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No need for a Contiki tour…

to infinity and beyond...but underwater and not in a shopping trolley...although...

This time The Little Stevies brought us a charming video written by Lachlan Woods and directed one of the band members himself, Robin Geradts-Gill. This pictorial journey gives us a visual feast of their latest release, Dink You.

The video opens with interviewer, Hannah Moon discovering TLS plan to circumnavigate the world…and yes, you got it- by bicycle! Ok, I admit the idea is not new but TLS gave the concept a refreshing spin. Just like the catchy line in the song itself, “so let’s jump on our bikes and cycle ‘round the entire world”. TLS set the scene for an exciting journey kicking off from Elwood Beach in Victoria, equipped with their bikes, scuba gear and even table-tennis balls.

I was a bit disappointed at the use of still shots and for some silly reason I ACTUALLY expected to see them cycling around the entire world. But I guess TLS need to leave something to our imagination.

The product placement could have been a tad more subtle, as they paraded their scuba-cycling attire. (But I must divulge that TLS chose to use SWIFT Table-Tennis balls for superior buoyancy!)

Highlights had to be TLS alongside some of the many wonders of the world. I won’t spoil it- but my favourite is Josh in the river Jamuna in front of the Taj Mahal! Classic shot.

Don’t book a Contiki tour. Check this video out instead.

For those who are ‘concentrationally challenged’, check out the shorter version here. Speaking of tours though, the guys are doing an east coast tour (including Radelaide!) throughout November and December.

And of course, the track itself. Support local artists guys. Super super important!

The Little Stevies – Dink You

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