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fave tracks of 2012

Ok, so here it is. my favourite 10 tracks of 2012. I think I’ll let the music do the talking instead of me crapping on about how each track made my year.

All I will say though is the criteria I had for this list

  • It had to be a track I kept on coming back to; and
  • It had to be a track that, even on the 10th listen, was still good.

I should also mention that they’re not numbered. They’re all decent in their own way. Awwwwww.

You can stream all ten below, and if you’re keen, you can download a mix with all ten below. 
DOWNLOAD (Right Click/Save As)



Ok, so slowly we’re getting back on track. This here is the October Mixtape, chockablock full of my fave tunes of October. Some absolute stunners in here – the Lower Spectrum EP was one I kept on coming back to, as was Tame Impala‘s record, Collarbones‘s second full length, as well as the Love Migrate disc. Then there were those big massive tracks – that Hermitude remix of Presets‘ ‘Ghosts’. MY GOSH.

All of the tracks are pretty excellent…and I think it’s one of the better tapes so far.

DOWNLOAD (Right Click/Save As


Aluka – Keep My Cool (Oscar Key Sung Remix)

DCUP – I’m Corrupt

Jordan F – Down For The Count

Flume – Holdin On

The Corsairs – Everlasting Youth

Tame Impala – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

Collarbones – Die Young (Ft. HTML Flowers)

Lower Spectrum – Blind Light

Lowlakes – Cold Company

Total Control – Scene From A Marriage

Flight Facilities – Clair de Lune (Ft. Christine Hoberg)

The Presets – Ghosts (Hermitude Trapped in Heaven Remix)

Love Migrate – I Want You To Mend




I wrote about the new Lowlakes single over on last week. It is a rather rad track. I then went and saw them on Saturday night at Ding Dong Lounge and my gosh were they good. The boys are now ever in New York getting ready for playing CMJ…a good gig if you can get it.

Anyway, the new single, ‘Cold Company’ has this really broad washed over sort of feel…but as the name suggests, it doesn’t necessarily elicit a warm feeling. As I wrote over on Mismatch,

“it’s a familiar cold, a cold you don’t necessarily hate. The drums lend this almost robotic, continuous motion from beginning to end, and the vocals of Tom Snowdon add this uneasy feeling, with so much emotion sitting on top of the cold atmospheric bed of guitars and synth.”

Stream it below and be in awe of how great these boys are.



So this is a little late, I know. The internet situation for me has been a little all over the place lately – moved to a new spot and we’re working out which net plan would be best!

Anyway, this here is a bit of a mix of my fave tracks of March. It’s a full 20 tracks long and features a fairly decent range of stuff. There’s also some internationals in the mix too!

You can stream and download the thing below. Some tracks up for individual download too!

MAAMF – March ’12 Mix (Right click/Save as)

MAAMF March ’12 Mix Tracklisting

skullsquadron – Tomorrow Morning

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Dream On

Mesa Cosa – 666

Bleeding Knees Club – Who Are You

Tanlines – Green Grass

Kristina Miltiadou – Carousel

Cosmo Black – Blind

Cloud Nothings – Our Plans

Buchanan – Run Faster

Siobhan – Don’t Take Her Heart If You’re Gonna Let Her Down

Beach House – Myth

Catcall – The World Is Ours

Bon Chat, Bon Rat – Dust Proud (featuring Pepepiano)

Miiks Snow – Archipelago

DZ Deathrays – No Sleep

Twinsy – Take Me Home

Super Best Friends – No Logo Is A Joke

Galapagoose – One Who Can’t Move

Chet Faker – Love and Feeling

Lowlakes – Song For Motion



Lovely. It’s Sunday, and tomorrow’s a public holiday down here in Victoria. And although it doesn’t effect me personally (I work two days a week), it’s good to know that next week will feel a little shorter.

And something pretty suitable for an extended weekend is some real atmospheric soundscapey indie rock from Melbourne lads Lowlakes.

The guys are set to release a new 4 track EP next week (17th March). Lead single Song For Motion is such a great showcase for what these guys are capable of. And sure, lead singer Tom Snowdon does sound a fair bit like Antony Hegarty…but the voice has such a level of conviction and emotion that, in my eyes, it doesn’t necessarily matter who he reminds you of.

And then there’s the rest of the band as well. For a track like Song For Motion, it’s about the shape and colour. It’s a piece that builds, takes you somewhere, introduces something new. It’s pretty layer heavy, but not too much. It’s not overwhelming.

The rest of the EP does at times get a little more energetic with the almost urgent sounding second track, Catch The Breeze acting as a great step up from the opener. The groove laden Buffalo, also takes it up a notch before petering out into a mumble of trumpet and ride and a nice intro into the final track. The closer Arctic House feels like a pretty good end to the EP. Taking the groove/funk feel of Buffalo, the urgency of Catch The Breeze, and the atmosphere of Song For Motion, it’s perhaps the best indication that the EP isn’t just a great collection of individual songs in their own right, but a really well crafted 18:58 mins of indie rock goodness.

The guys are launching the EP down at Northcote Uniting Church on Saturday night as well. More details here

Lowlakes – Song For Motion by sgcmedia