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Back Back Forward Punch

Great name for a band aye? Back Back Forward Punch are outta Melbournetown and producing some really catchy disco pop. Complete with piano lines, filters galore and some smooth silky vocals.

Their latest single ‘Zero To Disco’ has gotten the remix treatment from Sydney’s Coupons as well as Melbourne dudes Dublin Aunts. Both are excellent, but I think it’s the Coupons remix that takes the cake for me – they’ve taken the original and made it their own.

You can stream the original as well as the two remixes below. SO GOOD!




Sydney boys Jubilants are a fairly fine band. We posted their track Antics a while ago and it got a fair bit of love.

The Melbourne gents, Dublin Aunts have had their way with it though…discoing it up and giving it even more funk. Grab it down below!

Jubilants – Antics (Dublin Aunts Remix)

You can expect some new stuff from Jubilants ready for the summer. YES!