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Australia can actually produce some pretty sweet synthy pop goodness. Sydney crew Radio INK have been pretty busy of late receiving a bit of play for a few of their tracks. Their newy Physical is some pop goodness – you can stream it over here. The track is produced by Diamond Cut (He also did AEONS!) and is getting a full proper release on December 10.

And for you cool kids, we’ve got three remixes of the track.

The first comes from a dude maamf had a massive hardy for last year. It’s gone a bit soft of late, but only coz he hasn’t released much. But now here he is with this. It’s trademark GLOVES. Disco electro madness full of hooks and oh my freakin lord. The man has a golden touch.

Radio INK – Physical (GLOVES Remix)

Second up is a remix from Toronto’s Sta. To be honest, I haven’t heard anything from this fella before, but I reckon the presser hits the nail on the head with ‘His remix of Physical has a hypnotic indie / dance feel that gets your a$$ shaking)’. It’s solid right through and that bass groove is nice.

Radio INK – Physical (Sta remix)

Finally, it’s Moonchild. We’ve also started up a bit of a crush on this Sydneysider of late.  Doing it all French filtered house style that this man is renowned for, this one also has a killer bassline that rips.

Radio INK – Physical (Moonchild Remix)


Pic courtesy of JL

ok. Just imagine there actually was a day called clipnesday. Would be all sorts of whack right?! Well, sadly, there’s not. So you’ll just have to make do with these two killer vids for two pretty killer tracks.

First up is New York based The Golden Filter. They went pretty crazy in blogland for a while and then went a little quiet. Well now they’ve got their debut album out (check it out here on itunes). It’s called Voluspa, and this clip, i suppose, acts as a bit of a teaser to what the album is like. It’s also just a tiny bit eerie too. The album should be equally as good (but hopefully not as eerie).

Ok. Second up is local guys Operator Please. Their second single is called Back & Forth and it’s off their rather impressive second album Gloves (iTunes linksies). The clip is nice and has these weird umbrella creatures in the middle bit. It’s a really nice song, and as I’ve said before, a biiig step up for the kids.

Third up is the promo vid for the new Kitsune Maison compilation. Kitsune always put together awesome compilations…and their 9th comp, The Cotton Issue (iTunes), looks bloody bloody good. If there was ever a blog heavy CD release, it would probably be the Kitsune Maison comps.

pleasing operators

Operator Please are heading out on tour! To help launch their second, all grown up album, they’re heading out on tour doing all the cap cities (well…most of them.)

You can check out tickets via the maamf posse page which is kinda cool. There’s also a killer remix of their first single Gloves doing the rounds by none other than Like Woah! (People thought Like Woah! had died and had morphed into Ted & Francis full time…but, no, they haven’t). Cheers to !tashed for the remix. Give those guys some blog love 🙂

Anyway, check out the dates below and make sure if you’re heading along, to grab tix through the maamf Posse store!

All the shows are going to be supported by the much loved Tim & Jean as well as Sydney kids Chaingang.

Operator Please – ‘Gloves Off’ tour

Friday 18th June – Astor Theater, Perth (18+) Get Tix @ Posse!
Saturday 19th June – Governor Hindmarsh, Adelaide (Lic a/a)
Friday 25th June – Corner Hotel, Melbourne (18+) Get Tix @ Posse!
Saturday 26th June – Metro Theatre, Sydney (Lic a/a) Get Tix @ Posse!
Friday 2nd July – HiFi, Brisbane (18+) Get Tix @ Posse!
Saturday 3rd July – Coolangatta Hotel, Gold Coast (18+) Get Tix @ Posse!

Operator Please – Logic (Like Woah! Mix)

remix that #7

It has been ages since i’ve done one of these posts. The last couple of months have seen the blog grow a hell of a lot, and it’s getting a little difficult to stay on top of all the top tunes that are sent to the inbox. If you reckon you got what it takes to help me out, send me an email! You’ll find the email address just to your left. Preferably someone local (Melbourne), but am open to other cities! But keep it in Australia. Anyway, if you’re interested, email me and ill let you know exactly what’s involved.

Back onto the music though. There’s been a few remixes that have come through of late that have been a little on the high rotation. First up…

This came in a while ago. It’s really good too. Put’s the original to good use. Elite Force (or Simon Shackleton to his mates…i imagine) has just done some big festivals shows through Australia and finished most of his sets with his remix of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs classic Maps. It’s pretty big and driving and [insert another word for this awesome remix here]. Turn it up.

Elite Force – Maps (Elite Force Re-Fix)

K. Next up is a remix of a new track by Sydney kids Teenagersintokyo. The remix is by UK gothpopers The Horrors. I don’t know which is better though…the original or the remix! Teenagersintokyo are releasing the single next month (Feb 15 to be precise). You can check out the original over at their MySpace.

Teenagersintokyo – Peter Pan (The Horrors Remix)

Last on the list is a band I posted about earlier on in the week. Get Stellar are Adelaidian and they’re pretty damn good. Check out my original post for more info on the band but I just couldn’t resist posting the GLOVES remix of their track The Moment. I originally said that the Def Starr remix just tips it at the post…but given that maamf seems to be going a little crazy for GLOVES.

Get Stellar – The Moment (GLOVES Remix)

K. That’ll do the ramble for now