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Have you ever been too certain you would love a track before you hear it?

It’s a dangerous place to be, wielding that kind of unbridled expectation. In fact, my old man used to proudly profess his pessimism (p p p p) with the sly gloat that ‘those who expect little are never disappointed’. Whether or not that is a healthy way to go about life (obviously it isn’t) (it’s ok because brackets are like whispering so he can’t hear) I paid no mind whatsoever and embarked on a life of overexcitment.

Yes, sometimes you do lose. Not everything tickled me like I hoped it would this week. But then sometimes you are just right. Confidently, accurately, literally correct.

This Andrei Eremin/Fractures intersection is that.

The sound quality is top of the top shelf, but I just deleted more aghast gushing on that because it would be a waste to listen to this geekily. This one is about heart. Dripping, mature, full, unique heart.

I tend to believe Fractures when he opens his mouth, and Andrei is so far beyond his years in letting delicate sonic pieces run together just enough to take the focus off the skill and onto the song.

To quote myself on the result: “‘Ghosts‘ is an emotionally complex snippet of life wrapped in a deft beauty – and I couldn’t have over-anticipated it if I tried”.
Adam 1, unbridled expectation 0. Hah.

The whole Fractures EP including this track went up for procurement today. Why not throw some currency at it eh. I also grabbed it straight from Andre for full lossless immersion, for me this is the very kind of track that is worth such technology.



Niiice name aye? Fatti Francis (real name Raquel Solier) is ex drummer for quite a ¬†few local Melb bands (The Ancients, Jessica Says and Nathan Hollywood + a few others). She’s now gone out to do her own thing. Being a bit of an ex-drummer myself, I’m always jealous of drummers that go out and do their own solo thing (all the dumb drummer jokes kinda don’t make any sense if you look at people like Mike Noga and now Raquel).

So yeah, I guess the difference with Fatti Francis is that her solo work fits that experiemental r’n’b, real beat heavy stuff. It’s rather nice. It seems Melbourne, and Australia on a whole is beginning to develop a bit of an experimental r’n’b scene (think peeps like Collarbones and Oscar + Martin).

The beats really complement her vocals, a lot more than I thought they would actually. Check out her tracks on her Soundcloud page and make sure you grab a copy of her debut “12 mini album from her Bandcamp.

I’ve got a few of my faves from the mini album below.

Fatti Frances – What Are You Waiting For


Fratti Francis – No More

If you dig though, she’s launching it at The Workers Club in Fitzroy this Saturday (25th June). Make sure you head along.