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2016-01-01 00.02.27

As I sit writing this post, I remind myself that this has been a long time coming.

As slight changes emerge within my day to day life both with this site, new silly ventures, and PhD and work life, I remind myself that all of this has been a long time coming. As I finish off with Hayden Calnin’s masterpiece of a track ‘Cut Love’, I steady myself. Feet firmly on the floor and the words flowing steadily from my hands, appearing on the screen in front of me.

All of this. Everything leading up to this very point in time.

As I sit with old favourites like Arthur Wimble, LANKS, and Ciggie Witch, I mark out my territory. And as I sit and be floored again by Marcus Whale, Luke Howard, and LUCIANBLOMKAMP, I wipe away those old tears. And then with those new infatuations – Alice Ivy, Isabel, and the almighty Dogood, I slowly fall back into a feeling of warmth and knowing and remind myself.

This has been a long time coming.

For some time now I’ve made it a habit to talk around the music. This was how you write. The story on Catalyst the other night about music being used to elicit memories for people living with dementia as they sit, still in those old people’s homes I became convinced that fuck it. What’s the point. If music can do that then it’s indescribable. You’re always going to do it a disservice.

But then I read those others who also do music writing. Those others who write about the music itself. None of it’s perfect, but that’s the fuckin’ beauty of it. This game is about getting close, slowly scraping away at the surface and finding some through line, no matter how long/short/narrow/wide and having that one person sit back and think, ‘fuck, that’s it. that’s what I hear.’

As I start afresh, I see that I’m here. This is where I was heading.


MAY ’15 MIX.


Oh, you know, tonight I move. For just a couple of days short of 2 years and 5 months I’ve been in Sydney, doing a PhD. I know i know, i’ve banged on about the bloody thing for forever. It has taken a big part of my life, and it’s not over yet. Tonight, I head to Melbourne, land of ‘good’ music and ‘cool’.

Trouble is, the PhD still continues, and so does my involvement. This tape (yeah mate, it’s still maamf, you haven’t just opened up my sticky journal of personal going ons), this May tape that is short, but sweet, is excellent. As always, and again, broken record I know, this is the music that has been the constant in a time of going through ALL of my shit, packing up a house, falling bookshelves and housesitting with other people’s dads.

As the PhD continues on (Melbourne is so I can write, get away and into the thesis), what maamf is will undoubtedly change. Whilst we’re unsure as of yet, there is talk (really amongst myself with the occasional drunk chat with Adam) of pulling maamf back to just the mixtapes. These tapes offer me a chance to escape the work, and to reflect on the month (all pretty wanky right, but m8, we all gotta be in touch with our sensitivities ya know?). Also, letsbehonest yeah? It’s not like there are all that many individual posts going up anyways. We’ll start the tape only thing soon, although we might just start it from today. We’ll still be posting a bit over on the maamf fb, occasionally on the maamf twitter and if you’re keen to follow the Melbourne journey, my own instagram.

So yeah mate, this is the tape that’ll accompany my flight tonight, and the future tapes will be those that accompany other, important times of escape. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. ha jks no time 4 escape wid dis phd.

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2014-12-08 13.48.29-1

oh mate yeah i know.

If this year has been testament to anything, it’s been a bloody testament to how bad I manage my blog/phd/life split. More on that when those end of year lists come at ya tho.

November tape. 23 days into December. The last official Mixtape mixtape of the year (sorry Dec but you just too busy girl).

Fair bit more of the electronic stuff in this one here and, of course, we like to play faves. A LOT. So a few repeat offenders too.


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lanks 2 resized

A few repeat offenders this week hey?

Don’t get all steamed though – it’s not our fault that people who are already demonstrably good at recorded music are continuing to make recorded music. And release it at the start of spring. It’s as though the ice is melting and the new songs are starting to *can’t finish lamest analogy in the history of blog culture*.

Take this Lanks fella. With his string of respectable singles and buzzed shows, and now bam. Way before we were expecting more he’s back with another 223 seconds deserving of your precious ear time.

I can’t help it. I’m just the messenger. Talk to him about the timing.

It is clearly one of his best though. I’ll just say that and leave you to your message.




I think my writing process is pretty much standard for Australian music blog writers, so at the risk of being obvious: here’s an #industryinsight.

Normally I’ll break into one of the nearby abandoned warehouses, where I’ll typically set off a few flares and scratch some maniacal writings on the wall using charcoal and ash. Then it’s just a simple matter of emailing a photo to cost-effective outsourced help, and putting my feet up until the confusing text appears in my inbox. It’s all very 2014, and works well as long as there are enough illegal fires around to keep the charcoal and ash supply strong.

But if I was to pick one small flaw in this ubiquitous industry approach, it’s that delay in getting the text back ready for internetting. I mean, you guys don’t seem to care if I’m like a month later (and notably less informative) than Indie Shuffle, which is odd but also nice. But it all starts to fall over when a guy like Planète drops a series of juicy treats from Melbourne in rapid succession. There’s another track out before I get my rants back on the previous one.

So, breaking the industry norm, I’m typing some of these words straight into a computer in order to feature ‘Snow Sketch‘ while honourably mentioning ‘Visions‘ and also this remix of Lanks’ Green Light. Not sure if he produces at the speed of light or queues it all up to torment/elate me, but we can all reach consensus that he knows his way around ambling the airy and articulate over the deep and round. I know that reads weird but I’m ok with it.

Serving suggestion: queue all 3 and ebb them into your ear holes for the dreamiest 22 mins of your day.

Silo Arts on point again too, just go on and trust em.




eagle and the worm

If there’s one thing that strangers on the street ask me endlessly, it is whether I know of any large-lineup bands still making party songs. If I had a dollar. Whether its dodgy trackpants at the park, or old bitty off to get her hair curled, even some of those hyper-hip guys wearing bogan clothes ironically. Everyone still seems to want lively party playlists, because presumably people are still having parties in 2014. I’m not a sociologist, but I calls them as I sees them.

So all three of my generalised demographics will be glad to read that Eagle and the Worm are back to fill that spot again with a vengeance, via a track called ‘Automatic‘.

This is one of the incestuous musician-sharing projects out of Melbourne that reminds me of the first time this Sydney kid got a taste of that southern scene. Maybe I missed the local nuances at the time; but it felt personal, unhyped and raucous. Plus brass sections didn’t feel so lame, I’d almost admit they started to seem rather exciting.

To me this track captures some of that for keeps. Who cares about words or aloof personas if you’re crammed in a cave with a band in full stride and the place is heaving. If you hear to 1.30 and don’t agree this is a partymaker, we really do go to different parties.

I can imagine that people who sell things (like maybe jeans) will have an ear for this one, so I say beat those execs to it by playing it first at your own shindig this Saturday.

Also seems there’s a tour in a month. Assuming that’s as a 7+ piece or something, could be quite the spectacle.




Before I let Adam begin…what wait? Adam? Who’s Adam? I thought this whole maamf thing was a joke because it’s called Me, And ALL My Friends but yet it’s only just me Miks coz, well, #sadlife?

Nah, I met Adam through a mutual mate (Cheers Max). Adam’s pretty top notch, writes pretty well (better than my attempts), and in general, loves some great local music. If all goes to plan, he’s gonna be a regular for maamf, offering up some slightly more electronic new Australian music. He’s already introduced himself over on the maamf fb, so give him some lovin’ eh?

Let’s talk about simplicity for a minute.  Specifically, let’s talk about how a man from Melbourne with no shortage of ideas can cram such an entrancing moment into barely 3 minutes.

Lots of loop flipping?  Negative.
Many careful synth layers? Nearly none.
Then he must have swamped it in trendy reverb like an audio instagram filter? Hey hey easy with your pointed tone.  Reverb is our friend, and you’re being insta-snarky.  And actually, the answer is not at all.

Please give a warm welcome to the brand new project Lanks, from Farrow’s Will Cuming.  He went and did it with an intriguing song ‘Rises and Falls’, and an earthy vocal telling a good old-fashioned fantasy story.

I’ll admit, I’m not normally one for putting screenplay plot in lyrics – and some parts near my limit for flowery language. But the gentle production and relentless cold beat sets off the warmth in the voice, and the intimacy of the dry voice sets off the otherworldly lyrics. Yes, everything is setting off everything. Thus it manages to balance itself beautifully.

All up it is entrancingly simple, and I genuinely keep hitting play to dig back in.

It’s just out and the soundcloud plays are accelerating already, there’s a free download going on his bandcamp too – I say jump on.