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Dying to post

I know I know…it’s been absolutely ages. I’m currently super super busy, so that’s why I’m not keeping the posting up. Think I spoke about it a few posts ago, but hey, it’s all good.

Bit of a change for maamf with today’s post. Something super mellow and simply, well, it’s pretty beautiful and shit (i was never good with emotion)

Matt Walters is a Melbourne singer/songwriter putting forward some darn impressive folk indie goodness. The dude is just putting the final touches onto his debut album, which will be available early next year. But in the meantime, you can get set for his new EP, Talking In My Sleep which is out next month. Matt’s doing some shows down here in Melbourne to celebrate – get along if you like what you hear (Check out his MySpace for deets).

The lead single off the Talking In My Sleep EP is I Would Die For You featuring the ever amazing Megan Washington. Grab it down below as well as a completely unrelated track from a completely unrelated band. The Small Knives released two albums in their time. They’re also from Melbourne, and both their albums are two that I keep on going back too. Really well written songs. I got Little Bit off their 2004 album Rain On Tin just below too.

Matt Walters – I Would Die For You (Ft. Washington)

extra: The Small Knives – Little Bit