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Zig Zag 4

Lostkeyz is an 18 year old Sydney MC. On the back end of immersing myself in the work of Flip The Script, it’s real cool to see new young MC’s embrace that more lowkey 90s sounding vibe. Also like the Flip The Script dudes, Lostkeyz has a real natural sense of flow and tone – his voice itself is real direct and personal.

‘Lagging On’ is his latest, a short rumination on keeping a sense of self through change. The production mimics the title, with that drum groove just sitting as far back as possible.

Lostkeyz has the game to back this all up too coming off some top support slots for Daily Meds as well as a killer single ‘Do What You Love‘.

Keen to hear some more stuff from this guy.




Yeah mate, seems everyone and their dog are doing the nu-hiphop vibe lately. With big wigs like Remy doing solid things and Milwaukee Banks  and Baro perhaps being at the top of it, it’s the thing to do. And just like the ‘Australian sound’ EDM thing that happened a while ago, it’s becoming harder for the top kids to raise their heads up above the rest.

Flip The Script feel as though they’re doing things a bit differently. Young dudes, both sing and rap. Both have a pretty cool unique tone in their voice and their flow is undeniable. And to top it off, production is all 90s jazzy vibe. And it kills.

Latest single ‘Acting Profound’ below, and if you dig, download their tape crewsin’ over here.

Sick clip too!




New hip-hop vibes from Melbourne based collective ESESE.

The Eastern Seaboard Electric Sound Experience (fuckin’ rad name aye?) do them rap vibes, sing, make tracks and film. The first official release from ESESE as a collective comes courtesy of Hudson James Jr and features ace dude Hancoq on the vox. It’s called ‘AINTNO’.

As the local hip-hop game begins to ditch it’s aggressive in-your-face Australian vibe, it’s great to still see some of that bravado and forwardness but presented in a warmer sounding context. And sure, one day, that constant embracement of the jazzier 90s side of hip-hop will get old, but for now, when the production is this top-notch, it still represents something fresh in the Australian hip-hop game. Definitely keen to hear what more ESESE bring.



Screenshot 2014-06-05 15.40.54

Man, this song is one of my faves of the year so far. The production nails it – HAMLEY, you sir are doing some freakin’ ace things. And the vocal…man. This flows so beuatifully – the way Blaq Carrie manages to carry her vocal – there’s so much energy in there without sounding manic and over the top and crazy and all the other things that make you feel all jittery and stuff. It’s also her take on the Australian music industry, and cutting a break in the local hip-hop world that seems to also ring true. Full props to her for owning that.

And the clip sits really well with all of this.

I bet you this track will still be in your head in a couple of hours. It’s got a way like that.




Pretty ace clip to chill your Sunday afternoon with. Remi is a Melbourne MC. sort of nailing that 90s hip-hop throw back style. He’s been a bit of a fave over at our sister site mismatch too.

His latest track ‘Saggin” is taken off Remi‘s latest mixtape, F.Y.G ACT:1 which is up for free download over on his bandcamp.



Absolutely killer clip for Hermitude‘s track ‘The Villian’. Taken off their amazing album of this year Hyperparadise. Some crazy thief&security style dance moves!


The dudes are doing a mini run of dates Jan/Feb of next year too. Make sure you check ’em out. Details here.



So, it’s no secret that Ry is a small bit of a fave for me. I’ve posted about him and his stellar releases quite a few times before.

He just released his first proper original full length (with beats from both C1 and Soul Marauder). Wall Street is the next step up for Ry – there’s moments where he blows you outta the park with his flow – the quick lines in ‘NY Times’ and ‘Watch Me Rise’ stopped me in my tracks. Each track holds it’s own place, with earlier track ‘Won’t Be Long’ sitting really well alongside the aforementioned ‘NY Times’ and lead track ‘Holograms’. Then there’s some awesome features from Allday, as well as a rather ace one from Shadow Kitsuné.

It’d be a party disc if I ever heard one!

I got my faves below. You can download the full thing for free over on Ry‘s site –



38 bars of killer rhyme over a beat by one of the best producers out at the moment. It be a win win.

Ry and C1 collab on Flu Game. Featuring Allday in the clip. Man, things for these boys are going from strength to strength.



Ok, so if you’re all over both Triple J and Triple J Unearthed, then most likely you would have heard a track off Allday and C1‘s EP ‘Skateboard Soiree’. Another local hiphop kid, Ry put me onto this…and it is what everybody suggests, something out of left field that melds a bit of humour with some really killer beats and rhymes.

This deserves to be pretty big. We got three tracks from the EP just below…and if you dig, you can download the whole thing for free from here.

Allday x C1 – The City

Allday x C1 – So Good

Allday x C1 – My World (feat. Luke Gray)



ok. Ry‘s a bit of a repeat offender on maamf. Whilst we don’t usually post hip hop stuff…sometimes a dude will just nail something so well that you gotta post it.

Still doing the classic mixtape stuff, this new EP (or mini album if you like) is actually based around the soundtrack to the movie Drive which came out last year. This is a dude who is pushing it, seriously doing something that not many others are.

And you know the best thing about this? It fucking works. It kills. All the tracks bring their sound/story, but are all about an inner drive…something that Ry has HEAPS of. You can stream my fave cuts below…but definitely check out the full thing over on Ry’s bandcamp.




This here is a killer summer jam from N’Fa with some help from Roots Manuva and M-Phazes.

Summer anyone??

Stream the track below and it over on N’Fa’s site. And for old times sake, 1200 Techniques’ Karma vid.

N’Fa – Wayooy (Feat. Roots Manuva & M-Phazes)



ok, so the latest joint in Ry‘s LIFE IS GRANDE series is a bit of a killer. Entitled Duffle’s & Jordan’s it’s a hipster hip hop kids wet dream. Ry’s sense of flow and style seems to have evolved somewhat which is always great. The new jam features Peezo Bixby and it’s all done over the naiiice beat that is Mobb Deep’s The Realest.

So yeah, you can stream the track below, download it from Ry’s Bandcamp and, if you dig, check out the other tracks in the Life Is Grande series.

Ry – Duffle’s & Jordan’s (Feat. Peezo Bixby)



Melbourne Hip Hop royalty fella and international goto man, M-Phazes has remixed Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra). Apparently he wasn’t going to touch this, but then he heard all the remixes out there already, realised they suck, so he had a shot.



Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (feat Kimbra) (M-Phazes Remix)


The fourth mixtape in a year, Ry dropped The Wonderkid late last year. We’ve spoken a bit about him on maamf, and rightly so. The guy puts out the goods each time,  and The Wonderkid is no exception.

The new tape sounds more accomplished than the first three, and the production seems to take a bit of a different turn, but in a good way.

Anyways,  make sure you head over to Ry’s page and download the full thing.

To tempt you though, two tracks from the tape.

The first is Right Now (Chillin’), which we posted about a little while ago.

Ry – Right Now (Chillin’)

The second track doesn’t actually feature Ry. It’s a guest track featuring an MC from Brisbane called Tenda McFly. Really hoping all of it is original, because it’s darn good. Also features the sweet Willy Wonka sample.

Ry – Pure Imagination (Feat. Tenda McFly)


Good name for a band aye?

Sugarcraft are Beth from The Little Stevies and one of the Bens from The Megahorns, two local Melbourne bands.

They produce this really nice soul hip-hop kinda stuff with some freakin nice, super warm grooves.

Not sure what’s happening with these guys, and it was purely by chance I stumbled upon their Facebook page, but it’s good to see a bit of a love-in between two local acts. We’ve spoken about The Little Stevies before, and they’re all sorts of good with their indie folk. On the other hand though however, I think the only time I’ve seen The Megahorns play was when they were just starting out a fair few years ago and they use to play/busk on the streets of Melbourne.

Anyway, you can check out their track Feeling featuring another Melbourne dude Ray Mann. Also, if you like, jump along to their Unearthed profile and grab some more of their stuff.

Sugarcraft – Feeling (Ft Ray Mann)

Ry – Right Now (Chillin’)

A little while ago we posted a track by a fella called Ryan Egan. He’s a Melbourne based MC who has put out three pretty decent mixtapes to date.

Now known simply as Ry, he’s got a new release coming out next week called The Wonderkid, and just below, we got the first single from it. It’s called Right Now (Chillin’) and it’s this smooth number that’ll have you singing that chorus back for ages. I really like this guy’s flow – he seems more comfortable with the Aussie accent on this track too. And then there’s the beat. Produced by, I assume, a local dude called HeapRize, it is smooth as hell.

Anyway, check out the vid just below and stay tuned for the new release next week.

Ry – Right Now (Chillin’)

Also, we got his little version of Devil In A New Dress off that crazy good new Kanye LP, retitled Good Lord (Devil In A New Dress)

Ry x Kanye West – Good Lord (Devil in a New Dress)


ok, so a super quick post about a local kid, Ryan Egan. He’s a pretty talented MC from Melbournetown (lovin my local stuff!).

He’s got three mixtapes out, all released within the past year. To say the dude works hard is an understatement. Awesome flow and his delivery, to me, and i’m definitely no expert on hip hop, seems really honest. Don’t know what it is, but there’s a decent level of honesty and fun that comes through in his mixtapes. Definite recommend.

Check out his blog also, pretty sweet. You can find all his Mixtapes from there.

But first, check out his track Awesome taken from his most recent tape called Tapes, Decks & Paycheques 2.

Ryan Egan – Awesome

New Music First #3

ok. So I have been listening to a few pretty cool tracks lately. A lot of them are thanks to Launchpad Uplate on Nova here in Melbourne (I think this show is national too though. Something like 10-1130 Monday to Thursday nights). Others are thanks to HypeMachine. Gotta love it. Anyway, here’s my list.

  • Coin Laundry – Lisa Mitchell (This is fresh – downloaded this morning. I’m not sure about it yet. I like it, but I think it’s gonna have to get a few more listens till I make up my mind)
  • Your Call – Hermitude Feat. Urthboy and Alana Stone (I know I put this up last time, but it is still on high rotation. The beginning of the track is damn sweet and the little “I get confused making my mind up. Are you the fuse that could light me up” line in the middle is too darn catchy.)
  • The Lighthouse Song – Josh Pyke (Finally decided I needed this album and I’ll finish downloading it when I get home tonight. This track is pretty good too!!)
  • Pool Party 2009 – Shazam (New up and comer DJ/Remixer guy from Perth. Pretty disposable but still, is a sweet tune.)
  • You’ve Got A Lot Of Nerve – Red Riders (Heard this on Launchpad last night. Great track.)
  • I’m Not Alone – Calvin Harris (Sounds different to his other stuff which I like. Somebody said it had more of an underground/indie disco sound. I think parts of it do, but the rest is just his trademark commercial dance/trance kinda stuff._
  • Always Like This – Bombay Bicycle Club (Heard this on Hype Machine Radio this morning (you can check out Hype Machine Radio here – they do a weekly podcast and basically just put together the most popular tracks of the week.)
  • Shooting Stars – Bag Raiders (my mention of bag raiders in the Bonnie Prince post, was because it was about the only other thing I was listening to at the time. And, they haven’t left the iPod)
  • Lion (Bag Raiders Remix) – ZZZ (ZZZ did a remix of Bag Raiders’ track Fun Punch a while ago and made it into a crazy psychotic piano driven track. Listen to it. It will make you nuts! This track is really good though – Bag Raiders returning the favour.)

Short list this time around. Still, there is some good stuff there. Any suggestion about tracks I should check out? Post a comment and let me know!

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.