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Can’t really wait for the new Van She album. Gonna be pretty killer I reckon, and a bit of a departure from their indie pop stylings of a few years ago. New track, ‘Jamaica’ is a tropical jam, that on a cold Melbourne day – it is seriously about 10 degrees outside – makes me want to raise the body heat.

Album drops on July 6 locally – I’ve pre-ordered my copy. ┬áThe guys are also heading out on tour – deets here.

Van She – Jamaica by modularpeople


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Jamaica. Nope, not the country, but the band. These guys use to go under the name Poney Poney who did alright for a bit (When Do You Wanna Stop Working was a bit of a fave for a bit). What’s better is that they’re not even from Jamaica…they reside in Paris.

They’re back though with a bit more of a summery sound (those guitars remind me of summer…). Still awesome pop songs though…a bit more indie than electro…

Anyway, they’ve got their debut single I Think I Like U 2, and they’re putting it out there as a bit of a teaser for the album due out in August. Band to watch for 2010 much?? I reckon so.

Also check out there super cool video for I Think I Like U 2 over at vimeo.

Jamaica – I Think I Like U 2