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Yep, so think of it what you will, but this thing always manages to end up being a pretty massive day as well as creating a bit of controversy. Be it not having any females…to Angus & Julia Stone winning with a song about a big fucking plane. Shannon Noll sang about a big car…didn’t see him winning anything! (JOKES!)

Because maamf hasn’t done a best tracks of 2011 list (it is simply too hard and I think the ‘art’ of making a good album is more interesting), I thought I should post up what tracks I voted for in this years Hottest100. These are in no order…but hopefully they reflect my diverse taste which I try to put across on this here blog. If you still havent voted, then it all closes TOMORROW NIGHT! That’s Monday 16th Jan Midnight AEST. You can do so here. I do warn you though, it takes some time!

Without further ado:

Snakadaktal – Air

Oscar + Martin – Do The Right Thing

Step-Panther – My Neck

Battles – Ice Cream (Feat. Matias Aguayo)

Twerps – Dreamin

Architecture In Helsinki – Contact High

Gotye – Somebody That I Used to Know (feat. Kimbra)

M83 – Midnight City

Loon Lake – Bad to Me

Love Migrate – Little Kid


The 10 Best Albums of 2011

wowz. This has been so amazingly difficult. It’s been a year of evolution in regards to my music taste – a year when maamf featured perhaps more local stuff than ever before, and a year when the local scene in general was pretty freaking strong. It’s also been a year where my taste has gotten even broader…I don’t know how, but it has.

Attempting to dwindle this down to 10 was so hard. Others aren’t doing a top 10, but are instead doing a top 50. That be cray cray is you ask me.

I’m also too lazy.

So, like other years, a bit of an honourable mention section. The peeps that so nearly made the top 10 were:

Big Scary – Vacation, Feist – Metals, M83 – Hurry Up We’re Dreaming, Seekae +DOME, Toro Y Moi – Underneath The Pine, Total Control – Henge Beat.

There were also a whole heap of albums that made a super long list of about 48 albums or so – you can check out those on our facebook.

Anyway, from 1-10, these are my fave albums of 2011. Complete with a stream of a track from each. If you dig, you should get them out again. If you don’t have ’em, grab ’em!

1. Twerps – Twerps

From that opening riff, you know that this is going to be an amazing album. I guess time will tell, but to me, this album is already an Australian classic. Sounds super wanky, but it sounds Australian – I think it’s those big sweeping guitars and the strong bass lines. And it’s the fact that it straddles that line between sounding big and grand but still sounds like it’s just a few mates messing around.

Twerps – Who Are You

2. Adalita – Adalita

An album pretty heavy with emotion is Adalita’s debut. Dean Turner, bass player with Adalita’s old band Magic Dirt helped in the production of some of this album before he passed away two years ago. The album itself sounds quite restrained and considered – Adalita super strong vocals doubled up with a solo guitar full of distortion is almost haunting.

Adalita – The Repairer

3. Oscar + Martin – For You

This was so close for my album of the year. The thing I love the most about this disc is the beats. And the vocals. And that pretty Melbourne sounding floor tom. And the 90’s r’nb influence. But nah, yeah, it really is the grooves that get me on this.

Oscar + Martin – Do The Right Thing

4. Gotye – Making Mirrors

It would be stupid of me if I didn’t include this on the list. People are calling this album of the year, and you can see why. The amazing production on this album will ensure it has it’s place as a bit of an Aussie classic. Wally is an incredible musician and such an amazingly great songwriter. There isn’t a bad song on this disc.

Gotye – State of the Art

5. The Middle East – I Want That You Are Always Happy

Perhaps one of the most anticipated local releases of the year, this, as an album, is a bit of a work of art. The shear emotion that builds right across the disc is moving. Sure there are the sometimes out there lyrics (jesus you’re a fire in my foreskin everyday – Merry Christmas everyone!), but yeah, all together, it’s an album that evokes such clear imagery – and I don’t necessarily mean the lyrics. These guys definitely went out on a high note.

The Middle East – Ninth Avenue Reverie

6. Cut Copy – Zonoscope

When this album finally dropped I was initially a bit disappointed. It’s definitely no In Ghost Colours, but after a few more listens, it’s actually a pretty solid release. There are definitely some great tracks on here and I really like the way it all somehow melds together. It’s no secret that I absolutely love these gents!

Cut Copy – Pharaohs & Pyramids

7. Oh Mercy – Great Barrier Grief

Yeah, so bad puns aside, I really like the work of Alexander Gow. I think their first album was a bit of a sleeper hit – flew under the radar a bit. This disc definitely has had a lot more promo, but i think there’s a real sound that comes through on this record. hearing interviews with Gow, he’s quite romantic about the idea of Australia and the shear vastness of land in this country. I think the record has captured that pretty nicely.

Oh Mercy – Doldrums

8. Single Twin – Marcus Teague

To me, this was an album that I gave one listen and then it gathered dust, well, it gathered digital dust. There were one or two tracks on there that I knew were great, well crafted pop songs, but man, I’m so glad I went back. All the tracks on this album are so well crafted. But easily, I think the thing that makes this go from a good album to a great album is the bed of noise that sits beneath each track – the samples, the slight distortion. They sound quite separate, but they seem to compliment each other really well.

Single Twin – The Blow (Fell Out The Window)

9. Step-Panther – Step-Panther

This is a disc that holds one of my fave tracks of the year. My Neck is such a killer, sweet, smack in your face packet of slacker-kid goodness. But then, so is the album. I never really expected this disc to be near the top for me, but after giving it a few listens, man, it’s just a heap of fun.

Step-Panther – Rock And Roll Alien

10. Yuck – Yuck

This is seriously one of the albums that gives me tingles. Warm lovely nostalgic tingles. English peeps Yuck, do fuzzed out indie pop goodness – sure, some of the stuff sounds the same, and it is massively tinged with 90’s fuzz stuff like Dinosaur Jnr, but the sounds that they do produce, to me, are some of the best.

Yuck – Georgia


Melbourne Hip Hop royalty fella and international goto man, M-Phazes has remixed Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra). Apparently he wasn’t going to touch this, but then he heard all the remixes out there already, realised they suck, so he had a shot.



Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (feat Kimbra) (M-Phazes Remix)


wowz. Two of my fave acts combining for a super tune! Faux Pas (or Tim Shiel) and Gotye.

First off, Gotye’s album is amazeballs. The man is quite simply a genius. There’s no two ways about that.

Second, Faux Pas is equally genius in his approach. Tim actually plays in Gotye’s live band, so the two have something in common. This remix is an official one, and it kills. Especially that beginning. Completely taking you by surprise. And the use of that silence reminds me heaps of the original, silence is definitely something Gotye uses so bloody well in his music.

Other than that crazy opening, the track is a little nuts, full of vocal cut ups and riffs going off left right and centre. To say this is good…well…that be understatement!

Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra) (Faux Pas remix)



8tracks JULY MIX

Welcome to the latest installment of our monthly best of mixes. We been a bit slack for sure, but hopefully the incredible tunes of July will make that all better.

We’re also making a few of the tracks available for download this month, hopefully upping the love!

Anyway, without any more crap, here it is.

Gold Fields – The Woods

Washed Out – A Dedication

Batrider – Sweaty Magee

Gotye – Somebody That I Use To Know (feat. Kimbra)

Single Twin – My Silken Tooth

Brous – Streamers

M83 – Midnight City

Winter Street – A Little More

Make sure you check out the full mix over here!




Super quick post because I think the track does all the talking….ok, well except for that bit I just wrote…and the bit i’m about to write.


Gotye – Somebody That I Used to Know (feat. Kimbra)

was it silverchair?

ok, so the title of this post is a bit of a long shot, but if you ever heard an old radio show called Get This (was on *whispers* triple m), then you might get this reference. Brian Nankervis from Rockwiz was in and they were having a comp where people called up and had to answer questions. It was a bit after the dude meant to be featured in this post, Gotye won an ARIA award for best male.

Brian asked a caller (an inebriated fellow called Phillip) the question: “What is the ARIA award winning Gotye’s real name?”

Phillip: “What is the ARIA good year?”

Brian: “No, No. The guy who won an ARIA the other night, Gotye, what is his real name?”

Phillip: “The guy that won an ARIA the other night was his real name?”

Tony (host of Get This): “Yes”.

Phillip: “Was it silverchair?”

Ed (other host): “I’m going to accept that, I’m going to accept that. That’s fair enough”

*Hilarity ensues*

For those who remember Get This, you can still get all the podcasts of the show on iTunes. Grab them here.

Anyway, whenever I think of Gotye, I always think of that skit. You probably have to listen to it for it to be funny.

Anywho…now that that’s out of the way, let’s get onto Gotye.

So, as Phillip couldn’t answer, Gotye’s real name is Wally de Backer. He’s been around for a while and had an absolutely massive album a few years back called Like Drawing Blood. He’s back…finally! His new single is called Eyes Wide Open and it’s kicking. Rollicks along like no tomorrow. Interesting to see how he goes live actually – from what I’ve read he sometimes does a one man show, behind a drum kit with samples etc galore. Will be able to check it out at Laneway next year…he’s on the bill!

Anyway, enough of what is probably the longest post in a while. Here’s the track!

Gotye – Eyes Wide Open (Free download via bandcamp)