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So last year, we wrote about a new Melbourne based singer-songwriter. His name was Matt Walters and the track we posted was called I Would Die For You and it featured the ever good Megan Washington. To say that song went absolutely gangbusters is a massive understatement. It was one of the most popular posts from last year, and the track reached the top 5 on the Hype Machine.

It was, simply, an amazing, well written song, full of brush work and sweet acoustic guitar, Matt’s almost haunted voice and Washington’s Aussie tinged vocal magic (sounds wanky, but true.)

Matt has his debut album ‘Farewell Youth’ coming out mid year, and to help set you up for it all, we got the first single from it just below. The album has been produced by Francois Tetaz who’s also worked with a few maamf faves – Gotye, Sally Seltmann, Bertie Blackman.

Anyway, the new single is called Horses, and it’s in the same vein as …Die For You. Mr Walters seems to have a thing for female bv’s. Horses features Kim Richey who’s done work with alt-country king Ryan Adams.

Enjoy this one. Reckon he could do alright this year!

Matt Walters – Horses

massive wall of sound…oh, and my ears are still ringing.

Decoder Ring

ok. Last night I went to go and see Decoder Ring with my mate Hughie. I don’t know any of their new material, except for Beat The Twighlight. Hughie on the other hand new it all. But yeah, man, they are bloody great live. Bloody loud too. But it has to be that loud in order for you to get the full effect. So yeah, I thought i’d post two of their tracks.

Both of the tracks work really well with videos of horses running in fields. Part of Decoder Ring’s stage show is quite visual. Since much of what they do is sorta soundscape-ish, the visuals just ad that extra dimension. And they had a few vids of horses running wild. So, please play their tracks with the followubg vid! Oh, but remember to mute it…I think it’s got Kelly Clarkson playing :s It was the only vid I could find!!

If my mate Hughie can get his arse into gear, there might be a proper review of the gig coming up soon. I wouldn’t could on it though!

Decoder Ring – Beat The Twilight

Decoder Ring – Escape Pod

Check ’em out on MySpace, iTunes

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.