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Marc Deaz of Grandstands and Alex Moodie of KIRA have combined to form Teamwork.

They’ve played together before in a little band called Surfing in Hawaii, but this Teamwork tip follows a more ethereal dreamy electronica bent.

As the name would suggest, Teamwork is a project that provides the opportunity for Marc and Alex to work with a whole heap of different Melbourne based musicians. The first taste, ‘Dramatic Sea Cliffs’ features the vocal talents of Alex Servinis from Ern Malley and is an early indication as to what to expect from the duo’s first tape, due out March 23 on Whalesmouth. Limited run of 30 tho, so keep an eye out.

As we slowly edge our way into Autumn and then Winter, these warm hazy sounds feel all the better.




Gold Coast does not necessarily always equal party party party music. It’s also, in the case of GOVS, a solo project from Josiah Birrell, a place where dreamy guitar pop lives.

GOVS reminds me a little bit of Bored Nothing, i think partly due to the fact that it’s a one man band, but also that laid back vibe that his stuff exudes. There’s also a real Beach House vibe to some of his other tracks. Put simply, it’s just really fucking good!

The dude’s debut self-titled EP came out a little while ago – you can grab it on iTunes here. I’ve got track two below though as a free download.

DOWNLOAD (Right Click, Save As)



shining bird

This newy from Shining Bird is pretty outtathisworld. It’s this euphoric long lasting trip that seems to sit above any normal sense of time and space.

‘Distant Dreaming’ is taken from the bands debut album, due for release Autumn of this year. It’s freakin great to hear some excellent music coming out of more regional parts of Australia too – these gents are from Austinmer, which is on the New South Wales South Coast.

You can stream the track below, and of course, if you dig, make sure you grab it over on their bandcamp page.



I wrote about the new Lowlakes single over on last week. It is a rather rad track. I then went and saw them on Saturday night at Ding Dong Lounge and my gosh were they good. The boys are now ever in New York getting ready for playing CMJ…a good gig if you can get it.

Anyway, the new single, ‘Cold Company’ has this really broad washed over sort of feel…but as the name suggests, it doesn’t necessarily elicit a warm feeling. As I wrote over on Mismatch,

“it’s a familiar cold, a cold you don’t necessarily hate. The drums lend this almost robotic, continuous motion from beginning to end, and the vocals of Tom Snowdon add this uneasy feeling, with so much emotion sitting on top of the cold atmospheric bed of guitars and synth.”

Stream it below and be in awe of how great these boys are.



Some super washy dream pop to begin your new week.

Was listening to triple j unearthed radio yesterday afternoon and ‘Someday’ by Driffs track came on, and man, LOVE.

Sounds a bit like Bored Nothing which is pretty good.



Two local dudes doing some really really good stuff over in the States are High Highs. The guys are quite amazing – such a beautiful sound, that actually holds back a fair bit. But I think it’s in that holding back, that you actually get a whole lot more out of their work. It’s not busy, and at times the instrumentation and arrangements are quite simple. But there’s something that cuts right through.

These guys have already been touted as an act to keep your eye on. I can see why!

You can stream their debut self-titled EP (official release is this Friday – 24th) below and make sure you check out the excellent clip for lead track, ‘Open Season’ too.

Also keep your eyes and ears peeled, coz the boys are set to release a full length January 2013.



Mrs Bishop are two Sydney based bros doing some rather big dreamy pop music. The boys, Oscar and Hugo are in fact Swedish gents, and grew up in the UK before moving to Sydney town.

I’m not sure how much of an influence their country of origin has on their life, but man does it have an influence on their music. So much so they’ve also done a cover of the pretty raucous hate To Say I Told You So by fellow Swedes, The Hives turning it into this small introspective sounding piece with these ethereal vocals.

The boys have got a new single out though, called Broken Wing. Produced by Tony Espie (Midnight Juggernauts, Jinja Safari, The Avalanches), it is a well crafted pop track with the subtle opening of vocals and the slow build into something bigger. Reminds me a fair bit of Diamonds by Dancing Heals which we featured a while ago, especially in it’s structure. It’s also a very warm production – everything here kinda soothes you – nothing appears out of place.

We got a stream of Broken Wing below as well as their cover of Hate To Say I Told You So. Also make sure you check out the clip for Broken Wing.

Mrs BishopBroken Wing

Mrs BishopHate To Say I Told You So (Cover)




Hoonlight Mours

The Holidays are a band out of Sydney who make some pretty fun tropico-pop (there’s probably a better term to describe their music with…). Anyway, they’re track Moonlight Hours is super catchy and has been getting major play on Triple J. The guys have got a debut album coming out later on this year too which has been mixed by one Tony Espie (Avalanches, Cutters, Architecture in Helsinki…#WIN anyone?).

Definitely recommend checking out Moonlight Hours over at the bands MySpace and picking it up over at iTunes for a measly dollar seventy.

Something awesome that came through to the inbox just a while ago though was that killer Jonathan Boulet remix of the track. Jonathan Boulet is a master in his own right…but the treatment he gives to the already awesome original actually genuinely blew me away. It takes it into this dreamstate and Boulet owns it. He does something to it that just transforms it…forces you to have a mini trip.

And there’s also this vid…which is nothing other than amazing. It’s created by a fella called Moop Jaw and it’s as trippy as the remix.

The Holidays – Moonlight Hours (Jonathan Boulet Remix)

Also, check out The Holidays support Bluejuice on their Ain’t Telling The Truth Tour…I’m checking them out on Friday night down at The Prince of Wales…so full report should be up on the weekend!

fake silver

Faux Pas is a Melbourne fella who produces some pretty dreamy electro pop. His track, Silver Line, just sits and washes over you. Atmospheric, dreamy, chair-dance inducing, a little head nodding. You listen to it the first time and you think ah yeah, it’s a good track and it just took me away from a few minutes and now my gf won’t talk to me again because I wasn’t listening to her (Mind you, that may be a goof thing…depending on your circumstances aye? amiright? amiright?).

But, you listen a second time (and actually pay proper attention to it, mind you, probably after you’ve been dumped or some shit), and you realise that the track is broken up into about 4 different sections:

1. the long slow building intro with those great ‘kooky’ vocals

2. the guitar groove that starts at 1:15

3. the great nice piano dwindly sounding bit and the synth that comes in and the synth arpeggios that follow (2:15)

4. the outro that eventually leads back to nothing.

And then after all this, you find that it didn’t seem like there were four separate sections…and you don’t really care about your probably now ex-gf. And that’s what is so good about Mr Pas. It washes over you and just let’s you take your mind away from your current thinking.

The track is getting a fair bit of play on triple j and the man himself (Tim Shiel is Faux Pas’ real name) has just been named as a 3RRR breakfaster (a pretty alright community radio station down here in Melbourne town).

You can check out his blog (he does write a very cool blog. funny and stuff…you know, kinda like this one but with actual humour injected into the writing…not just tryhard kinda stuff.). You can also check him out on Twitter, and starting next year, on 3RRR breakfast radio.

Anyway, you’re probably gagging at the bit now waiting to hear this track. It is good…beware. But you know…no expectations right?!

Faux Pas – Silver Line

(Purchase the single with a few remixes via his bandcamp page. Check out some older EP’s of his on iTunes)

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.