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Very rarely do you hear a song that actually does what the presser says it does. ‘Escapism’ is the new one from Bon Chat, Bon Rat. In their email, they state that “This is as aussie as Seekae and Australian Crawl having a jam session underwater in a time machine.

And, it’s bloody spot on. There’s the classic Australian songwriting evoking that sense of space. And then there’s that slightly off-kilter instrumentation that sways, and curves and has so much going on, but still manages to sound sparse and sporadic, and completely complimenting the vocals.

The track is taken off the bands new EP Burning Palms due out soon. KEEN!




This here is a song about desperation.

HOPIUM are a duo from Melbourne, and although they’ve only one track to their name, and very little is known about them, they’re already hitting it up rather massive online.

Their track ‘Cut’ is about just that. It’s a track about the prospect of loss, a track about the intimacy and physical embodiment of human emotion. It’s dark and industrial sounding, but provides enough space for for just enough emotion to seep through.

And then there’s the clip. As a heads up, it is NSFW, so perhaps if you’re sick at home, like me, it’s fine. But not in the office. The clip captures that intimacy and dark nature of the track really bloody well.

If the clip reminds you of some gritty fashion clip, then you’d be sort of right. It was put together by Yoav Lester and Chris Mitchell at Floating World Films and Ribal and Gil @ Superteam Studios. These guys usually work in the fashion world, but are lending their expert skills to the music video world.




Doing the rounds for a little while now is KLP’s newy, ‘Decide’. This is a pretty darn exciting jam from the Sydneysider. Receiving a bit of love both on the internets and the radios, it’s all incredibly well-deserved.

I think this is the best thing KLP has put forward. Her earlier stuff was pretty darn good (that Ta-ku produced track ‘Down South’ was a bit of a hit), but this is easily the standout.




it would seem that we may have a new r’n’b superstar. And it’s probably not who you thought.

Elizabeth Rose was that girl doing some really cool innovative electronic music. She also sang on top of her productions making her early live shows something to behold.

But now, she’s gone the r’n’b route. And it’s incredible. ‘Sensibility’ still showcases Rose’s interesting, slightly bent take on electronic pop music, but instead of more of the same, she pushes this slow jam of sorts with her distinct, powerful vocals.

There were hints of this in her single ‘The Good Life’, one of my faves of last year, but this new one really takes it and runs.

Elizabeth Rose‘s new self-titled EP is released next week. Looking forward to this one!




So Cosmo’s Midnight have just come and given us a double A-side to round out their year.

Given their year so far though, I could just leave it at that opening sentence. You probably wouldn’t need any more reason to listen, given their super high quality output this year.

But, in the interests of doing these tracks the justice they deserve, I’ll write a couple more. Capitalising on everything good these bros can do, the opener ‘Goodbye’, featuring fellow Sydneyites Polagraphia is an ode to that bouncey glitertronica that the Cosmo boys and another guy Wave Racer have been absolutely OWNING this year.

Follow up ‘Moshi’, takes it a little smoother, whilst still maintaining that hyper style.

This is what party music should sound like.




Tincture is the work of Luke Dalton, a dude based out of Brissie. His new track ‘Tryst’ features the vocals of Melbourne’s Hazel Brown of Otouto. You may have heard some of Tincture’s other work – he’s popped out a couple of remixes and mixtapes over the past year or two.

I think what sets this track apart from the other soul-driven electronic music coming out at the moment is that balance between delicate (those claps and those set back vocals) and pretty darn confident (the vocal cut ups, the synth in the chorus and that guitar that hits you in the breakdown bit). And those are just some of the more obvious moments of that delicate/confident dichotomy that seems to pervade this track.

Check out the track below, and if you dig, you can grab a copy over on the Silo Arts bandcamp. Sydney’s Nagakin is also on the remix duties. Gonna be schweet!




Woah. So it seems as though the world wide web has been going bananas for the new vid and track from Melbourne’s Yeo. This guy is a bit of a music making machine, dabbling his hand in quite a few different styles. And, he actually kinda nails every one.

This new jam ‘Girl’ is in that soulful electronic vibe, and yeah, that style has definitely been done to death, especially in Australia. But when you can rock such a smooth, laid back, sleazy-but-also-really-sophisticated vibe, then it doesn’t matter what fucking style it is.

This is an incredible track. Actually, really really incredible.

And that car trip hair in the breeze film clip – one of the best I’ve seen in a darn long time.




I kind of don’t know what to think of this. I like it, but it’s relentless. I wish it would calm down a bit. The vocals make me want to be calm. But THEN THAT CRAZY BEAT JUST MAKES ME FEEL INCREDIBLY NUTS.

Crooked Colours‘s track ‘Come Down’ is some pretty intense dark introspective electronic music. And whilst it does manage to induce a slight panic attack (I am seriously on the fucking edge today #humpdayblues), the combo of that rather smooth vocal layered on top of this almost overpowering groove works so bloody well.

The guys have an EP due out early next year. They’ll follow that up with a tour shortly after as well.



168857_386312964817834_881546283_nBrother Witch is the project of Cameryn Keiller out of Melbourne.

His new EP Cut Your Friends Like You’ll Grow New Hair has that one man vibe feel of someone like Tim Fitz, but a little less chaotic, and perhaps a little more accessible and heart-on-sleeve. No disrespect to the Fitz either – he is incredible.

Anyway, this new EP has elements of glitch-pop, elements of real singer-songwriter stuff. It’s not dark, but manages to feel eery. It’s a subtle feeling, but it manages to crawl under your skin a little and make a nest. Cameryn has a real knack for creating a real lovely bed of sound and rhythm, incorporating his guitar and with some excellent synth and cut up claps and drum work and vocal layering cut and paste work.

The final track, ‘My Last Breath’ is easily a stand out. It is instantly recognisable and has an instant familiarity which is always a good thing. I’ve also included ‘Biggest Deal’ which features the guest vocals of Mairead O’Connor.

If you dig, then make sure you grab the EP over on the Brother Witch bandcamp page.



I been sleepin. A lot. Hence why this post about this new killer collab from Yon Yonson and Simo Soo is only being written now.

This track surfaced about a month ago. If you’re familiar with Simo‘s style, then you’d know he can be a little nuts and hectic and hyper in his flow. The resulting track, ‘How Bad Do You Want It’ allows Simo‘s flow to get nuts, but in this really warm bed of sounds that Yon Yonson do so well.

The track is taken off the follow up to Yon Yonson‘s excellent EP Antipodes that came out in Feb of this year (another thing I slept on).




So I originally wrote about this track over on mismatch, that ace little site devoted purely devoted to Melbourne music. So I won’t go into why I think this track is the bees knees in too much detail over here. If you did wanna read a slightly more in-depth analysis of the track, then head over to the mismatch post.

But yes, it should be stressed that Melbourne 5-piece Axolotl are onto a fucking great thing with their new track, ‘My House’. It’s their best track to date. Stream it below.





From Brissie, Danny Harley is doing some pretty amazing things at the moment. Perhaps better known as The Kite String Tangle, he is one of the few artists in Australia successfully melding the world of glitchtronica and good singer songwriter music.

You may have heard Danny’s name kicking around before – he’s the frontman of great live electronica band Pigeon, who we’ve recently featured. The Kite String Tangle is very different though, and first single ‘Given The Chance’ is testament to that.

Stream the single below and grab it on iTunes if you dig.



So when you combine some of the best beat makers in the country, you get Black Vanilla. And fuck me sideways, it’s bloody good. If that sleazy darkish beattronica style r’n’b is your thing, then, well, get sum black vanilla inta ya. 

The three piece consist of Marcus from Collarbones, Guerre, and DJ Plead aka. Jarred Beeler. The first single, ‘Call Your Husband’ comes from a mixtape the guys are putting out on August 1 called Black On Black On Black. There is also a three date tour on the cards too, with Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney gettin’ a lookin – deets below.

Black Vanilla – Black On Black On Black launch deets.

August 8 Goodgod Small Club, Sydney (w/ Major Napier, King Tears Mortuary, East River, B. Deep)

August 9 Ghost Ships, Adelaide (w/ Guerre, Oisima, Strict Face, Cyst Impaled)

August 10 Gasometer Upstairs, Melbourne (w/ Golden Blonde, Angel Eyes) 





Woah. There is so much eagerness in the sounds of Wave Racer, a Sydney dude doing some of the greatest bouncy glittertronica (new genre) ever made.

Both his tracks ‘Stoopid’ and ‘Rock U Tonite’ nail this jumpy hyperactive vibe. It’s full to the brim with a crazy amount of positivity, so much so that too much of it might actually make you feel as though it’s time to give up. on everything. THIS IS IT KID!

Stream them below and if you dig, head across to his unearthed profile for some download action.




So this track has been doing the rounds for a while, and after a quick lookback through the maamf archives, I realised I haven’t actually written about it here. You can however check out a small review I did on

LUCIANBLOMKAMP has just released the video for the track ‘You & Me’ which features Rosebud Leach. The track has an uneasyness to it, a gentle agression that persists. And the clip captures this really bloody well.

You can check the clip as well as a stream/free download of the track below.




Gold Coastian (that’s a thing right?) Paces has released a new EP, The Pact EP. It came out a fortnight ago (slow on the uptake I know) and is really excellent. Think Hudson Mohawke-esque, and a little bit of Ta-Ku thrown in.

You can stream the military style opener and title track ‘The Pact’ below. The track features the shwaeeet vocals from another local lass, Chela. You can stream the full EP on Paces’s soundcloud, and if you dig, give it a purchase.

Finally, if it really gets you keeeeeeeen, then make sure you check out Paces as he tours round the place – more details here.




Jess Higgs is George Maple. And whilst there’s a chance you might know her by the new name (she featured on Flume‘s track ‘Bring You Down’), you would definitely be familiar with Jess’s voice – she featured on Flight Facilities awesome track of 2011, ‘Foreign Language’.

As a solo George Maple, the sound is still electronic, but does that whole Jamie Lidell soul vibe. It makes for a freaking catchy, warm, and funky sound.

‘Fixed’ is getting a release on April 15 through her own label, Tuluum Records. The single will come with remixes from Moonbase Commander and Maribou State.




DEJA are always going to do something a little outta left-field. Their left-field electronica infused pop music always manages to fit a mood, and never goes go far outta left-field that…well…there’s no more field. It’s just stands.

Their clips equally hit it out of the park (to keep that tortured, pretty crap analogy going). Featuring some pretty stunning photography, the clip for their latest single ‘Holiday’ also includes a small bit of expressive/interpretive dance, but hey, the clip looks absolutely amazing.

Check it out just below, and if you dig the track, you can download that one just below too!





December is usually a bit of a quiet month when it comes to new music. Most of us blogs are busy doing end of year lists etc (the maamf list will be up by the end of the week). But then something pretty fucking exciting comes through and blows it outtathepark.

Raus is a Canberra based dude doing some some incredibly good glitchy, poppy electronica music. His first EP, Killerwhale is nuts. It’s strange and at times, otherworldly, but always accessible. Raus himself has a bit of musical training behind him, which you can hear – there is a real level of sophistication to this stuff. From the beats that almost sit on top of each other, to the real jazz influences (the keys on all four of the tracks), it’s music that you need to listen to a lot, because every time you give it a go, it gives you something new.

My faves are streaming below…and if you dig, you can download the full EP over on Raus’s bandcamp.



PVT are one of those incredible bands that do some of the most innovative, interesting, and thoughtful music out there. The guys are set to release their fourth album Homosapien early next year. The first single from it, ‘Nightfall’ was released a few weeks ago…but just yesterday the clip surfaced.

Directed by Jennifer Juniper Stratford, it’s a pretty freakin colourful, wonky VHS tinged clip. Really pretty darn cool.

You can also get a free download of ‘Nightfall’ below too.



So this is a name I’ve heard round the traps for a fair while. And man, glad I took the next step and listened to a track of theirs.

Naysayer & Gilsun‘s new track ‘In Mind’ features Simon Lam from awesome Melbourne dudes I’lls. It is something else. Simon’s vocals are chopped and changed and layered on top of this super massive pad of sound sitting underneath it. What i’m enjoying the most is the really large sound that these guys put across. There’s a depth in the sound, a sense that it’s all pretty much complete.

You need to/must listen/watch this with a good set of headphones on full screen in a darkened room for full effect (you can put your clothes back on later you creep).



Blue Mountains duo, Fishing are back with a new single ‘Choy Lin’, something that is all out a little nuts, but still restrained and really quite pop in it’s structure and sensibilities.

The track is taken from a 7″ out next month and will feature another track, ‘White Sheet Beach’. You can pre-order the release over on the Yes Please Records page. All this is leading up to an album dropping early next year too. But before that, make sure you check ’em out as they tour around the joint (dates belowzzz).


FISHING “Choy Lin” National Tour
Saturday November 3
Plus One @ Ed Castle
233 Currie St, Adelaide SA
Tickets on the door

Friday November 9
Can’t Say @ Platform One
Vault 8, Banana Alley, Melbourne VIC
Tickets on the door

Thursday November 15
No Fixed Address, Byron Bay
More Details Soon:

Saturday November 17
Alhambra Lounge (w. Baths)
12 McLachlan St, Fortitude Valley QLD
Tickets on the door, free before 11pm

Thursday November 22
Brighton Up Bar (w. Special guests)
77 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW
$10 + bf



PVT always push their sound. Taking a more chilled electronica vibe with new track and opener to their fourth yet to be titled album, ‘Shiver’, the boys seem to be moving in a direction that is a constant reflection of their evolving musicianship.

If ‘Shiver’ is anything to go by then my gosh, do we have something to look forward to. You can check out the clip below and if you’re catching Gotye in December, then you’ll be able to check them out too!




Yikes. Some really big throbbing electronica to get you through your hump day night. Outta Perth, Sable is one dude, John Dewhurst.

At the moment there’s only one track of his kicking around on the interwebs…but hopefully we’ll see some more soon, coz this kid is pretty fucking ace.