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MAY ’15 MIX.


Oh, you know, tonight I move. For just a couple of days short of 2 years and 5 months I’ve been in Sydney, doing a PhD. I know i know, i’ve banged on about the bloody thing for forever. It has taken a big part of my life, and it’s not over yet. Tonight, I head to Melbourne, land of ‘good’ music and ‘cool’.

Trouble is, the PhD still continues, and so does my involvement. This tape (yeah mate, it’s still maamf, you haven’t just opened up my sticky journal of personal going ons), this May tape that is short, but sweet, is excellent. As always, and again, broken record I know, this is the music that has been the constant in a time of going through ALL of my shit, packing up a house, falling bookshelves and housesitting with other people’s dads.

As the PhD continues on (Melbourne is so I can write, get away and into the thesis), what maamf is will undoubtedly change. Whilst we’re unsure as of yet, there is talk (really amongst myself with the occasional drunk chat with Adam) of pulling maamf back to just the mixtapes. These tapes offer me a chance to escape the work, and to reflect on the month (all pretty wanky right, but m8, we all gotta be in touch with our sensitivities ya know?). Also, letsbehonest yeah? It’s not like there are all that many individual posts going up anyways. We’ll start the tape only thing soon, although we might just start it from today. We’ll still be posting a bit over on the maamf fb, occasionally on the maamf twitter and if you’re keen to follow the Melbourne journey, my own instagram.

So yeah mate, this is the tape that’ll accompany my flight tonight, and the future tapes will be those that accompany other, important times of escape. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. ha jks no time 4 escape wid dis phd.

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Some almost dirty sounding grooves for your Friday morning.

Howl At The Moon are from Melbourne town and play some pretty exciting rock ‘n’ roll. The guys are set to launch two singles from their debut full length on Friday 4th November at The Old Bar in Fitzroy.

First single, Let The Mainsheet Down, My Love has an almost sludgy sounding verse. It sits and feels like it almost gets stuck in itself. Then that chorus kicks in, and the vocals lift it out. It’s actually quite a sweet track!

Second track, Sword-Fighting changes pace a little – cleaner sounding. This one’s a little more rollicking, kicks along a bit more – and that middle section, lifts it somewhere else.

We got both as a stream below and, if you like them, make sure you download them from their bandcamp page.

Howl at the Moon – Let the Mainsheet Down, My Love

Howl at the Moon – Sword-Fighting