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These gents do that big sounding indie rock that is always good.

Buchanan‘s debut full length is due out May 10, and if earlier single ‘Run Faster’ is anything to go by, then it’ll be a pretty fucking good album.

New single ‘Human Spring’ sounds even bigger than earlier tracks, but still manages to ensure that an element of vulnerability remains in Josh’s vocals. You can stream the track below, and if you dig, you can download it for free from the bands website.



So this is a little late, I know. The internet situation for me has been a little all over the place lately – moved to a new spot and we’re working out which net plan would be best!

Anyway, this here is a bit of a mix of my fave tracks of March. It’s a full 20 tracks long and features a fairly decent range of stuff. There’s also some internationals in the mix too!

You can stream and download the thing below. Some tracks up for individual download too!

MAAMF – March ’12 Mix (Right click/Save as)

MAAMF March ’12 Mix Tracklisting

skullsquadron – Tomorrow Morning

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Dream On

Mesa Cosa – 666

Bleeding Knees Club – Who Are You

Tanlines – Green Grass

Kristina Miltiadou – Carousel

Cosmo Black – Blind

Cloud Nothings – Our Plans

Buchanan – Run Faster

Siobhan – Don’t Take Her Heart If You’re Gonna Let Her Down

Beach House – Myth

Catcall – The World Is Ours

Bon Chat, Bon Rat – Dust Proud (featuring Pepepiano)

Miiks Snow – Archipelago

DZ Deathrays – No Sleep

Twinsy – Take Me Home

Super Best Friends – No Logo Is A Joke

Galapagoose – One Who Can’t Move

Chet Faker – Love and Feeling

Lowlakes – Song For Motion



This newy from BUCHANAN is bloody awesome. Right from the get go, with those kinda very slightly outta tune guitars, you know the boys have stepped it up a notch. And the fact that that opening riff is continued throughout the track gives it all a feeling of familiarity. Simple effect, but fucking hell it works.

There’s perhaps a greater level of sophistication to Run Faster. Makes me look forward to their debut full length even more.

Buchanan – Run Faster


8tracks MIX

ok, so we’ve started up an 8tracks account, purely so that we can post up our fave tracks each month and you guys can have a listen. As always with anything maamf related, it gonna be as varied as your shitting pattern after easter.

Check it out at

Tracklist below:

The Middle East – Ninth Avenue Reverie 

Strange Talk – Eskimo Boy

Buchanan – Mr Keeperman

Divorced – I Wanna Die

Architecture in Helsinki – Escapee

Oscar and Martin – What I Know

Super Wild Horses – Degrassi

Dead Letter Chorus – Yellow House


ok. So these dudes have been getting a fair bit of steady coverage across the blog world. And rightly so. The Buchanan gents have had two big songs in Mr Kepperman and Teachers.

We got psyched that they won the Unearthed comp for Laneway Fest in Melbourne, and then got there too late and missed them. I’m actually yet to see them live. One day though.

Anyway, the reason for this post is that the guys have their first proper EP coming out next week (pre order via iTunes). I’ve been lucky enough to get my dirty mits on it though and thought I should give a bit of a review/preview of what to expect.

First things first, both Mr Kepperman and Teachers appear on the EP, so you may well already be hooked. It’s a 6 track EP though. The opening track, Moon took me a while. It goes from one thing to another quite a bit, but I think it just needs a few listens. It doesn’t put you off, rather makes you a little intrigued.

Mr Keeperman, the 2nd track and rumoured next single, has an almost melancholic feel when it starts. But then that chorus kicks in with the hand claps, the open hats, and the ahahahahahhahh bit (you know exactly what i mean i’m sure). And then it doesn’t stop from there apart from a little break down half way through. From this track, you know that these guys are solid song writers. Next up is a track called Waiting. For some reason this reminds me of Death Cab a fair bit. And those flutes lines make it. Apart from perhaps Teachers, this is easily my favourite track on the EP.

The second half of the EP offers up Teachers, Aisles, and a bonus track Waiting On A Sound. All three are pretty darn nice. What I think I like about the EP is that it’s not all the same. It’s not all just straight up piano led indie pop songs. There’s a change in feel almost every track, which I like a lot. For their first EP, it really does highlight their songwriting skills, and almost their chops.

Buchanan – Mr Keeperman



A bit over a week ago, Triple J announced the Unearthed winners playing at Laneway Festival. I could have blogged about this then, but I kinda forgot. It works out well though, because the dudes at Laneway released playing times etc today too, so why not one big post for it all??!!

First up, the Melbourne winners for Unearthed were Buchanan. The track they won with is Teachers (down below), but I’ve been following these dudes for a while now. They’re a three piece doing some pretty tight indie pop. Their earlier tracks sound way beyond a few dudes who are unsigned. And Teachers ain’t no exception. Super looking forward to seeing these guys open up laneway. Check out more of their tracks on their Unearthed profile.

For a list of the other bands that took out the right to open up Laneway in their home cities, head here.

Buchanan – Teachers

Also today, Laneway finally released the playing times. Coz i’m going to the Melbourne leg, we’re only sorta worried/excited about the playing times for that specific show. If you’re from another city, you can grab the playing times via the Laneway website.

But Melbourne. Man. Luckily, I seem to have found a non clash pathway from gates open to close. Except for all the opening bands i wanna catch. And then theirs my mate. Ha! I think he wants to see Ariel Pink…ok, so there might be a few clashes. But yes, below are my pics for the day.