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We’ve featured Cosmo Black quite a few times, right from the early days when this blog was a little more shit than it is now.

Thank fuck for good music aye…saving this here thing time and time again.

Anyway, Cosmo Black have a newy…sounds very early Miami Horror (definite good thing!). The track is called Let The Cold Air In and features remixes from Emperor Machine and Deja. I’m a little nervous writing this, but I think this will be the track that breaks Cosmo Black. This is the one they’ve got completely right. Not that the other earlier tracks haven’t been good, I just think they’ve arrived with this one!

The remixes are also stellar, so good that we got both streaming down below. Emperor Machine one is a killer! As is Melbourne guys Deja!

Cosmo BlackLet The Cold Air In


Cosmo BlackLet The Cold Air In (Emperor Machine Remix)

Cosmo BlackLet The Cold Air In (Deja Remix)

Make sure you check out Cosmo playing at CAN’T SAY on Oct 7 down at Miss Libertines. There’s also an Adelaide launch date ( Houndstooth @ Rocket Bar on Fri Oct 21) and one for Sydney in the pipeline.