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2014-04-23 14.14.03

awwwwww yeah. I’m feeling seedy. Like, very seedy. And not in some sex-crazed maniac way, just hungover way.

So this’ll be funn!

Lucky for these here mixtapes then I suppose. An incredible mix as per usual. And apologies if it sounds different for some reason – I use GarageBand (yay for free software that does an alright job!) to create these – and that just updated itself, so I had to reteach myself as I went along.

But yes, anyway, April was bang up. It’s a big tape too with 16 tracks packed into just over an hour long mix.


DOWNLOAD (Right Click/Save As)

friendships – 2 Reel (friendships & Null) (Right Click/Save As)
City Calm Down – Pavement
Crooked Colours – In Your Bones
Cutloose – On Top (Ft. Blaq Carrie & Shaneal)
High-Tails – Bending Over Backwards (Snowy Nasdaq Remix) (Right Click/Save As)
Remi – Tyson
Jack R Reilly – My First Panic Attack (Right Click/Save As)
King Single – Restart Newstart Allowance
The Harpoons – Unforgettable
Roku Music – You
Lowtide – Blue Movie
BadDreems – Dumb Ideas
Emma Russack – Get Back
Cut Copy – Like Any Other Day
Collarbones – Burnout (Right Click/Save As)
Luke Howard – August (Kyson Remix)


BEST OF 2013 – ALBUMS [20-11]


ok. So really, these aren’t in any particular order. But, they are all pretty bloody excellent. As with last year, I’ve done a mix of one track from each album.

I’ll go into it in a bit more detail when I put up my top 10, but this year has been pretty different. It’s been a year when the blog has gone all over the shop, stopped for a couple of weeks, and has been a continuous source of (good) distraction.

So, these albums are those distractions. Sure, there are 10 other albums that perhaps were more distracting, but these one’s did a pretty bloody good job all the same.

No particular order for these ones, but I have included a stream for each (I is generous like that).

DOWNLOAD (Right Click/Save As)



2013-10-06 12.13.12

Here it is. Smack bang, ready for your shortened week (if you were lucky enough to just have a long weekend that is. Soz if not).

As always, the tape runs all over your genres, from some of that lovely jangle pop to some grungy stuff to whatever on earth Cut Copy are doing nowadays. And that new edit from The Avalanches makes me hard.


DOWNLOAD (Right Click/Save As)


James X. Boyd – Paul K. & The Downtown Specials

The Stevens – Hindsight

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – I Am Not A Man Unless I Have A Woman

Cull – World Inside Your Head (Right Click/Save As)

Violent Soho – Saramona Said

Naysayer & Gilsun – All That Good Work

Cut Copy – Free Your Mind

Hunters & Collectors – Talking To A Stranger (The Avalanches Rework)

World’s End Press – Reformation Age

Martin King – I’ll Be

Animaux – Alaska (Right Click/Save As)

Amaya Laucirica – Found Some Secret

The Ancients – Hey Now

Jonti x Big Scary – Slumming It In Paradise

Paul Macadam – Hackit (Right Click/Save As)


The 10 Best Albums of 2011

wowz. This has been so amazingly difficult. It’s been a year of evolution in regards to my music taste – a year when maamf featured perhaps more local stuff than ever before, and a year when the local scene in general was pretty freaking strong. It’s also been a year where my taste has gotten even broader…I don’t know how, but it has.

Attempting to dwindle this down to 10 was so hard. Others aren’t doing a top 10, but are instead doing a top 50. That be cray cray is you ask me.

I’m also too lazy.

So, like other years, a bit of an honourable mention section. The peeps that so nearly made the top 10 were:

Big Scary – Vacation, Feist – Metals, M83 – Hurry Up We’re Dreaming, Seekae +DOME, Toro Y Moi – Underneath The Pine, Total Control – Henge Beat.

There were also a whole heap of albums that made a super long list of about 48 albums or so – you can check out those on our facebook.

Anyway, from 1-10, these are my fave albums of 2011. Complete with a stream of a track from each. If you dig, you should get them out again. If you don’t have ’em, grab ’em!

1. Twerps – Twerps

From that opening riff, you know that this is going to be an amazing album. I guess time will tell, but to me, this album is already an Australian classic. Sounds super wanky, but it sounds Australian – I think it’s those big sweeping guitars and the strong bass lines. And it’s the fact that it straddles that line between sounding big and grand but still sounds like it’s just a few mates messing around.

Twerps – Who Are You

2. Adalita – Adalita

An album pretty heavy with emotion is Adalita’s debut. Dean Turner, bass player with Adalita’s old band Magic Dirt helped in the production of some of this album before he passed away two years ago. The album itself sounds quite restrained and considered – Adalita super strong vocals doubled up with a solo guitar full of distortion is almost haunting.

Adalita – The Repairer

3. Oscar + Martin – For You

This was so close for my album of the year. The thing I love the most about this disc is the beats. And the vocals. And that pretty Melbourne sounding floor tom. And the 90’s r’nb influence. But nah, yeah, it really is the grooves that get me on this.

Oscar + Martin – Do The Right Thing

4. Gotye – Making Mirrors

It would be stupid of me if I didn’t include this on the list. People are calling this album of the year, and you can see why. The amazing production on this album will ensure it has it’s place as a bit of an Aussie classic. Wally is an incredible musician and such an amazingly great songwriter. There isn’t a bad song on this disc.

Gotye – State of the Art

5. The Middle East – I Want That You Are Always Happy

Perhaps one of the most anticipated local releases of the year, this, as an album, is a bit of a work of art. The shear emotion that builds right across the disc is moving. Sure there are the sometimes out there lyrics (jesus you’re a fire in my foreskin everyday – Merry Christmas everyone!), but yeah, all together, it’s an album that evokes such clear imagery – and I don’t necessarily mean the lyrics. These guys definitely went out on a high note.

The Middle East – Ninth Avenue Reverie

6. Cut Copy – Zonoscope

When this album finally dropped I was initially a bit disappointed. It’s definitely no In Ghost Colours, but after a few more listens, it’s actually a pretty solid release. There are definitely some great tracks on here and I really like the way it all somehow melds together. It’s no secret that I absolutely love these gents!

Cut Copy – Pharaohs & Pyramids

7. Oh Mercy – Great Barrier Grief

Yeah, so bad puns aside, I really like the work of Alexander Gow. I think their first album was a bit of a sleeper hit – flew under the radar a bit. This disc definitely has had a lot more promo, but i think there’s a real sound that comes through on this record. hearing interviews with Gow, he’s quite romantic about the idea of Australia and the shear vastness of land in this country. I think the record has captured that pretty nicely.

Oh Mercy – Doldrums

8. Single Twin – Marcus Teague

To me, this was an album that I gave one listen and then it gathered dust, well, it gathered digital dust. There were one or two tracks on there that I knew were great, well crafted pop songs, but man, I’m so glad I went back. All the tracks on this album are so well crafted. But easily, I think the thing that makes this go from a good album to a great album is the bed of noise that sits beneath each track – the samples, the slight distortion. They sound quite separate, but they seem to compliment each other really well.

Single Twin – The Blow (Fell Out The Window)

9. Step-Panther – Step-Panther

This is a disc that holds one of my fave tracks of the year. My Neck is such a killer, sweet, smack in your face packet of slacker-kid goodness. But then, so is the album. I never really expected this disc to be near the top for me, but after giving it a few listens, man, it’s just a heap of fun.

Step-Panther – Rock And Roll Alien

10. Yuck – Yuck

This is seriously one of the albums that gives me tingles. Warm lovely nostalgic tingles. English peeps Yuck, do fuzzed out indie pop goodness – sure, some of the stuff sounds the same, and it is massively tinged with 90’s fuzz stuff like Dinosaur Jnr, but the sounds that they do produce, to me, are some of the best.

Yuck – Georgia


wow. This here is one of those remixes that seriously stands on it’s own two feet and shouts I’m here! Although the original is epic enough (15mins anyone?!), Andrew Weatherall‘s remix of Cut Copy‘s album closer and new single Sun God cuts away the fat, still manages to make it epic and man, I think is a late contender for one of my fave remixes of the year.

Cut Copy – Sun God (Andrew Weatherall Remix) by modularpeople



Wowz. Two of my fave bands, together at last. The ever great Cut Copy boys have their way with Death Cab‘s latest Doors Unlocked and Open, taken off their most recent LP Codes and Keys.

It seemed as though Cutters went through a big massive remix phase where they dished out some absolutely killer remixes – think Kaiser Chiefs, The Presets, Mercy Arms, The Juan Maclean. It seems as though the guys are back on track with this Death Cab remix – it shows their ‘new’ sound a lot more – far more housey. They’ve managed to alter Ben Gibbard’s vocals so well, and I think Dan Whitford’s vocals creep in towards the end as well.

Make sure you check this one out. The drop at 5:01 is big – this is a 7min remix journey of percussive house proportions.

Death Cab For CutieDoors Unlocked and Open (Cut Copy Remix)



ok. So tonight, VIVID LIVE begins. I am a little excited. I also live in Melbourne. And this is a two week festival. So, i’m heading up tonight and heading back Monday (Can’t afford to stay the full two weeks ya know.)

For me, it’s going to be part get away/part excitement times. We’re checking out the Leave Them All Behind party tonight which features Bag Raiders, Azari & III, Beni, Softwar, The Swiss and Softblow DJs. LINEUP ANYONE??!!

Then on Sunday night we’re checking out Architecture In Helsinki. That should be really really really great and am psyched.

So, sure, I miss out on The Avalanches, and it was a toss up between Cut Copy and Architecture in Helsinki on Sunday (I’ve seen Cutters a heap of times and I’ve never seen AiH live before). And then there’s Van She who are playing at Sneaky Sundays on Sunday afternoon. Kinda wish we booked tix to that, but then again, there’s no point in going if it’s gonna clash with AiH.

But, yes. Am still friggin happy to be heading up. The Opera House is an amazing venue, so this should be a goodun!!

To celebrate, we got a few tracks and clips just below for you.

The Miracles Club – Light of Love (Cut Copy Re-vision) (Right click, save as)

Architecture In Helsinki – Contact High (Javelin Remix) (Right click, save as)

Bag Raiders – Sunlight (Right click, save as)

Azari & III – The Worker (Right click, save as)

Two Door Cinema Club – Undercover Martyn (Softwar Remix) (Right click, save as)



ok, so super thanks to the excellent dudes at The Vine for this. They’ve managed to find out some of the VIVID Live linup via some sneaky detective work. Whilst this is everything but set in stone, it’s still fucking a+.

You can check out the article here, but here’s the basic rundown. Big act would definitely have to be Odd Future. And of course there’s some pretty stellar Modular acts too.

27 May – Spiritualized
27 May – Club Night #1 – Modular
28 May – Spiritualized
28 May – The Crystal Ark
28 May – Club Night #2 – Mad Racket
29 May – Architecture in Helsinki
29 May – Cut Copy
29 May – Club Night #3 Sneaky Sundays
30 May – Wu Lyf
31 May – Wu Lyf
1 June – Tame Impala
1 June – OFWGKTA
2 June – OFWGKTA
2 June – Sonny Rollins
3 June – Club Night #4 – Avalanches
3 June – Bat For Lashes
4 June – Bat For Lashes
4 June – Yo Gabba Gabba
4 June – Club Night #5 – 2manyDJs
4 June – Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
5 June – Yo Gabba Gabba
5 June – Azari & III
5 June – Chris Cunningham
5 June – Club Night #6 – Club Kooky

For me it’s the fact that The Avalanches are playing. I think i’m definitely going to have to fly up to Syds town for this one. Excitement is a bit of an understatement.


It seems every site under the sun are saying that they got there first. I got my info off The Vine, but it seems as though awesome bros Pedestrian as well as Mess + Noise and a few others have got the ‘exclusive’ too. I think the real winner here is the inner detective in all of us.


two bands who are/will be talk of the year when it comes to album of the year lists are Cut Copy and Architecture in Helsinki.

And looky what I just came across…Cutters and AIH together!

If this isn’t one of the sweetest reworks unlike most other stuff you’ve heard, then I don’t know what is. It’s AIH reworking new Cutters single Need You Now making what was a pretty upbeat Cutters track to this downbeat, loungy, almost Spanish sounding (with those guitar ‘frills’) ditty.

Dancing Heals

kkkkkkk. some feel good indie pop for your Thursday night. This stuff is supes sweet and is local too (Melbourne boys represent).

The band is Dancing Heals. The track is called Diamonds and they’ve got the production talents of Tony Espie (Cut Copy, Midnight Juggernauts) and that goth pop dude Mandy Kane.

Check it out and support the local artists.

Dancing Heals – Diamonds


Thanks to FASTERLOUDER for the pic.

ok, so this is nearly a week late sure, but you know what? I got there. Took me ages, but I got there.

Laneway Festival last weekend was killer. The venue is amazingo, and man, that lineup…jeepers. When I reviewed last years, I wrote something along the lines of it being a music bloggers wet dream. Well, this years was more like I actually meant to do it, not any of this of crap, look at the mess I’ve made during my sleep. This years was more like, let’s make more mess and stay awake and do some more.

Ok, so enough of the wank talk.

The first band we saw was The Holidays. We actually missed Buchanan due to the whole floods thing that happened last weekend. Took us a little longer to get to the venue. Pissed off I missed Buchanan, but glad I caught some of The Holidays set. If these guys were to play in a few years time at Laneway, I think their set would be mid afternoon, not one of the openers. No secret about my love for the guys, they’re album of last year made my top 10, and Broken Bones was one of my fave tracks from last year. They’re gonna get heaps big me thinks. Live, they’re really solid. I remember remarking to my mate that they’re heaps tighter than the last time we saw them (supporting Bluejuice early last year). Band on ze rise me thinks.

After Holidays, we caught some of World’s End Press. Same with Holidays, I reckon these guys will be closing a stage in a few years time. But that’s more because they’re stuff suits a bit more of a late night thing. Watching they’re pretty darn stellar disco indie stuff at 1 in the afternoon was kinda strange. But man, they do rock it live. I’d heard things about these boys, and now I know it’s true. Definitely a band that will be up there with Cutters and Juggers as big amazing Aussie bands doing big amazing things os.

World’s End Press – Faithful

From World’s End Press we went a little dark. PVT were good. But I dunno, there seemed to be something lacking from their set. I like them, but to be honest, I only have their last album. They were good, but yeah, something lacking. We left these guys and saw a tiny bit of Jenny and Johnny. These guys were pretty great. Indie guitar pop lovey dovey shit. But it’s good.

Until then, the bands were good, but if I went home at that point, I wouldn’t have been that happy with it all. The bands were all really good, but I didn’t have that moment where you go home thinking man, let’s not ever forget that.

Then we saw Beach House. To say that they were good, well, man. They were in my top three of the day, easily. Maybe 2nd best. Victoria is one of those indie goddess babes that you only think about seeing live. Teen Dream was massive here – made #2 on my albums list. Everything about them was great. I remember thinking ‘man, this is swoons galore’. supes was. Tracks like Zebra and Norway definitely helped the swooning.

Beach House – Norway

After Beach House, things got interesting. The intention was to go an check out Blonde Redhead, but they had swapped spots with Holy Fuck. So we decided to stay at this stage and check out Two Door Cinema Club. I wasn’t that fussed on these guys before Laneway. They can write some amazing pop songs, but they didn’t really do it for me. That, and I was sceptical about them live. Their songs are so quick and tight that I thought they wouldn’t be able to pull it all off. I was mistaken though. After a massive wait (40mins and missing out on Holy Fuck) and seeing the crowd go crazy apeshit, they actually pulled it off damn well. It still lacked something for me though. But that probably says more about my music snobbery than anything else.

Next up was Yeasayer. We were towards the back for these guys, so I think I missed out on the best parts, but tracks like O.N.E., Madder Red and Ambling Alp were all massive, and tight and killer. After those dudes we managed to check out a tiny bit of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, and man, gold pants? Really? I didn’t get these guys at all.

Then it was off to check out Blonde Redhead in their later timeslot. These guys were easily the surprise of the day. I knew they had good songs, but wow. They were tight as hell, had that super loud wall of sound thing going on, and well, then there’s the songs. Pop song perfection these guys are. So glad I was these guys.

Blonde Redhead – Spring And By Summer Fall

And then there was Cutters.

Although their set incorporates a bit of techy stuff (I love tech, but I think I love In Ghost Colours so much that it skews what I hear just a bit), they were solid. They even had a door onstage, which although it was a little wanky, kinda worked. People thought that the only reason they had it on stage was so that they could enter the stage that way (mind you, the door was front and centre). They did enter the door that way, and you could tell that even they thought it was a little funny. But then, man, that door had some magic powers or something. It moved around, they’re were images on it, it was it’s own little light show. It was having a party. And so were we (bad segue anyone?!). I love Cutters and probably will until I die. Anything they do, I love (and I’m sure i’ll love Zonoscope after a few more listens).

Out There On The Ice seems to be nearly everyone’s favourite track of there’s. Don’t even think it’s was released as a single, but they always pull it out live.  I loved them. Can’t say it enough.

Cut Copy – Out There On The Ice

All in all, it was pretty darn good. Food didn’t run out also which was a good thing. Bring on next year. The guys always put on a great festival.


Simply put?


I love the original of this. And I also love all the remixes and originals Flight Facilities have done so far. So, really, this was a bit of a match made in heaven. It doesn’t completely alter it. It just pushes it into this more driven extended almost discoish mix, complete with seagulls. To say it’s good is an understatement.

Cut Copy – Take Me Over (Flight Facilities Remix)



okokok. So this dropped in the inbox a few hours ago, and now that i’m finally home, i thought i should post about it.
Cut Copy are doing a ‘video project’ in Melbourne this week, and want all you kids to be part of it. All you gotta do is email with your details (presume that means age, gender, your love of Cutters), your availability, and a recent photo. I’m thinkin only hot ones need apply – you may be getting topless.


2011 Australian Album List

pic courtesy of Erin.

ok. So, for the second time in as many years, a new Avalanches album has made the Home & Hosed‘s Album’s of the new year list.

And here’s hoping that they actually do put out a new album this year, some 11 or so years after their debut.

Anyway, enough of the Avalanches anxiety. There are some pretty exciting albums on this list.

The ones I’m looking most forward to are:

FEB – Cut Copy – Zonoscope (Modular/Universal)

MAR – Collarbones – Iconography (Two Bright Lakes/Remote Control), The Little Stevies – Attention Shoppers (Independent), Oh Mercy – Great Barrier Grief (Capitol/EMI)

APR – Mike Noga – The Balladeer Hunter (TBC)

JUNE – Nick Huggins – TBA (Two Bright Lakes/Remote Control)

AUG – Big Scary – TBA (Independent)

NO MONTH YET – Alpine – TBA (Ivy League), The Avalanches – TBA (Modular/Universal), Jonathan Boulet – TBA (Modular/Universal), Geoffrey O’Connor – TBA (Chapter Music), The Grates – TBA (Dew Process/Universal), Gotye – TBA (Independent/Eleven), Jack Ladder – TBA (Spunk/EMI), The Middle East – TBA (Spunk/EMI), No Device – The Devil Makes Work For Idle Hands (Independent), Pnau – Soft Universe (Warner Music), Rat Vs Possum – TBA (Sensory Projects), Seekae – TBA (Rice Is Nice), The Twerps – TBA (Chapter Music), World’s End Press – TBA (Love & Mercy)

You can access the full list here.

And of course, some music, to get you in the mood.

The Little Stevies – Feel It

Seekae – Blood Bank

Oh Mercy – Keith St.

World’s End Press – Faithful

Cut Copy – Zonoscope tracklisting

There’s only a month and a bit until the new Cut Copy albums drops.

This morning the boys let us know the track listing for Zonoscope. Although tracklistings are only just words on a page until you hear the tracks themselves, it’s still exciting. It is Cut Copy after all!

They also dropped a brand new remix of the first official single, Take Me Over. Done by Thee Loving Hands (or Tim Goldsworthy to his mumma), the remix is massive. A full 10:24mins long, it is this big thing full of acapella vox and big fat climaxes. Tim Goldsworthy is of course the man that produced In Ghost Colours, the last Cutters album. YES!!

Cut Copy – Take Me Over (Thee Loving Hand Remix by Tim Goldsworthy)


Cut Copy – Zonoscope tracklisting

1. Need You Now
2. Take Me Over
3. Where I’m Going
4. Pharaohs & Pyramids
5. Blink and You’ll Miss a Revolution
6. Strange Nostalgia for The Future
7. This Is All We’ve Got
8. Alisa
9. Hanging Onto Every Heartbeat
10. Corner of the Sky
11. Sun God

St Kilda Festival 2011 First Lineup

ok. So for anyone who lives down in Melbourne, you’ll know that the St Kilda Festival is always a bit of fun. Good food, some pretty awesome live music, and best of all, the whole thing is free.

The festival runs between Feb 5 and Feb 13 and is held right throughout St Kilda and Festival Sunday is on Sunday the 13th Feb. Festival Sunday sees about 60 bands playing across a few different stages with the main stage on the beach. Last year I saw Jonathan Boulet play this small little stage, and the year before I witnessed Cut Copy doing a pretty awesome DJ set and Aussie rock legends The Angels doing a set. So yeah, they always manage to attract some fairly decent acts. They also announce the shortlist for the Australian Music Prize – you can check out all of the entrants for that here.

Anyway, so on Friday they announced four of the acts playing on Festival Sunday. They always have some pretty great local acts. So anyway, without further ado, the first four acts announced are:

Tim Finn


Paris Wells

Hungry Kids of Hungary

I’m especially looking forward to Kimbra and Hungry Kids of Hungary (and we got two of their tracks below). They’re going to announce the rest of the lineup in January, so stay tuned.

Kimbra – Settle Down

Hungry Kids of Hungary – Scattered Diamonds



The full lineup has been announced, and we’ve got it on maamf. You can see it all, including playing times right here.


ok, so yesterday Cutters released part three of their making of Zonoscope doco series. It all looks super super exciting and i’m kind of pumped for this. You can check out ALL THREE of the docos as well as a download of their first ‘official’ single Take Me Over.

I love Take Me Over. It’s classic Cut Copy. You can tell it’s Cut Copy too which I reckon is always good. Anyway, the vid is interesting and I think might give us a bit of an inkling as to what some of the tracks sound like. Am especially looking forward to that 16 minute track at the end of the album!

Chapter 1 – Radio S.O.S.


Chapter 2 – Skies of The Milk Ape


Chapter 3 – Dark Side of The Pleasure Dome


Cut Copy – Take Me Over


So, this got me super super super excited this morning. After pulling out the phone, checking my facebook, I see that Cut Copy‘s labelModular posted up an article from SPIN mag about the new Cutters album. It has the album artwork (yep, that’s it just above), the album name, and a run down of what we can expect.

The album is called Zonoscope. And the artwork, as you can see, is rather incredible. And about the sound of the record, Cutters main man Mr Whitford reckons: “All the way along we had this weird vision of a tropical, jungle, tribal sound. A place or an idea that we wanted to reach with some of the songwriting; to explore a looping hypnotic trance and revise the whole palette of what Cut Copy was about.”

Anyway, for even more deets, check out the article over on SPIN. Also, they got part two of their making of album number three vids on there too. You can check out part one here.

The album is getting a local release on Feb 4, and will be released in the UK and Europe on Feb 7 and the US on Feb 8.

I am so bloody excited about this. And they’re playing at Laneway next year too. Seriously amazingo!

Laneway 2011 LINEUP!

ok. So this morning, Triple J slowly let out the lineup for the St Jeromes Laneway Festival for next year…


I think that’s all I can say! Most of the bands I’ve been hanging out to see but haven’t been able to coz of the year that is Honours Thesis are on this list.

Cutters (AM SO FREAKING PUMPED TO SEE THESE BOYS LIVE AGAIN!) played at Parklife which would’ve been awesome.

Yeasayer and Beach House played at Splendour.

And then there’s PVT, Rat Vs Possum, The Holidays, Bear In Heaven, Deerhunter, Holy Fuck, Gotye…man, the list just goes on and on. It’s like a bloggers wet dream…or nightmare (Too many great bands in only one day!)

Anyway, you can check out the lineup just below. You can check out my mini review of last years here. Also make sure you check out a few tracks from the bands playin.

I am freaking excited!

Ariel Pink
Beach House
Bear in Heaven
Blonde Redhead
Cut Copy
Holy Fuck
Jenny and Johnny
Les Savy Fav
Local Native
The Antlers
The Holidays
PVT (PVT – Window)
Rat vs Possum (Rat Vs Possum – Binti Jua)
Two Door Cinema Club
Violet Soho
World’s End Press (World’s End Press – Golden Child)
Yeasayer (Yeasayer – O.N.E)

it’s started

So, if you follow us on twitter or fb you would’ve noticed that last night we raved on about how Triple J were playing the new Cut Copy single this morning (it was at 7:30…) I actually slept right through my alarm and was nearly late for work and completely Cutters on the J’s.


I got an email this morning…and I think other Cutters fans out there may have received the same one. The boys are giving away their new track Where I’m Going away for free! All you gotta do is jump along to their website, click on Download A New Cut Copy Song, put in your email address and voila, a download gets sent to you. SIMPLE!

Anyway, onto the track. There’s already been a bit of stuff written up in blog land, and people are saying it’s good, but it’s definitely different. I actually don’t think it’s that different. I agree, you can’t call the new track dance music, but it still has the Cutters sound, especially Dan’s very distinctive vocals. Love that man’s voice.

And the little “yeah’s” in the chorus are something I didn’t expect. Good touch though. Will be interesting to see what the album comes up with. Looking forward to it like there’s no tomorrow.

You can stream the track below and don’t forget to jump along to their site for your download.

Cut Copy – Where I’m Going

some of the best news in a while

Cutters are seriously the best band out there. Plain and simple. I heard Lights and Music live the other night on Home & Hosed and man, it is so good live.

Ok. So i’m thinking we’ve established that I love them.

But, shit just got better. This morning, i checked my twitter in bed like the lazy kid i am and lo and behold i read that Cutters have finished recording their third album and are just about to get it mixed. It looks as though Jan is the month for release, and we can expect the first single to hit us during the latter half of the year (Septemberish…). Check out the full Pitchfork article here and check out a little video Krozm has put together about the dudes making the record.


I am seriously considering going to Parklife just for them.

Cut Copy – So Haunted (Knightlife’s Sun-Soaked Reprise)

The Juan MacLean – Happy House (Cut Copy Space Is The Place Remix)

calming influence

City Calm Down. I think us Melbourne (and some Sydney) kids are some of the best in good electro. Cut Copy, Midnight Juggernauts, Trust Us (definitely check these kids out).

And i think you can add City Calm Down to that list. They remind me of Cutters a hell of a lot, especially their track Lost. Trapped. They have the whole disco sound down pat and can write some killer, freakin catchy melodies. Perhaps a little bit darker than Cutters…could be the perfect mix of maamf faves Cutters and Juggers. Oh. YES!

Anyway, enough of the gushing. The guys have an EP coming out soon, but just below, you can check out two of my faves from the EP Lost. Trapped, and Collect Your Thoughts.

City Calm Down – Lost. Trapped

City Calm Down – Collect Your Thoughts

the best thing about Australia would be…

…my two favourite bands (more on that later though). I’m going to be serious for a short moment – maamf is very rarely serious, so it’s only a once in a lifetime kind of thing!)

I’m not one for patriotism…in recent times, the Australian flag has been used in such a negative way that I actually cringe when I see people get off the train going to the Big Day Out draped in an Australian flag. You can only think of drunk bogans drinking on the train, the over the top ‘love for their country’ crap, as well as the hidden messages behind it all. There have been some horrible slogans created by some of these bogans who reckon that Australia is just for them. They actually forget that Australia is built on people coming here, we are full of many different people/cultures etc. And that’s what makes us us.

Anyway, whilst I’m not that much of a fan of what Australia Day conjures up on a mainstream-ish scale, I am a fan of the Hottest100 of course…although the winner was leaked a few days before! I’m also a fan of some of the great Australian artists, designers, writers, musicians. Two of my favourite bands are Australian actually.

Cut Copy are definitely favourites amongst the blogging community also. They’re just one of those bands that sound good, all the time. They’re a great live band. They’re also great doing a DJ set. They’re just awesome basically. And perhaps my favourite Cutters song is off their debut album Bright Like Neon Love. The track is Time Stands Still and you can check it just below.

Another fave band of mine would have to be Van She. These guys are also pretty massive in the blogging scene…but perhaps more so for their remixes under the Van She Tech moniker. Their debut, V is a fave of mine. And one of my favourite pop songs ever written is Kelly. Check that just below also.

Cut Copy – Time Stands Still

Van She – Kelly

K. That’ll do the ramble for now

Cut Copy – So Cosmic

Cut Copy - So Cosmic

ok. So, here’s another mixtape Cut Copy have put out. I think it was released late 2007/early 2008. Is bloody good too! Well…of course it is. It’s Cutters! My first introduction into Cutters was their Fabriklive 29 compilation. And this reminds me quite a bit of that.

There’s some killer remixes on here, namely track 2, the Knightlife remix of So Haunted. Also, the Holy Ghost! track Hold On is just freaking awesome. Much love for Holy Ghost!

If you like what you hear, you have to check them out live, either as a band or as DJ’s. Of course I’m biased, but, they’re just freaking great!!!

Anyway, here’s the link. you can check out the tracklist on the Cutters blog, right here.

Once again, cheers to JR for helping me out on this one!

Cut Copy – So Cosmic

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.