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Some pretty quick nasty stuff for your Tuesday afternoon.

The Faults are a two-piece outta Sydneytown and do some very nice fuzzed out garagey sounding rock’n’roll.

After putting out a self produced self-titled EP last year, the gents have just released a new track, Patients, with the help of Darren Cross of Gerling/The E.L.F and Betty Airs fame. If you’re around Sydney, then make sure you catch the boys launch the new track. Deets after the track.


Patients Single Launch

Friday 16th March, GoodGod small club w/ Betty Airs + Bad Dreems (Adelaide)

Friday 30th March, Gee Wizz @ the Burdekin w/ Tom Ugly + Myth & Tropics



Ok, so to me there’s something kinda nostalgic about the sound Saskwatch put out. That old school funk soul vibe – reminds me of a time when I was once them…well attempting to be. I studied music quite a few years ago (failed drummer) and it’s this kind of stuff that everybody would vibe off. Killer sound, so warm…and yet there’s an element of dirtiness about it.

Anyway, enough of me. Saskwatch are a 9 piece crew from Melbourne town. If you’re a local, you might have caught them at Cherry – they’ve had a 2 year long residency there.

The guys are set to launch their new double A side  7″ single Don’t Wanna Try/Pushin’ Me Away next week. They’re both stellar tracks, but also showcase the different sound these guys get out there. Don’t Wanna Try is a more soul inspired slow jam that seriously kills it – those horn riffs that come in at the intro/chorus and during the bridge nail me. Second track Pushin’ Me Away is a far more funked vibe – almost James Brown style in that intro guitar. And the way that bass line walks up when it changes key – love it. And once again, the horns in the chorus give it such a funky kick. MAN!

The guys are launching the new stuff with two shows at the Workers Club next week (Thurs Nov 24th and Fri Nov 25th). More deets here. Also keep an eye out for their debut album, due out early next year.

Saskwatch – Don’t Wanna Try

Saskwatch – Pushin’ Me Away



so it’s November 2nd and Melbourne has been turning on some pretty crazy weather. It’s been raining a heap…and it’s been in the mid to late teens. I personally don’t mind this kind of weather, but I’m sure there are plenty of others out there that just want summer to come hit!

But yeah, so what’s this got to do with music? Well Wintercoats makes music for this kinda weather. And no, it’s not just the name…that would be a little too convenient aye! It’s some atmospheric, orchestral, textural pop that has the ability to simply wash over you and put you in a bit of a blissed out state.

The fella behind Wintercoats, James Wallace is launching his new EP Sketches at the Workers Club on Friday night. If you’ve heard his earlier Cathedral EP, then you’d know what he’s capable of. Definitely worth the check out! We got two tracks from the EP down below as a bit of a stream. More details of the launch here.

Wintercoats – Blood Prints

Wintercoats – Windmill