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2014-01-06 17.06.23Ok, so here we go. This thing is finally up.

I could go on about my year and how it’s been hard man, but this kid here is finding himself a little resolutionary so I is gonna stop with that ‘ahhhh phd’s are hard and everything else has suffered as a result’ line. This here is pretty simple. Got streams of all the tracks as well as a bloody mixtape with all of them in it n shit.

The tracks below are definitely not in any kind of order, that would be too hard. But, they are the tunes that received a hell of a lot of plays by both myself and you guys. So that’s kinda cool.

Freakin’ enjoy it you guys.




I’ve become rather transfixed by the work of Grant Gronewold, also known as HTML Flowers, Melbourne rap superstar and zine maker and stick’n’poke tattoo artist and poet and everything else creative. I follow him on tumblr, and his work has, in part, kept me going on with my PhD when times got a little dire earlier on this year.

So it’s for this reason that I’m a little shitty at myself for not jumping right onto this the day it came out. You see, as well as producing his own music alongside everything else, HTML Flowers also has this rap group. And it features another of my faves, Oscar Key Sung, one half of Oscar + Martin and excellent solo dude in his own right. So when it dawned on me a few hours ago that the new Brothers Hand Mirror EP had dropped (thanks to mate Tommy from Sounddoc for the heads up) I quickly jumped on to give it a download. And yeah, it’s as solid as ever. The work that these two put together is always going to be interesting. From Oscar’s really innovative production style and killer choruses to Grant’s weird and wonderful sense of flow and lyrical imagery, the EP is nothing short of being a 2013 standout, something that will definitely make my end of year list. And even at just three tracks long, I feel comfortable writing that.

As an example of just how cool this release is, I’ve got the opening track below. ‘I’m Still Real’ puts a minimal take on a what could easily be a rap anthem, with Grant’s lyrics calling for us to unite in everything that sets us apart.

If you dig, then you should definitely grab the Picture Tape EP now from their bandcamp. It’s up as a free download too, so there’s really no excuse.



feb 13 mixtape cover

Feb was full of stuff. A hell of a lot of stuff. So this list is full of the stuff that Feb was full of, but not full of the stuff that I already wrote a whole heap of stuff about.

I’ve also omitted quite a few things which I’m going to spend my time writing about too – you can check those out over the next week or so.

But, without further ado, here’s the Feb ’13 Mixtape. Of course, it’s eclectic, but man, I don’t know whether I’ve had a more eclectic bunch. That King Gizzard track from their new album is an obvious standout, but then there’s also the newy from Francolin, a band that saved my night a couple of weeks ago. There’s some great funky stuff in there too – MKO, Blunt B, Azure Maya.

But yeah, I could go on forever. I won’t though. That will probably bore you. Hell, it’s already boring me.

DOWNLOAD (Right Click, Save As)


Vance Joy – From Afar

Pretty City – Ignoring My Friends (Right Click, Save As)

PVT – Cold Romance

Blunt B – Patterns

MKO – Snarly (Right Click, Save As)

Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys – Bite My Tongue  (Right Click, Save As)

The Cathars – Pickpocket

Little Casino – Boys And Arrows

Francolin – Singinging (Right Click, Save As)

King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard – Evil Man

Azure Maya – Wonder Wheel

Brothers Hand Mirror – SUNWAKES

DUNE – Oh Innocence (Client Liaison Remix) (Right Click, Save As)

Brighter Later – Come and Go