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yes! One of my fave bands from a few years ago, Cut Off Your Hands are back.

New single, You Should Do Better is addictive pop. Sure they’re from New Zealand, and they’re not exactly local, but you know what? I like Milla Kunis (or however you spell her name). And she’s not from Australia.

I loved their debut album You & I. When I first started this blog (before it was what it is today), COYH’s track Oh Girl was one of my faves. So I’m kinda keen to see these guys back.

The new track is a little less jangly than their earlier stuff, but it’s a hell lot more assured and it’s almost impossible not to tap along, shake your head, lose your shit in a happy-go-lucky rage. I think what’s good about it is that whilst it sounds more mature, they definitely haven’t lost their songwriting chops.

Their new album Hollow is dropping July time right in time to coincide with them playing Splendour.

Cut Off Your Hands – You Should Do Better

ooh ooh ahh ahh

So, whilst this ain’t exactly a review or anything, I just thought I’d tell you peeps about the new music I bought today. First off, I got my hands on the new Kitsune Maison Compilation, number 7!

Kitsune Maison 7

Is v. good. I’ve had and loved a few of the tracks for a while, especially the Classixx version of Listzomania by Phoenix. Is simply pumping. Anyway, I encourage you to go out and buy it. You can check it out on iTunes and Amazon. If you like your good indie electro kinda stuff, the majority of the Kitsune stuff is worth a look.

Next up is an album called You and I by a New Zealand band called Cut Off Your Hands.

Cut Off Your Hands - You And I

I fell in love with two tracks from these guys earlier on this year. Launchpad Uplate played both Oh Girl and Turn Cold and I became hooked. But, stupid me, only just bought the album!! It’s a pretty good album. Not the best out there, but is still pretty good. Love good local guitar driven pop music.You can check the album out on iTunes and Amazon

Finally, probably the best album I bought. It’s Phoenix’s new one, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.

Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Actually, this is going straight into the best of 2009 page thing up the top. Is a great album hands down. To me, it doesn’t sound like much else out there. All the tracks are great – Listzomania, 1901, Fences, actually, stuff it, I can’t single out specific tracks. They’re all equal! Wow. Didn’t think I’d love this album that much!! Check it out on iTunes and Amazon.

Free stuff? You know it.

First off, that Classixx remix of Listzomania I was raving on about before:

Phoenix – Listzomania (Classixx Version)

Second, a Cut Off Your Hands track:

Cut Off Your Hands – Oh Girl

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.