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Ok fair cop – we’ve not been writing heaps.

At least for my part it’s NOT busyness, that old gen-y copout. I’m just hating all Aussie music. All of it. Loathing every single morsel of sound from this oversized island continent.

Well, maybe not EVERY morsel. Maybe there are are a FEW tracks queued up for a writeup. Maybe even a few more than a few. Alright, I can disclose that there are a lot. But stop harping on about the damn queue and besides, my busyness is foundational to my identity. You can handle it, you’re nothing if not resilient.

Circumnavigating completely around that queue metaphor is Feki with this ‘Remember‘.
Just because wow.

In truth I damn near posted his Paces Remix last week anyway – my point being it’s ALL strong.
The guy has got ears. Classy, heavy, feelsy ears.

Everything he touches carries a kind of classic freshness, now including this (previously manic) post.

In this critical time, with classic freshness more precious than ever, I for one am glad to have this chill brisvegnite churning it out by the truckload.



ok, so we found out about these guys from the lovely Who The Hell peeps. We then tagged them on our facebook with a link to their soundcloud. Sometimes shit like that pays off.

Phondupe are out of Sydney town and seriously  make chill cool again. Lead track Aviary West reminds me of early Air and even some of the early Groove Armada kinda stuff. It’s got such a lovely laidback groove to it, it’s kinda perfect for that early summer slowly starting to creep on in. You can check out Aviary West down below and make sure you check out their other track Hideyoshi’s Seven Skillful Spearmen of Shizugatake (yeah, seriously) over on their unearthed profile. The guys should have a vid as well as a debut EP.


Phondupe – Aviary West