is maamf! Don’t worry! We just changed out header design and did a few other little tweaks here and there. Comment away though…you could hate it and we could lose readers…and well…not to sound desperate or anything, but that would be really really bad and sad!

Anyway, let us know. The old header is still up on our Facebook page…so if you’ve forgotten and want to compare, then you can always check back there.

Speaking of new though…

Gerling – Newwave Machine


ok. Posse is this awesome thing set up by a few dudes. It let’s you sell tickets to gigs and you can make a small commission for each ticket you sell. maamf just signed up a few days ago (check out the ‘get tix‘ tab to the left)…so, you can score tix to gigs via our Posse store if you like!

We’ll get a tiny commission from each ticket sold (you to can get your own store and sell tix and earn some cash for doing so). maamf doesn’t make any cash from this blog as wordpress doesn’t allow advertising, so buying tix through our posse page is a small way of giving back to us :)

Also, we encourage you to scour the whole of Posse. If there’s a gig there that we aren’t a seller for, comment or email and we’ll add it.

something bigger

Hey guys,

Over the next few weeks, maamf may go through a few changes. To start with, we’ve got a new header. Do you like it? Is it (a) hit/shit? The photo was taken by myself last year in ACDC lane down here in Melbourne, just opposite where Honkytonks/3rd Class use to be. The original sheets of paper read ‘again’ and the photo itself seems to keep on popping up with things I do. It’s my background on my laptop and use to be the background for my iphone.  Don’t know what it is about the shot, but it gets to me somehow.

Anyway, just thought I should give you a heads up. Am also considering buying a domain name so the url of the blog may change too. I’ll be keeping peeps updated on Facebook as well as Twitter though so don’t stress!

Van She – Changes (Gloves Remix)

Anyway, let me know what you reckon! Is there anything else you’d like to see??