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In the September tape, we opened with a track from new Melbourne 6-piece Tetrahedra. ‘Dried Up’ was a build of beautiful soft vocal layerings complicated by this stark tension that arises during that chorus. It was a great example of a band approaching pop music from an outside perspective.

The band have just launched a ‘live’ vid for another track of theirs ‘Circle My Heart’. Less electronic in it’s approach, ‘Circle My Heart’ showcases the bands more traditional training (they all met at the VCA down in Melbourne) – there is a strict funk and at times fusion feel to this track. It also messes with your sense of time and truly illustrates just how much a sense of context can develop in music. The opening piano riff gives you one interpretation, which after a while you feel comfortable sitting with. But then when that drum groove kicks in, you’re given a whole new way of understanding the track. And then, of course, that sax. I mean, move over Snowy.

It may be easy for some to give Tetrahedra a quick listen, and hear all that strangeness in the time signatures and the hard to place groove and write it off as something not accessible. I’d suggest however, that what makes Tetrahedra is the accessibility of their music. Underpinning the work of Tetrahedra is an undeniable pop aesthetic, and it works as a point of entry to their music.


If you dig the track, then make sure you jump over to the band’s bandcamp page and grab yaself a copy. Also make sure you give the guys a follow over on bandcamp as well as a like on the ol’ faceys.




This is one of the tracks that have seriously made my May. And I know I’m a little late to the party, but hey, I’ve had a month off ok?

It’d be hard not to notice these guys. With easily one of the catchiest tracks of the year, The Preatures are bringing that funky singalong soul right back and hitting you smack bang in the face with it. New single ‘Is This How You Feel?’ seriously kicks you for 6, with it’s dual vocals and that drum and guitar groove that is enough to make anyone move no matter what the fuck they’re doing.

You can grab the single from iTunes and keep an eye out for a new EP due out soon too.

The clip is also pretty darn classic. Just the band looking all sexy with some great lights and words etc.



So every once and a while you sleep on a track and then come across a remix that forces you to go back and re-listen to the original. The artist in question is Melbourne singer Maxi and the remixer is new kid on the Sydney block Adam Sandlah.

The track is Maxi’s latest single, ‘From The Start’.

The original has this real funky vibe to it – from those condensed drum sounds to the keyboard groove. And then, of course, Maxi’s super hot vocals on top.

The remix adds this cool, disco house feel to it. Put against this straight up groove, it keeps the verses simple – bass, beat, and vox. Added in the chorus is that hella good horn line and a funkier groove.

I’d keep an eye out on Sandlah. Could be ontoagoodthing.



The new EP from The Harpoons dropped last week and although we’re pretty familiar with the second lead track Keep You Around, it is freakin’ nice to hear the first one, Walk Away. Cheers to the rather excellent Auditor Records for the tip off on this!

Walk Away takes it up a notch, with even more funk and a seriously catchy chorus. This is amazeballs times about a gazillion. LOVE IT!

The EP at the moment is only available at Polyester Records in Melbourne, but it looks as though they’re gonna try make it available for download on their bandcamp and iTunes.




Ok, these guys use to be called EMMA. We posted their first track Electric Moonlight Adolescence earlier on last year.

Now, as Dracula Palms, the Brisbane dudes still have that feel good indie pop sound, but with an added injection of funk. Reminds me of early MGMT (a definite good thing).

The two new tracks, Fluorescent Haze and Pretty Lady are killer. Getting into summer (although looking outside today…not so sure), I’m anticipating that Pretty Lady will be a few people’s soundtrack.

Fluorescent Haze is a bit more straight up in your face…and at the risk of sounding like a complete wanker, the track oozes this feeling of cool. or maybe kool. I dunno.

Anyway, you can get your hands on both tracks below. Get ready for these dudes.

Dracula Palms – Pretty Lady

Dracula Palms – Fluorescent Haze



Ok, so to me there’s something kinda nostalgic about the sound Saskwatch put out. That old school funk soul vibe – reminds me of a time when I was once them…well attempting to be. I studied music quite a few years ago (failed drummer) and it’s this kind of stuff that everybody would vibe off. Killer sound, so warm…and yet there’s an element of dirtiness about it.

Anyway, enough of me. Saskwatch are a 9 piece crew from Melbourne town. If you’re a local, you might have caught them at Cherry – they’ve had a 2 year long residency there.

The guys are set to launch their new double A side  7″ single Don’t Wanna Try/Pushin’ Me Away next week. They’re both stellar tracks, but also showcase the different sound these guys get out there. Don’t Wanna Try is a more soul inspired slow jam that seriously kills it – those horn riffs that come in at the intro/chorus and during the bridge nail me. Second track Pushin’ Me Away is a far more funked vibe – almost James Brown style in that intro guitar. And the way that bass line walks up when it changes key – love it. And once again, the horns in the chorus give it such a funky kick. MAN!

The guys are launching the new stuff with two shows at the Workers Club next week (Thurs Nov 24th and Fri Nov 25th). More deets here. Also keep an eye out for their debut album, due out early next year.

Saskwatch – Don’t Wanna Try

Saskwatch – Pushin’ Me Away


Bluejuice – Head of The Hawk

we've all been to jail you know...

ok. I saw Bluejuice perform a while ago at some promo gig at the beginning of the year, and whilst I said one of their early singles, Vitriol, was awesome, i did say that they’re nothing special. I actually take that back. Broken Leg, their first single of their second LP, Head of The Hawk came out a few months ago and I’ve been trying to get my hands on it via blogland. I couldn’t actually find it, so I waited till the album came out (a week or two ago). Am kinda glad I got the album. Nah, actually, fuck this ‘kinda’ bullshit. I AM glad I got the album.

These guys have such a fun vibe. You only need to check out the extended vid for Broken Leg to see what I’m talking about. The album has that same vibe. I reckon they’d go off live (granted, I have seen them live before, but I didn’t really know their stuff and I wasn’t really paying all too much attention). They’re currently on a national tour, so maybe i’ll get my chance! Check out their tour dates here.

Getting back onto the album, there’s so many standout tracks. There’s quite a number possible singles on this one. You know when you hear a song and you know it’s good and that it can stand alone and still pack a punch? This album has that. Tracks like Little Emperor, Ain’t Telling The Truth, Work, We Can Get Around It, and the obvious one, Broken Leg.

If there’s one thing that I’m not too fussed on, it would be that they try and put too many styles into the album. It only runs a bit over 30 mins, so they’re delvings into electro stuff sounds a little rushed, and perhaps ain’t their stronger points.

But, this is still a great great album. They are mega talented songwriters – they know how to write a great great great pop song. Have that talent in the bag.

To leave you with, that single. I think I’ve mentioned it about 50 gazillion times in this post, but it really is just a great song. (I’ve said the word ‘great’ a lot too…oh man…i got a zinger coming up now…is it…wait for it…wait for it…is it grating? you know? like is it getting annoying and stuff? …ugh….did i ruin the joke already?)

Bluejuice – Broken Leg

(MySpace, iTunes, JB HiFi)

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.

The Little Stevies – Love Your Band

The Little Stevies - Love Your Band


“…And the planet’s getting hotter. So let’s jump on bikes and cycle round the entire world. With the wind in our hair, we can take off any time anywhere…and I’ll dink you, if you get too tired!”

This band totally rocked my world for a week. They’re kind of funk, with an eclectic soul feel. I think I listened to this whole album back to back for 3 days. They’re a funky melbourne group who sing about life, and people, relationships and all that cheesy shit that sounds awesome when blitzed into an entire record. If you were born in Australia and grew up on trams in Melbourne, music festivals in the bush and trips along the coast- then this is the album for you!

The Tram Song is so far my favourite.

Check them out on myspace, there is a fan club on facebook and they have recently scored residency at the empress hotel on Thursday’s.

You can also check out their video clip for Sunshower just below.

To The Little Stevies- I Love your band!