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Jack R Reilly, what the hell have you done? You go and write two really beaut singer songwriter style songs, showing you can both play guitar and piano and sing.

But then you come and do this. You go and put together a track that not only throws that ‘you and an instrument’ vibe outta the water, but you include a groove, a beat, and a kinda rap.

And you fucking make it work. I think that’s the worst part.

Actually, worst is a pretty strong word. Maybe ‘best’ is better.

This new jam, ‘Swanson’ is this introspective trip-hop inspired dawdle, that is so much more than a dawdle. It’s a dawdle that still manages to take shape, to actually resemble a song. And a good one at that.

Actually, maybe ‘excellent’ is better.



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Goddamit Jack R Reilly. Two songs in, and you’re nailing it with some real heart-on-the-sleeve singer songwriter pop music.

Jack‘s first song, ‘It’s Too Late I’m Awake Already’ opened up the August mixtape, and has since gone on to be a pretty played track, both in my iTunes library and on the airwaves.

The new one ‘Cold Reminders’ sees the ivory replaced by the acoustic. It’s a lot more sing-along and a little less somber sounding than ‘It’s Too Late…’. There’s a warmth to this one, and although it’s still ultimately about jealousy and pain, those real heart-aching ideas are answered with the refrain ‘And the pain is really great for making art‘, almost making everything a little bit worthwhile.

Head along to Jack’s bandcamp¬†and grab yourself a copy of the track. It’s taken off his debut album¬†Middle Everything which’ll hopefully get a release soon.