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So, this is easily one of the better mixtapes I think I’ve put up here. It’s a bit more guitar based this one, with a bit of a lack of anything disco or tech, maybe apart from that KLP track. There’s also a little bit of incestuousness, with a couple of Chapter Music artists getting a bit of a look in. Then there’s soda eaves, the solo project of Jake Core of Hot Palms. And no, it’s not really a suprise that the newy from the Hot Palms fellas has made the tape, with his solo work proving a bit of an entree (albeit completely different in style). There’s also a whole heap of other excellent tracks, the tracks that I didn’t get time to post, but still make the grade.

So yeah, that’s it! You can download it below. Hopefully it’s nice and suave.

DOWNLOAD (RIght Click/Save As)


Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Vapour (Right Click/Save As)

Damn Terran – Lost (Right Click/Save As)

Dumb Blondes – Into The Light

Sagamore – I Had A Dream

sures – Waste

Wolf & Cub – I Need More

Darren Sylvester – Dream Or Something Like That

Pikelet – Pressure Cooker

Avaberee – Running Out (Right Click/Save As)

KLP – Down South (Right Click/Save As)

soda eaves – A Hundred Years To The Day

Hot Palms – Benny And The jets

Bad Dreems – Chills

Holy Holy – Impossible Like You

Going Swimming – Knackers

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – Jackie Boy

Bitch Prefect – Drifting




Woah. No, you didn’t read that incorrectly. This is the September edition of the maamf mixtape series. After a crazy busy month or so, I’ve finally gotten round to chucking all my fave tracks of the month into one tape. All local stuff, all fucking good.

MAAMF – September ’12 MIXTAPE


Bloods – Turn Blue

Neda – Dream Of Flying (Thrupence remix)

Electric Empire – Changin’

Hungry Kids of Hungary – Sharp Shooter

Maxi – From The Start

Driffs – Someday

Step-Panther – Maybe Later

Damn Terran – Pills

South City Sushi Cop – Bad Blocks

DEJA – Luststruck (Cosmo Black Remix)

Twerps – Work It Out



Brand spankin’ new Damn Terran track for your Saturday afternoon. Perhaps the best track to lose your absolute shit too. Raucous as fuck. You may well recognise the female voice, as it’s that of Ali E who we’ve written about in the past.

The new track is called Rebels and the guys are getting it out there with a bit of a tour. Dates below.

Damn Terran – Rebels

April 13 – The Zoo, Bris w/ DZ Deathrays, Velociraptor
April 14 – Tyms Guitars, Bris (All Ages In-store)
April 28 – Old Bar, Mel w/ Scul Hazzards, Chicks Who Love Guns, Bodies
May 05 – The Grace Emily, Adel w/ The Aves, Sincerely Grizzly, Horror My Friend
May 18 – FBI Social, Syd w/ Chicks Who Love Guns, Corpus, Sweet Teeth



Ali E is a local Melbourne based singer songwriter who also plays in Melbourne punk peeps Damn Terran.

Ali has a really sweet solo track out, So It Goes. It does have that whole Adalita vibe of disorted guitar and vocal…and I like that. It does feature drums, but towards the end, and it’s restrained which lets you focus on the lyrics a lot more.

Track is taken from Ali’s debut full length which she recorded over Easter. Not sure about a release date, but hopefully soon!

Ali E – So It Goes

If you like, you can grab the track from either iTunes or Bandcamp.



Damn Terran are a Melbourne band bringing some sweet punk rock sounds to our ears. They’re not re-inventing the wheel but what they do, they do very well. The EP, Pet Hate, is a great selection of messy, meandering tunes. They’ve just released a video for Rational Economic Man which I really dislike actually, I think it’s meant to feel like you’re at the gig but really I just feel kind of nauseous. I do love the sounds though. The driving Oh! is great but my favourite is probably the catchy second track Man Of Your Dreams or the final track You Need Me which ends the album on a wild note which makes me really want to see how they do it live.

They’re supporting Children Collide at The Corner on the 13th of August and it’s selling fast apparently so I better get my own ticket now

And speaking of Children Collide I’ve thrown in their video below too because I really, really like it. It’s directed by David Michôd who did Animal Kingdom.


Damn Terran – Man Of Your Dreams (get the album over at