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I’m fascinated by the idea of taste/style and age. Part of what I’m doing for my research focusses very specifically on musical tastes and how age (‘youth’ in particular) influences what people are into and what they choose to create. There’s been a push, at least within some academic circles, towards understanding how ageing ties into tastes. And why some genre’s and sounds perhaps resonate more with older populations.

So, as I push on in age, my embracement of Americana and alt-country is getting further towards an all-time high. And so, it’s today that I present the new clip from Sink Ships, a collection of two Australian’s, two Dane’s and a Swede. Principal songwriter and front man is Melbourne fella Carl Coleman who’s now residing in Copenhagen. The clip we have just below is for the latest single ‘Easier To Stay’, lifted from the bands’ debut self titled full-length from last year (purchase here).

Seems to suit a lazy Thursday morn. Also seems to suit my age.