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With this cover of Lorde‘s pretty massive track ‘Tennis Court’ added to his already rather impressive arsenal, Brisbane’s The Kite String Tangle is set to become pretty darn large. As front man of live electro outfit Pigeon, he’s showcased his pipes and, as a band, they made tidy work of some really nicely produced live dance music.

Solo though, TKST, or Danny to his mates, really manages to harness an incredible intricacy in his songwriting. And it’s not all so intricate that it sounds fragile or even weak. Pulling him through, I think, are the pop sensibilities that Danny brings to the table.

There’s a few comments floating online that this cover is better than the original, and, although I must say I haven’t familiarised myself that much with the original, this cover is pop, like big pop, but with the subtlety and consideration that helps him to still cut through and not lose any artistry.