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The twisty biology of musical trend eh.

5 years back this Slumberjack track would have sounded like it was from another universe, but in 2014 I’m just here casually inspecting it like a jaded doctor in some future sci-fi film – counting eyes to see if we have a new species or not. The sci-future is now in the beats world.

But as I’m examining all 12 tentacles and anterior scales on this particular specimen, you can imagine my surprise to start recognising body parts in some pretty strange spots.
A sugary double tempo build we see daily…. but with dropped Rasta acapella (yes it is Skrillesque)….and sampled piano….connected to a dirty Carmack-style drop? Weird mash.
There are even swoops over the top harking of Electric Mantis.
So obviously this pile of DNA sounds like a Frankenstein mess. On paper.

Well, no, maybe ‘Felon‘┬áis an mess. Maybe it is too creepily familiar, too unnatural. And maybe “on paper” a biologist isn’t supposed to catalogue beasts made by crazed surgical scientists.

But you have already forgotten that in the beats world we are already well past 2078, and all those ethics are old hat. In 2078 we reward mash and collage above all other art forms – and this Felon track is starting to draw the big crowds at the zoo.

Certainly the pieces are very well-integrated, and built up with exceptional sound sculpting. Are you really going to fight the inevitable future? You’re not.

May I suggest you choose from 3 allowable reactions (as is the 2078 custom):
– Call this the best song in the history of the earth (I’m looking at you, internet teenagers)
– Keep a close eye on where these guys take this excellent execution
– Write extensive complaints to Miks decrying how Adam eventually referenced Skrillex on maamf, undermining all you thought you knew and loved. Keep in mind Miks is a nice guy who already gets too much email, so please do try to keep it snappy.