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Gosh darn it. I’ve written plenty of times about I, A Man in the past. And I think I’ll probably continue to write about them in the future.

In every track this band produces there is this real warmth, one that tends to get its way under your skin and manifest in that little tingly sensation you get when something just sounds so right.

The band’s new single ‘In Time’ continues that trend. Perhaps a little more understated than their last single ‘Less Travelled‘, it has these wonderful continuous guitar lines that seem to just go on and on but still fit, and that colour and light and shade that so many bands try to do but only very few actually pull off.

‘In Time’ is taken off the bands’ debut album Gravity Wins Again due out on Feb 7. If you’re keen, and also down in Melbourne, then the boys are launching the new single on Feb 8 at the Luscombe Street Community Gardens in Brunswick alongside Flyying Colours and Sunbeam Sound Machine. Details here.




Pretty excited to hear new stuff from these fellas. I, a Man had a pretty big 2011 and 2012 with a couple of great EPs.

The new track, ‘Less Travelled’ comes from the bands debut full length, due out later on this year from what I can gather. Still maintaining that rollicking warm feel that these guys have become known for, the newy showcases, for my ears, a more focussed vocal take, a little more restrained than previous tracks. If this is any kind of indication for the album, then it may well turn out to be one of the stronger local releases of the year.



On Saturday night I saw Love Migrate support the excellent I, A Man. I, A Man were really great, but easily, for me, it was Love Migrate that stole the show.

Having followed them since they started out as Goodnight Owl with their folk-electronica, these guys have changed so much over the past couple of years. First off, expanding out to a six piece has obviously changed their sound somewhat. There’s also this broader more encompassing feeling. As Goodnight Owl, not only were Eddie’s vocals kind of delicate sounding, but the whole band was. Now there’s this really strong overall sound that compliments Eddie’s quivering, but still strong vocals.

New single, ‘Making This Hard’ is so good. I remember this being a stand out on Saturday night, and it still nails it on record. There’s times where it feels as though it’s getting slightly out of hand, but then it’s all pulled back together with the chorus. Such a well written track.

You can stream it below…and if you dig, it’s up on iTunes. The best way to hear them is live though – they’re playing August 30 at the Toff in Town (Buy your tix here!).



Keepin’ the tradition going, another best of mix. I is definitely no expert on mixing, so apologies if you reckon the full thing sounds a bit naff.

That said, have decided to include two of the tracks as free downloads for you kats too.

Hope you dig and there may well be another of these in about four to five weeks time!



Snakadaktal – Carnival (Lobster Monster)

Bloods – All The Things You Say Are Wrong

I, A Man – Haight Ashbury

Clubfeet – BrightLightsBigCity (All Dom Wrong Remix)

Panama – Magic (Midnight Magic Remix)

Swimwear – Nowhere to Run

Lancelot – We Can Dance (Fabian Remix)

Remi – Ape. (Prod. by J Smith Dutch.)

Pond – Moth Wings

Bleeding Knees Club – Nothing To Do



Ok. These guys are supporting Love Migrate when they launch their newy Little Kid next week at The Toff.

I, A Man do some really quite lovely indie pop. It has that warm quality that seems to be pretty rare in the local scene, and I like very very much. They have three tracks all up on their Unearthed profile…two of which have been added to the JJJ playlist. If you listen to the JJJ’s, you would have heard Sometimes. It’s an amazing song, that builds and changes and has that 3/4 groove that you feel should be urgent, but it’s not. It just sits there and forms a really great framework for a killer pop song. And when that chorus kicks in, I actually find myself swooning. Yep.

I, A Man – Sometimes