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2016-01-01 00.02.27

As I sit writing this post, I remind myself that this has been a long time coming.

As slight changes emerge within my day to day life both with this site, new silly ventures, and PhD and work life, I remind myself that all of this has been a long time coming. As I finish off with Hayden Calnin’s masterpiece of a track ‘Cut Love’, I steady myself. Feet firmly on the floor and the words flowing steadily from my hands, appearing on the screen in front of me.

All of this. Everything leading up to this very point in time.

As I sit with old favourites like Arthur Wimble, LANKS, and Ciggie Witch, I mark out my territory. And as I sit and be floored again by Marcus Whale, Luke Howard, and LUCIANBLOMKAMP, I wipe away those old tears. And then with those new infatuations – Alice Ivy, Isabel, and the almighty Dogood, I slowly fall back into a feeling of warmth and knowing and remind myself.

This has been a long time coming.

For some time now I’ve made it a habit to talk around the music. This was how you write. The story on Catalyst the other night about music being used to elicit memories for people living with dementia as they sit, still in those old people’s homes I became convinced that fuck it. What’s the point. If music can do that then it’s indescribable. You’re always going to do it a disservice.

But then I read those others who also do music writing. Those others who write about the music itself. None of it’s perfect, but that’s the fuckin’ beauty of it. This game is about getting close, slowly scraping away at the surface and finding some through line, no matter how long/short/narrow/wide and having that one person sit back and think, ‘fuck, that’s it. that’s what I hear.’

As I start afresh, I see that I’m here. This is where I was heading.




Eliza Hull has been kicking around for a while. Her work has never really grabbed me in the past I must say. It’s always been strong electronic infused pop music, but maybe I just wasn’t listening properly.

Coz then this happened.

There is this beautiful restraint in ‘Echoes’. Eliza’s voice has a big early Sia vibe (think Zero7 era). There’s a confident sadness somewhere in there. Produced by the legend that is Hayden Calnin, it’s simply a great bit of production and songwriting.

‘Echoes’ is off Eliza’s second EP, due out for release in July. Looking forward to it!



Jan Mixtape Cover

A couple of days late, but the move up to Sydneytown and the getting back into uni has taken over! But, of course, still looking for every excuse to post on maamf!

These are the tracks that got me through January, a pretty massive month for me. So to those bands/artists below, thanks heaps!

As per usual, you can stream and download the full mix, and of course, there are a few of the tracks up for download too.

It’s a massive list (15 tracks) for a pretty massive month!

DOWNLOAD (Right Click/Save As)


1. Dick Diver – Water Damage

2. Matt Walters – To Die Young

3. friendships – Did u Eva ft Betty Elms

4. Wil Wagner – Laika

5. Ciggie Witch – Back Aches

6. Bree De Rome – Alright

7. Ross de Chene Hurricanes – The Jailbird

8. Food Court – Not Enough

9. Halcyon Drive – Come On, Exist

10. Disks – The Line

11. Georgia Potter – XO (Elizabeth Rose Remix)

12. Cade – Familiar Face

13. Du Tonc – Darkness

14. Tully On Tully – Stay Feat. Hayden Calnin (DEJA Remix)

15. Abelard – Teenage Movie- Ending Credits



ok. So I actually caught this guy just over a year ago support the now name-changed Goodnight Owl. Only catching a track or two, I was impressed, but kinda forgot about him.

Then Love Migrate (the new Goodnight Owl), posted a link to Hayden Calnin’s Unearthed profile. So, i checked him out. And downloaded the two tracks on his profile. And yes. This guy is really really impressive.

Reminds me a bit of Goodnight Owl in it’s folky sound – his voice reminds me of Eddie’s from those guys/Love Migrate. There’s also a real feel of Oscar + Martin to him. And man, that is always a good thing (on a side note, the Oscar + Martin album is still looking to take album of the year for me. so good!)

Anyway, below are two tracks, Winter and Summer taken from his soon to be released City EP. Check it!

Hayden Calnin – Winter

Hayden Calnin – Summer




on the chase

so, usually we tend to post film clips on wednesday as part of our clipnesday series. But this is an exception. It’s still a film clip…but it’s from one of my favourite bands and I don’t know if I can last until next Wednesday to post it!

It is of course Goodnight Owl. It’s their first official clip for anything they’ve done…and by geez they’ve done it good.

The track is Maps & Compasses. It was one of maamf’s faves from last year too. And now the clip!

The clip has been directed by Hayden Calnin and the concept was devised by lead singer Eddie Alexander. It’s a little nuts. Eddie get’s chased and chased and chased. It’s as if the other dudes in the band want more or a role in the band or somethin…

It’s a really nice looking clip too. T’was shot down on the Mornington Peninsula down here in Victoria. If you haven’t been down that way, it’s kinda beautiful. It’s where Where The Wild Things Are was shot too.

If you wanna check out the guys live and you’re down here in Melbourne, then head to The Workers Club down in Fitzroy on Sat July 31st. They’re gonna be launching  the clip with some help from Sleep Decade who are also launching a vid and the director, Hayden Calnin.

Anyway, here’s the clip kids. Enjoy!