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San Mei has been a bit of a repeat offender over here on maamf. We wrote about ‘Wars’, her second single a little while ago, but now we got the clip. Granted, this has already been kicking around a coupla weeks and I been a bit late with it all, but when you get a young artist doing great things that are slightly off-kilter and forward thinking, you always gotta post it.

San Mei‘s work has always harnessed this idea of vulnerability coupled with a real strong sense of control and forward motion and this clip nails that.





It’s unlikely a female fronted electronic pop project would ever become a fave of mine here on maamf. And that’s nothing against female fronted pop stars. We’re not all St Vincent, but gosh, we’re also not all like San Mei. Thank god. Because it allows the Gold Coastian to shine through.

Much of my previous writing has made something of the innocence that seems to seep through San Mei‘s rather confident production. And the follow up to last years ‘Brighter‘, stays true to that. I’m not sure whether it was a conscious decision to leave San’s vocals just below the top of the mix, but ‘Wars’ seems to harness that vulnerability and once again, couple it with some big lush production. It’s pretty darn killer.

You can get your own copy of ‘Wars’ on the 12th of May through London label Tidal Wave.




Gold Coastian San Mei sits somewhere else within the wades and wades of female-fronted indie electronic pop music that this country seems to produce so much of. Doing something a little introverted, but still with this undeniable sense of cool, San Mei‘s latest single, ‘Brighter’ at times can feel empty, but not in a ‘lacking of any moral substance’ kind of empty. Emptiness, in this song, is set up in relation to it’s opposite, it’s struggle against the lush completeness that this track seems to try to reach, but never quite does. Harnessing that use of space, and that real sense of melancholia is what San Mei does incredibly well in ‘Brighter’, a track that, at least for me, has forced itself into my mind, and it seems has little intention of ever leaving.





Gold Coastian (that’s a thing right?) Paces has released a new EP, The Pact EP. It came out a fortnight ago (slow on the uptake I know) and is really excellent. Think Hudson Mohawke-esque, and a little bit of Ta-Ku thrown in.

You can stream the military style opener and title track ‘The Pact’ below. The track features the shwaeeet vocals from another local lass, Chela. You can stream the full EP on Paces’s soundcloud, and if you dig, give it a purchase.

Finally, if it really gets you keeeeeeeen, then make sure you check out Paces as he tours round the place – more details here.




Gold Coast does not necessarily always equal party party party music. It’s also, in the case of GOVS, a solo project from Josiah Birrell, a place where dreamy guitar pop lives.

GOVS reminds me a little bit of Bored Nothing, i think partly due to the fact that it’s a one man band, but also that laid back vibe that his stuff exudes. There’s also a real Beach House vibe to some of his other tracks. Put simply, it’s just really fucking good!

The dude’s debut self-titled EP came out a little while ago – you can grab it on iTunes here. I’ve got track two below though as a free download.

DOWNLOAD (Right Click, Save As)



The debut Bleeding Knees Club album comes out in just over a month – check out the title track just below! Also, if you pre-order on JB, you get to be supes hipster n shit and get a tote bag.

The album was recorded with Dev Hynes (Lightspeed Champion, Blood Orange) and should well be killer. Title track Nothing To Do even features some bells. Liking this a lot!



bleeding knees club

Bleeding Knees Club are two dudes from up on the Gold Coast, doing some saweeeeet as bluesy punk. Guys have signed to I Oh You (They’re the dudes behind Howl) and they’re debut EP entitled Virginity was dropped a few weeks back (grab it from iTunes).

Their stuff sounds like it’s over before it’s begun, but then you remember the party you had for that 2 or 3 mins and you wanna hear it all over again. It’s stripped back indie bluesy punky pop like you aint heard before

The fellas also have a few gigs coming up. Deets over on their MySpace

And for you listening pleasure, we got their track Bad Guys off their EP. YES!

Bleeding Knees Club – Bad Guys (Unearthed Profile link)