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party house time

These boys are great. Saw them support the ever awesome City Calm Down (who were incredibly amazing) on Saturday night at The Toff. Was unsure at first, but then got hooked.

The name is Northeast Party House…and, well, they started in a party house in the north eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Pretty cool little story about how exactly these gents started, get some more of it over at their Unearthed profile.

Below are two tracks. All good. Aggressive Party Dance. New genre. These boys fit it to a tee. Now that I know the name, I see their name on just about every gig poster around Melbourne. These guys are crazy live too. 6 of them cramped onto the small stage that is The Toff was a bit of fun to see and yeah, they go a little nuts.

Northeast Party House – Embezzler (unearthed link)

Northeast Party House – Dusk (unearthed link)