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Gosh darn it. I’ve written plenty of times about I, A Man in the past. And I think I’ll probably continue to write about them in the future.

In every track this band produces there is this real warmth, one that tends to get its way under your skin and manifest in that little tingly sensation you get when something just sounds so right.

The band’s new single ‘In Time’ continues that trend. Perhaps a little more understated than their last single ‘Less Travelled‘, it has these wonderful continuous guitar lines that seem to just go on and on but still fit, and that colour and light and shade that so many bands try to do but only very few actually pull off.

‘In Time’ is taken off the bands’ debut album Gravity Wins Again due out on Feb 7. If you’re keen, and also down in Melbourne, then the boys are launching the new single on Feb 8 at the Luscombe Street Community Gardens in Brunswick alongside Flyying Colours and Sunbeam Sound Machine. Details here.