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Some really good deep house for your Friday afternoon. I came across Melbourne local North Pollard yesterday whilst trawling through facebook. His pretty chilled approach does wonders I reckon. Not much else to say, apart from the fact that his rework of Air‘s Alone in Kyoto is also really really really good.

Also below is a cut from his latest EP, Tricks, dropped a few months ago. Check it out. And check him out live if you can too!

North Pollard – Just a Little (download from iTunes)




From a song that I already dig heaps, comes a remix that I dig equally as much. Sydney’s Lancelot has gone and had his way with Catcall‘s new single The World Is Ours. Makes it into a super late night deep house vibe and fucking hell. It kills it. One of the best remixes I’ve heard this year so far, of one of the best pop tracks I’ve heard this year.

It be a WIN WIN!

Catcall – The World Is Ours (Lancelot Remix) by LANCELOT



“I’m not sure it’s 100% in-line with what you guys normally post, but I thought I’d shoot you a link regardless : )”

That’s part of the email Brisbane based minimal tech dude Big Sad sent a couple of days ago. And whilst I’m not up with the lingo (is minimal tech right??!), I really love this sound. It’s deep, takes you somewhere else completely and although you can get up and lose your shit a bit to it, it’s also kinda relaxing, especially his track Goner.

Both are below as streams, and make sure you download them.

Like this a heap!