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Mmmmwell, it’s just classy. That is my answer to all of your questions about Basenji‘s ‘Heirloom‘.
I daresay the kid is getting better and better.

It’s kind of kitsch, but in a fresh way that’s ….. classy.
Nostalgic, but again in a way that is ….. how can I say…..classy.
Eyetooth‘s work on the art is perfectly matched, I dare anyone to make a Wingdings border that….ughhh….classy.

There’s plenty of tracks coming out with sizzle and shimmer and hype, but I get the most excited by stuff like this – a quirky vision handled with a deft and smart touch. The internet is still making Cashmere Cat comparisons for it but I really think he’s found his own sound.

It won’t surprise you that Future Classy have decided to drop it free and back it with turrr. Always the epitome of …ohno…class…..y.

I’m going to respond by awarding him ‘most likely to splash overseas soon’ with a grotesquely opulent plastic trophy, so while I do that you may as well stream the damn thing.




Say what you want about Chet Faker. There seems to be a bit of dislike for him – maybe it’s because he worked with that other guy people like to dislike, Flube. Or maybe it’s because he’s, like, successful now man and he’s no longer underground and stuff coz we’re so indie and hip. He’s ruining the whole bearded dude vibe bro. What? Hipsters? Nah man, we just really in touch with what’s going on and don’t like the mainstream and stuff. 

But I dunno. Sure his album was a little lacklustre, but I think the dude still can write a mean tune. And there is something about that voice. Time will tell in regards to whether he’ll ever create a critical success though I guess.

But mate, when you get a fella like Roland Tings to jump on and have a play, then you’re on to something else, and hey, maybe even something that all those kool doodes can vibe on, bro. It’s acidy, feels minimal, and shows enough respect for the original without losing it’s other worldly feel.




Well fuck me. This is morbid.

New clip from Sydneysiders Seekae depicts the burial of some drunk dude at a building site in order to bring the builders good fortune. What results is essentially a gravesite housing this dead man, but with people living in the structure built on top of it.

It is an excellent clip though nonetheless.

I’m still deciding whether I’m loving Seekae‘s change in direction. Their old stuff was just so beautiful, and whilst I thinkAlex Cameron has got a fair set of pipes on him, I’m just a little unsure as to whether as a result of adding vocals, their music loses that warmth and character that their earlier stuff had.




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Jagwar Ma are Sydney town peeps currently doing the whole Aussie in LDN thing. And yeah, I know this tune has been doing the rounds for a while, but man, it’s a really good song. When that bass kicks in, fuck me – makes it one of the tunes of the year.

The clip, shot on a monday (apparently), features Jono Ma dancing like a loon and just generally having a top notch time singing his song. Pretty cool little bit of film making.

You can stream ‘The Throw’ below if you haven’t already, as well as the clip.

Also make sure you grab the track on iTunes – the b side, ‘Four’ is fucking ace!



There’s something super pop about the new New Navy single. Seriously fun, summery pop with A FREAKING VIBRASLAP! Also features a really lovely middle section just with some Uke.

Pretty beut.

Stream the single below, and make sure you purchase it when it comes out on Friday.



I loved the original version of this track when it came out – was one of those tracks that opened up my eyes to electronic music.

Now Sydney fellas New Navy have done a cover of it…and it’s actually really fucking good! Done in colab for their label Future Classic and clothing giant Le Coq Sportif.




Sydney disco kickers Softwar are finally out with their new EP, This Time Around. After what seems like forever for it’s release, the two…umm…body builders (it’s in their bio!) have kinda nailed that big funky deep house sound with this release. The new EP is coming through Future Classic with it being released on vinyl a couple of days ago ahead of a digital release in March (6 March on Beatport, and 20 March everywhere else). The new release is dare I say a little bit cleaner sounding when compared to their EP of last year. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though – progression in sound always keeps things fresh.

We got our faves from the four track EP just below.

Softwar – August by future classic

Softwar – Darker (Digital Only) by future classic