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Say what you want about Chet Faker. There seems to be a bit of dislike for him – maybe it’s because he worked with that other guy people like to dislike, Flube. Or maybe it’s because he’s, like, successful now man and he’s no longer underground and stuff coz we’re so indie and hip. He’s ruining the whole bearded dude vibe bro. What? Hipsters? Nah man, we just really in touch with what’s going on and don’t like the mainstream and stuff. 

But I dunno. Sure his album was a little lacklustre, but I think the dude still can write a mean tune. And there is something about that voice. Time will tell in regards to whether he’ll ever create a critical success though I guess.

But mate, when you get a fella like Roland Tings to jump on and have a play, then you’re on to something else, and hey, maybe even something that all those kool doodes can vibe on, bro. It’s acidy, feels minimal, and shows enough respect for the original without losing it’s other worldly feel.




So whether you’re nursing an election hangover (get ready for another 3 years at least), or you’re one of those quiet ones who are slightly chuffed at last night’s results (you know what will happen right?), it’s my hope that this mixtape, although a little late, will help make your Sunday night. It’s a biggun, and features some rather stellar acts. Not many individual tracks for download this month I know (keeping it kool with the artists dudes), but hey, the mixtape itself is solid – maybe give that a download instead.

DOWNLOAD (Right Click/Save As)


Jack Reilly – It’s Too Late I’m Awake Already

Ta-ku – We Were In Love

Chet Faker – Melt feat Kilo Kash

Bec and Ben – White Wall (Right Click/Save As)

Money For Rope – Nova Pilota

Freak Wave – Deep Burn

Set Sail – Hey!

Cabins – Go To Sleep

Summer Flake – Blue

Seekae – Another

Chela – Romanticise (Collarbones Remix)

Black Vanilla – Dominatrix

Roland Tings – Tomitas Basement

Lower Spectrum – Heedless (Right Click/Save As)

Manor – Architecture

Full Ugly – Drove Down

Cypher – Liar (Right Click/Save As)




It’s the June mixtape. Below are the tracks that have got me through the past month. It even features a small bit of a double feature working ‘Wimbledon 1980’ by Indian Wells and the Jon Hopkins piano version of ‘Modern Driveway’ originally by Luke Abbott.

This was easily the most fun mix to make, especially working with the opening rework. Once again, it features some absolutely killer tracks, from the amazing indie goodness of I, A Man, the almost tribal epicness of Jonathan Boulet to the straight out techno fantasticness of the latest track from The Presets.

MAAMF JUNE ’12 MIXTAPE (Right click/save as to download)


Indian Wells vs. Luke Abbott/Jon Hopkins – Modern Driving to Wimbledon 1980

I, A Man – The Scenic Route (Right click/save as to download)

Bobby Womack – Stupid Interlude (Ft. Gil Scott-Heron)

Bobby Womack – Stupid

Grey and Patrice – So Beautiful (Right click/save as to download)

Collarbones – Missing

The Presets – Youth In Trouble

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – American Dream, Pt II

Snakadaktal – Dance Bear

Van She – Jamaica

Junior Boys – Every Little Step (Flume Remix)

Jonathan Boulet – Dread Is This Place

Jeremy Neale – Darlin’ (Right click/save as to download)

Saskwatch – Your Love

Palms – Love

Cat Power – Ruin (Right click/save as to download)

The Temper Trap – Trembling Hands (Chet Faker Remix)

Love Migrate – Plagued Are All My Thoughts



Ok, so I actually really loved the first Temper Trap album, although quite a few out there had different ideas. Sure they were once a Melbourne local indie band that had a killer live reputation and a few tracks out there on the blogs. And now they’re perhaps one of the biggest Australian exports this country has seen. But meh, it all be Tall Poppy Syndrome to me. Some people gonna hate.

All that said however, I’m not that fussed on their new album. Granted, I’ve only heard a handful of tracks off it, but yeah, overall it doesn’t do it for me. Latest single ‘Trembling Hands’ is a pretty decent track though.

There’s a few remixes popping up of the track too which is good to see given that the track is in 6/8 which suggests it may be harder to make a four to the floor banger. But, Strange Talk have done that.

The Strange Talk remix keeps the dark quite sad feel of the original and puts this slow groove underneath. I almost think it could be slowed down even more, but it still kills.

Another remix getting a fair bit of attention is from Chet Faker. I loved this when I first heard it…then I went off it a bit. Now, it’s slowly starting to grow on me again. It keeps that 6/8 groove but lowers it all, giving Dougie’s voice this eery slightly robotic sound. The big psych out thing going on at the end takes the track somewhere else. Works a heap.



So this is a little late, I know. The internet situation for me has been a little all over the place lately – moved to a new spot and we’re working out which net plan would be best!

Anyway, this here is a bit of a mix of my fave tracks of March. It’s a full 20 tracks long and features a fairly decent range of stuff. There’s also some internationals in the mix too!

You can stream and download the thing below. Some tracks up for individual download too!

MAAMF – March ’12 Mix (Right click/Save as)

MAAMF March ’12 Mix Tracklisting

skullsquadron – Tomorrow Morning

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Dream On

Mesa Cosa – 666

Bleeding Knees Club – Who Are You

Tanlines – Green Grass

Kristina Miltiadou – Carousel

Cosmo Black – Blind

Cloud Nothings – Our Plans

Buchanan – Run Faster

Siobhan – Don’t Take Her Heart If You’re Gonna Let Her Down

Beach House – Myth

Catcall – The World Is Ours

Bon Chat, Bon Rat – Dust Proud (featuring Pepepiano)

Miiks Snow – Archipelago

DZ Deathrays – No Sleep

Twinsy – Take Me Home

Super Best Friends – No Logo Is A Joke

Galapagoose – One Who Can’t Move

Chet Faker – Love and Feeling

Lowlakes – Song For Motion



ok, so a bit of a mini album review. Chet Faker has been one of those artists that everyone has taken notice of lately. Having sold out two shows at The Toff in a couple of weeks and a third show selling fast, the dude is doing a fair few things right.

The mini album (It’s 7 tracks), ‘Thinking In Textures’ has elements of nu-soul, down-tempo r’n’b and groove based electronica as well as sprinklings of hip hop, jazz, and a bit of blues. It has a sound that takes control over you – from the atmosphere and a beat that sounds like it’s stuck in a box that begins new single and opening track I’m Into You , to the super soul sounds and sleazy dance inducing Love and Feeling, there’s something constant and evolving about how the tracks are put together.

Perhaps my faves from the disc are Cigarettes and Chocolate, a track that provides a bit of respite after that dirty feel of another fave Love and Feeling.  Then there’s the big ones – Chet’s cover of Blackstreet’s No Diggity which went absolutely nuts on blogs and the first official single, Terms and Conditions,  a track that I think really helped cement his place in the international scene. It’s hard to fault any of the tracks on the release – they all sit well on their own and make even more sense in the context of the full release, something I think is pretty hard to master.

Faves are below. If you dig, check out Chet’s Soundcloud, and if you really dig, you can grab the mini-album on iTunes (Australian store).

Chet FakerLove & Feeling

Chet FakerCigarettes and Chocolate



Melbourne boy Chet Faker has a new single out. After hitting the blogosphere rather large with his cover of No Diggity, there’s been a fair bit of love for the bloke.

For me, it’s that beaty soul sound he got goin on. This new one, Terms and Conditions, as opposed to others, is more focussed on the vocals, which I really dig. It sounds a little more down-tempo r’n’b. And not only does it work, it shows that he can do more than one thing.

Chet Faker – Terms and Conditions

And for some reason, during the second line of the chorus I wanna sing: And there ain’t no holla back girl. Yeah there ain’t no holla back girl. But anyway.

Chet also has a new EP Thinking In Textures, due out late March. Although the presser is calling it an EP, i’m more inclined to call this one a mini album – it’s a seven tracker and features some already well known tracks of his. Keep an eye/ear out – this will be sure to establish this bloke.