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Well this is freakin’ refreshing. For so long now, there has been this nu-skool r’n’b vibe coming out of Australia. When it hit (think Collarbones, Oscar + Martin etc), it was amazing. Here was this sound that was familiar, but was now coming across in this really soulful delicate way. But with the advent of that glitchtronica sound that began to occupy the electronic music scene, the whole delicate r’n’b sound got a little lost.

So it’s awesome that Oscar Key Sung, once a man putting out some excellent glitchy soul music has subtly changed his approach. The new track ‘All I Could Do’ still manages to pack a punch with Oscar’s excellent vocal tones, but gone are those delicate hip-hop inspired grooves. Instead, in their place is this left-field club sound, still with an element of delicate sounds and instrumentation, but all sitting on top of this pulsating kick, that sounds so much more commanding and blazingly confident.

This is excellent.




ok, so two of the biggest acts in this whole ‘Australian Sound’ (rubbish name for a genre – thanks Flume) would definitely have to be Cosmo’s Midnight and Willow Beats.

So when you hear that Willow Beats has done a remix of Cosmo’s Midnight’s track ‘The Surge’ you kinda have to grab that pillow to cover the mess you just made.

And seriously, this is a fucking incredible remix. Heavy glitch right throughout complemented by the rather ethereal vocals of the original. And then there’s that lovely sound of the wind and the sea at the top. It is seriously excellent.

This is the first remix of a couple apparently. All of tracks from Cosmo’s Midnight’s debut EP.



i am the cutest whippet you ever seen. and i smart too coz i wear glasses.

As I continue to trawl through the great abyss that is the maamf inbox (currently sitting at 243 unread), I continue to discover some really incredible music.

Surf Dad‘s new release, the Unholy EP is everything. It transitions from this really chilled glitchtronica vibe to this bangin’ tech house, all whilst still maintaining this overall feeling of melancholy. It’s a pretty special release.

You can grab a limited edition CDR of the EP over on the excellent new Melbourne label Zero Through Nine‘s bandcamp page.

We got the single and title track which features Camille Foley below.




From Brissie, Danny Harley is doing some pretty amazing things at the moment. Perhaps better known as The Kite String Tangle, he is one of the few artists in Australia successfully melding the world of glitchtronica and good singer songwriter music.

You may have heard Danny’s name kicking around before – he’s the frontman of great live electronica band Pigeon, who we’ve recently featured. The Kite String Tangle is very different though, and first single ‘Given The Chance’ is testament to that.

Stream the single below and grab it on iTunes if you dig.



This is a great little track. That cut up guitar that the song is built upon give the track this real organic feel, something when melded with some great electronic glitches, works freakin well.

This is the first single taken from Brightly‘s debut full length…and it’s streaming below. But, there is a way you can get your own copy of ‘Preflight Nerves’. And then the possibility of scoring a copy of the album not with cash, but lots of love.

The Beginnings & Endings Project is all about spreading that love and seeing where  in the world your love ends up.

More details over at the site itself, but make sure you sign up and grab a copy of the single. And then of course, share the link you get and hopefully you’ll score an album out of it! Check it all out over at

These guys are a really hard working Melbourne band…and the track is proof of it. 2013 might just be a great year for them.