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Doing the rounds for a little while now is KLP’s newy, ‘Decide’. This is a pretty darn exciting jam from the Sydneysider. Receiving a bit of love both on the internets and the radios, it’s all incredibly well-deserved.

I think this is the best thing KLP has put forward. Her earlier stuff was pretty darn good (that Ta-ku produced track ‘Down South’ was a bit of a hit), but this is easily the standout.




So I was really really tempted just to leave this post as one word, that being ‘disco’ and just leave it at that. But then I’d really be failing to highlight just how freaking funky this new Dr Don Don track is. And KLP‘s vocals are tight and do nothing to stop that summery vibe, in fact, if anything, they multiply the funk. and the worst finish to a sentence ever award goes to me.

So, there you go, a few more words about the feel-good track of the summer winter (seriously, how cold is it in Sydney at the moment?!)

You can stream ‘Way To The Sun’, and if you’re keen, head over to Dr Don Don’s soundcloud – the full 4 track EP is streaming over there ahead of the August 30 release date.




So, this is easily one of the better mixtapes I think I’ve put up here. It’s a bit more guitar based this one, with a bit of a lack of anything disco or tech, maybe apart from that KLP track. There’s also a little bit of incestuousness, with a couple of Chapter Music artists getting a bit of a look in. Then there’s soda eaves, the solo project of Jake Core of Hot Palms. And no, it’s not really a suprise that the newy from the Hot Palms fellas has made the tape, with his solo work proving a bit of an entree (albeit completely different in style). There’s also a whole heap of other excellent tracks, the tracks that I didn’t get time to post, but still make the grade.

So yeah, that’s it! You can download it below. Hopefully it’s nice and suave.

DOWNLOAD (RIght Click/Save As)


Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Vapour (Right Click/Save As)

Damn Terran – Lost (Right Click/Save As)

Dumb Blondes – Into The Light

Sagamore – I Had A Dream

sures – Waste

Wolf & Cub – I Need More

Darren Sylvester – Dream Or Something Like That

Pikelet – Pressure Cooker

Avaberee – Running Out (Right Click/Save As)

KLP – Down South (Right Click/Save As)

soda eaves – A Hundred Years To The Day

Hot Palms – Benny And The jets

Bad Dreems – Chills

Holy Holy – Impossible Like You

Going Swimming – Knackers

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – Jackie Boy

Bitch Prefect – Drifting