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So this is me breaking a rule.

I had a silent agreement with myself that I would not post any productions (at least for a few months) that featured synths or samples approximating steel drums, marimba’s, kalimbas or frankly any mallet-use instrument potentially associated with notions of tropical islands.

I know that’s shallow and I love the summer breeze as much as anyone, but if one attempts to listen to a lot of Aus electronic these little things can hit one’s own private limits in 2014.

But then Fishing.
I choose to make public my shallow inconsistency just to highlight how endearing the stuff is from these two gentlemen – up to and including this new ‘Chi Glow‘.

This one is all full of their best strengths – nostalgic sample cuts, dreamy beats and unique rhymes put together with organic feels and interesting friends – like Marcus Whale from Collarbones. That doesn’t really capture it though. I always find that the more I listen the more I hear their different approach in all the little details. It sounds familiar, but many of the micro-ideas are actually quite new to my ears.

This is of course the opposite of a copycat, in fact I’d I consider them ‘producer’s producers’, quietly making their own thing in their own space. So the steel drum sounds are overruled and here we are – me looking a bit silly, you a bit confused, them winning. Just hit play and all will resolve. I posted the video, as the visuals continue the casual haze just so.

Oh – full disclosure, I did catch their live set supporting Elizabeth Rose recently and that’s probably further tainting my opinions. Great risky set with nailed vocals and crazy amounts of manually triggered groove. Whether that is a conflict of interest or a legitimate track-feature-factor, Sydney dwellers may want to claim a spot at the vivid launch for the album due in June.



Blue Mountains duo, Fishing are back with a new single ‘Choy Lin’, something that is all out a little nuts, but still restrained and really quite pop in it’s structure and sensibilities.

The track is taken from a 7″ out next month and will feature another track, ‘White Sheet Beach’. You can pre-order the release over on the Yes Please Records page. All this is leading up to an album dropping early next year too. But before that, make sure you check ’em out as they tour around the joint (dates belowzzz).


FISHING “Choy Lin” National Tour
Saturday November 3
Plus One @ Ed Castle
233 Currie St, Adelaide SA
Tickets on the door

Friday November 9
Can’t Say @ Platform One
Vault 8, Banana Alley, Melbourne VIC
Tickets on the door

Thursday November 15
No Fixed Address, Byron Bay
More Details Soon:

Saturday November 17
Alhambra Lounge (w. Baths)
12 McLachlan St, Fortitude Valley QLD
Tickets on the door, free before 11pm

Thursday November 22
Brighton Up Bar (w. Special guests)
77 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW
$10 + bf


8tracks May Mix

ok, so this is a little late, but better late than never. My fave songs from May. Like always, is as varied as dodgy diarrhea.

You can check it out at:

Death Cab For Cutie – Portable Television

KNIGHT STALKER – Vox Instrumental

UV Race – Low

Friendly Fires – Blue Cassette

Boomgates – Layman’s Terms

FISHING – Last Night (So Wonderful)

Kins – Lake Troposphere

Matt Walters – St Peter’s Gate




sometimes remixes hit the right spot. sometimes they hit you in the face (more often than not, not the ‘right spot’). Fishing are two fellas out of Sydney town who do some pretty interesting pop music. They had a track last year called OOOO which has that Avalanches samples all over the shop sound.

Anyway, they’ve had their way with Jonathan Boulet’s track from late last year You’re A Animal. Fishing have done some pretty stellar remixes over time (make sure you check out their remix of Cloud Control’s This Is What I Said as well as Alpine’s Heartlove. Their remixes, to me, have this real funky element. They’re all pretty groove laden and they use the best parts of the original and always make it their own. The Jonathan Boulet remix is def no exceptione. The chopped up and looped vocals gives the track a really good base. Whilst it’s not as percussive as the original, it’s one of those tracks that builds and is layered as all fuck.

This one definitely hits the right spot.

Jonathan Boulet – You’re A Animal (Fishing Remix)