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Alpha Romeo Artwork Front

So occasionally, I like to profile some of the stuff from Australian’s currently located os. High High‘s were one of those bands. Sink Ships another. And hell, I’d even lump the recently relocated Gang Of Youths into that list too.

Well, now we got MT (or Many Things in longform), now based over in London.

As soon as this started to play, it reminded me of a couple of years back. I think everyone and their dog loved the band that was Yves Klein Blue. The Brissie outfit only had one album, but it was much played and much loved. They had a fucking great knack for a killer pop song.

Well, MT is the work Michael Tomlinson, the lead singer of YKB. The new single, ‘Alpha Romeo’ is a little bit more POP than the YKB work, but man, it still kills. Straight up hooks galore pop here.




Jess Higgs is George Maple. And whilst there’s a chance you might know her by the new name (she featured on Flume‘s track ‘Bring You Down’), you would definitely be familiar with Jess’s voice – she featured on Flight Facilities awesome track of 2011, ‘Foreign Language’.

As a solo George Maple, the sound is still electronic, but does that whole Jamie Lidell soul vibe. It makes for a freaking catchy, warm, and funky sound.

‘Fixed’ is getting a release on April 15 through her own label, Tuluum Records. The single will come with remixes from Moonbase Commander and Maribou State.



This here is a killer summer jam from N’Fa with some help from Roots Manuva and M-Phazes.

Summer anyone??

Stream the track below and it over on N’Fa’s site. And for old times sake, 1200 Techniques’ Karma vid.

N’Fa – Wayooy (Feat. Roots Manuva & M-Phazes)


best looking band in japan

Teenagersintokyo. Spending their time between Sydney and London, this five piece is seriously hot, as in attractive. Hell, even the dude in the band is good looking. They also make some pretty sweet music.

The guys are just about to release their debut album (finally). It’s called Sacrifice…and you can order it via It’s definitely worth a check out me thinks. To get you in the mood…check out some super cool remixes of the track End It Tonight.  German kids We Have Band and new Gossip side project Nightschool. They’re both killer killer remixes.

Teenagersintokyo – End It Tonight (We Have Band Mix)

End It Tonight (Nightschool Disco Hijack Mix)

philly jays head to…

…not Philadelphia. But they are leaving (for London to be precise). And who knows for how long? 😦 If you haven’t seen the Philly Jays in action, make sure you check them out for their final Aussie tour. Should be a good good one. It’s all to promote their latest single “I Don’t Want To Party (Party)”…but I suppose that’s only half of it. The guys are considered as one of Australia’s best live acts, and for a band that have only been around for a short while (first single, Going To The Casino was released mid last year), that’s a pretty good status to hold so early on in the game. So go and check the dudes out for the last final time! Check out the dates below.

Anyway, the new single is already a bit of a live favourite, especially those little “ra ra ra ra ra ra” bits at the end, and the big shouty lyrics. The release of the single is going to feature some extra cool exclusives with a remix of album track Wet Winter Holiday done by Mike FWD, a solo track from Berkfinger called Jimmy At The Whorehouse (little side note: Berkfinger’s releasing a full length solo concept album later on this year, and this is the first cut!), and a new track called Both Kinds Of Music produced by the band’s new drummer Calvin, who apparently is this 56 year old American dude who used to be a session drummer for bands like Earth Wind and Fire!

Anyway, I definitely recommend checking out the fellas before they depart. Or, if you’re in the US or UK, you’ll get to see them from late April/early June. Check out the Aussie dates below, or over at their MySpace for the UK and US dates. They’re bound to sell out. The guys should go gangbusters over in the UK me thinks. World domination for the Philly Jays!!!

Philadelphia Grand Jury – I Don’t Want To Party (Party)

Philadelphia Grand Jury – Wet Winter Holiday (Mike FWD Remix)

We Don’t Want To Party (Party) Australian Tour – April 2010
With special guests: The John Steele Singers
02/04 Sussex Inlet RSL, Sussex Inlet* – or 1300 762 545
03/04 Club Sapphire, Merimbula* – or 1300 762 545
04/04 Tathra Hotel, Tathra* – or 1300 762 545
09/04 Karova Lounge, Ballarat – or 1300 762 545
10/04 East Brunswick Club, Melb – or 03 9388 9794
11/04 East Brunswick Club, Melb – or 03 9388 9794
15/04 Oxford Art Factory, Syd –, Moshtix Outlets, or 1300 GETTIX
16/04 Oxford Art Factory, Syd –, Moshtix Outlets, or 1300 GETTIX
17/04 The Zoo, Bris – or 1300 762 545
22/04 Jive Bar, Radelaide –, Moshtix Outlets, or 1300 GETTIX
23/04 Jive Bar, Radelaide –, Moshtix Outlets, or 1300 GETTIX
24/04 Rosemount Hotel, Perth* –, Moshtix Outlets, or 1300 GET TIX or
* The John Steele Singers not appearing